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    ( - The Coalition of African American Muslims (CAAM) will hold a press confence today, Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010 at 1PM EST at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The Press Conference is scheduled to be webcast @ 1PM Eastern time today. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be participating with others in the Coalition of African American Muslims.

    The following statement was in part released by the coalition:

    The controversy over the Park 51 Project (Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan) is indicative of a general rise in racist bigotry towards people of color in this country. While the issue has its particular and unique distinctions, it cannot be separated from the rising violence against African Americans and Latinos, or the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric and exclusionary politics driving the national debate on immigration.

    As African-American Muslims, we feel our unique perspective has been missing from an emerging national discussion. We wish to join that discussion by first of all affirming that among our forbears are Muslims who have lived peacefully and productively in this country since its inception. They, and others among our people have sacrificed too much, both in enduring the horrors and brutalities of chattel slavery, and during the long march to freedom, civil and human rights for us to silently accept a return to Jim Crow exclusionary practices and policies that relegate either ourselves or our co-religionists from other ethnic backgrounds to second-class citizenry.

    Click here to access today's live 1pm Eastern Time Press Conference:

    Listen to Press Conference via telephone at:
    218-936-3860, PIN: 8020865 or 712-432-3030, PIN 555609

    Coalition Members

    Abdul Jalil Muhammad
    Amir Muhammad
    Hodari Ali
    Attorney Kareema Al-Amin
    Minister Louis Farrakhan
    Nisa Islam Muhammad
    Imam Talib Deen
    Imam Yahya Cason

    Imam Abdul Malik
    Asma Hanif
    Imam Johari Abdul Malik
    Imam Khalid Griggs
    Imam Nadim Ali
    Imam Siraj Wahhaj
    Imam Umar Ibn Khattab
    Imam Zaid Shakir