Black People : The Clintons & Haiti


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Jan 30, 2020
The Clintons, the Clintons, the Clintons!

Fine1952 is one to talk. More than a year ago, this disturbed woman actually HOPED Black people who took the Covid 19 vaccine would die. And she lustily cheered when anybody who did get sick died.

Fortunately, there were only a relative few. Because the Covid 19 vaccines were relatively safe and helped beat back this dread respiratory illness.

And here Fine 1952 comes again with Right Wing, Q-anon nonsense that the Clintons are child molesters. I guess she must have went to that pizzeria in Washington, D.C., where are all this molesting took place in the basement.

Some Black people are their own worst enemies.

And much, much worse, our own.


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Sep 17, 2012
Can you prove what Fine 1952 is saying is untrue. Remember money that was earmarked for Haiti after the earthquake up to this day has not been given. You and I know who the recipients were. If people dont have a moral compass to guide them you can't put anything past them. You dont know the morality of these people others have made similar statements concerning these people. It is unfair to ridicule Fine 1952 just because you dont agree with her statements . We dont know what goes on in the minds of these people nor do we know their lifestyle. The rich and famous have always been involved in activities that would shame the demons in hell. I am sure you have read about the activities of Jeffrey Epstein and those who were part of his social network. You seem to have confidence in people that you know little about.


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Jan 30, 2020
Of course, I can prove it! Do you think I'm stupid?

Can you prove Fine 1952 is a decent human being after she wished continuously for Covid 19 vaccine takers to die? This woman is cruel, hateful and quite disturbed to boot.

There is no proof to what Fine 1952 says. And what you are doing is an old news forum canard which has never worked. Hurl allegation after allegation of malicious false facts against individuals and then demand onlookers prove them wrong.

You can't prove liars wrong when most of what comes out of their mouths and emanates from their keyboards is full of chit. That's a no-brainer.

Now, about the pizza and child molester charges, here ya go:



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