Black Positive People : The Clique(s) Are Sincerely Yours

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    Sow I alone survive it all staying invisible and ultimately indivisible the invincible accepting immortality as my reward for being honest to the guts so much my heart beats resting in peace push dirt up shovel out on the four legs outside of the rectangle shape graced moist with bugs who crept into the earth hiding from the surfaces of warmongers programmed walking deceitful hiding behind masks only out for the cash from the pulpits to the other podiums pumped emotionally where those suits designed supreme the showcase of italians to asians to africans putting in work from the sweatshops to the blood diamonds called it but only earth really ears i need two rubies cause my valves close and open life...grace me with with with my lucky numbers and stones increasing agility as my skin color never meant nothing but a chit out the bars where prisoners are called animals caged tall to short standing strong having dookie sex turning males into females while some brothers go ultra spiritual just to come out dirty again back on the streets searching for a piece of freedom losing they faith when breathing the deadly air we all sectioned off and all black males feel like criminals regardless if you tell it or keep it inside dying from cowardice cause the tongue won't speak out cat got yours steady doing what it do and does it right digging in your trash like the homeless i remember seeing phone numbers to letters with spaghetti spoiled with cow meat still i ate it as my stomach said yes while my soul yearned to die feeling alive with no pity dropping the kids off in buckets plus at burger king reading the same news i know the pentagon put out on purpose with missing or rearranged information around the world it is the same ole song floating while i thought about it about getting warm inside as the hispanic workers started to figure out i was a stranger with no place to go coming through the double doors emotionless shivering at same times like clockwork frozen to the toes-tip thankful for the coffee and from online at these sites to on-ground the clique(s) are sincerely yours.

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