Black Poetry : the coldest season


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Mar 19, 2001
she sit's in the dark now
veins close to collapsed / operating on
borrowed time/
...sitting in a pool of tears
a cliche'd life
"her childhood led her to this"
falls on deaf ears

she's 35 now

state came took her kids about two
years back
"for the betterment of the kids"

already weak she fell deeper into
the abyss of self-hate-pain-loathing

she was one of the many that state and
government programs missed when they cast their

after suckling on the nipple of death
she repented to herself and cursed God
for not holding her when she felt she needed him
most...when she tried to get outside of the boundaries
of addiction and

in her coldest season she had no one

just echos

(c)2003 blakverb "off da top thinkin"

*fam i'm rusty forgive me it gets better

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