Chief Elder Osiris : The Clinched Black Hand Must Never Surrender

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    The Clinched Black Hand Must Never Surrender To Deceiving Enticement!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    If you do not know what the Clinched Black Hand Symbolize then you are not Black enough to clinch your Black Hand and a Black hand that is not clinched is a hand that has surrendered to the lies and deceit against that Black Hand, by its oppressors.

    The Fight for the right for the Black Hand to remain clinched goes back into Ancient Time of the Black Life presence upon this planet, a Time of our Fall from our Divine Black Status upon this Planet and it is that Black Clinched Hand that Black Afrikan Warriors have fought to maintain to have meaning over Afrika and of Black Afrikan People, the Black Clinched Hand that Represented Black Powerful Nationalism over Afrika and Black Unity of a Black Afrikan Nation.

    So for Black People to unclench our Hand that symbolize power for Afrika and it is also to represent Afrikan unity and Black Powerful Nationalism of Black People, regarding Afrika and our Need for Black Afrikan self respect for the sake and preservation of Afrika and Black Afrikan People, not to do so, would be an act of total disrespect for all of our Black Warrior Ancestors of Ancient Time to the present Time.

    It is the clinched Hand of the great Warriors Mene of Ancient Memphis, Anknaten, Hannibal, Shaka Zulu, De saline, L'Ouverture, Nat Turner, Delaney, Blythen, Garvey and all of the other Black Warriors in between, they who knew the significance and importance of the Black Clinched Hand and what It symbolized and they fought to the death to maintain the Mind of Black Afrikan Nationalism and the preservation of Black Power over Afrika.

    Those Black Afrikan Warriors, they had a knowledge of self and a Divine Spiritual connection to Afrika and with each other, a connection that verified the Divinity of the Black Being, so today, if there are Black People in the world who gladly follow the instruction of the liars and deceivers of Black People, they who are enticing Black People to unclench the Black Hand that symbolize the need for Black Unity and Power to Black People, which must become again over and in Afrika, then you Black people who are absent of your Divine Conscious that cause an unawareness of the Divinity of your Blackness, then you are no more than an Enemy to Afrika and Black People and must be treated accordingly.

    Yes the Black Hand of Black People must be clinched to symbolize the need and desire for Black Nationalism and for Black Afrikan Unity and our Hand must remain clinched for the sake of our Black selves and to symbolize our need to fight for the preservation of Afrika, because with the lost of Afrika, our Blackness lose its value to ourselves and in the World and we will remain in the Diaspora to be a Nomadic People.

    The Afrikans in Afrika will become a People without a Home upon this Planet, because a people without power in their House is a people without respect and a people without respect is a people who are at the mercy of those people with power and authority in their House and in the House of somebody else, so in our case, the House is Afrika, the House we now walk around in with an open Hand that symbolize the weakness and disunity of a people who has lost their Divine Mind and now move with the Mind of the Human Beings, they being a people with a history of disrespecting and oppressing Black so call Afrikan People on this planet.

    It is the unclenched Hand of the Black Afrikan in Afrika that have the Black Afrikans showing no unity with each other and it is that Human Being Mind of Black People in Afrika that have Black People Sanctifying the evil of Tribalism, the phony Boundary Lines in Afrika drawn by the Human Being Oppressors to foster a false sense of Afrikan subdivided Territorial Sovereignty, which is causing a Once Divine Being now turned to become Human Beings, and is now going around in Afrika slaughtering each other acting under the spell of Tribalism and false Afrika territorial rights, acting under the curse of the Human Being Religion and you tell me that there is nothing that is psychologically wrong with the Black Afrikan in Afrika and the Afrikan out of Afrika?

    You now have a President of Color telling you to unclench your Hand and only the foolish Afrikan take such ill advice and it is something we have already done, while the one who is telling the world to disconnect from their ethnic identity, represent a people with their Hand clinched in pursuit of World domination with the use of White Power, the only power that seem to be sacred now days.

    Poor, Poor Afrika, the Sacred and Holy Land of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, it no longer have a people wise and Divine enough to know who in Hell that they are, so the Black Afrikan People allow Lucifer to come into the Midst of Afrika and Rape Her for all she carry in her belly, they growing rich at every stroke they make in the Belly of Afrika while a no knowledge of self Black Afrikan, participate in the Black Afrikan Demise and surrender the safety of Afrika to the Human Beings invaders, how sad and pitiful the once Divine Being turned Human Being has become, upon Mother Earth, the Spaceship upon which our Ancient Divine Black Cosmic First Way Ancestors Landed.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Here you Black People are, you without a Spiritual connection to yourselves nor to Afrika and you wonder why you wait on every corner of Lucifer, waiting on somebody to come rescue your complacent, inactive, and docile behind, having not the Will do do for your own Black Selves, as you run with your Hand wide open to the Human Being Melting Pot which melt you and cause your Divine Spiritual destruction.

    The cry By The honorable Marcus Garvey was for Black Power, Afrika being for the Afrikan, and for the Black Afrikan to become Unified again, and it is the clinched Hand that symbolize what Afrika and the Black Afrikan is in need of in Afrika, which is Black Power, Black Afrikan Unity, which can only become Black Folks Reality again only if we desire and make an effort to reclaim our Divine Mind again, because without it, Afrika will be Afrika No More, and The Black Afrikan People will remain to be the Foolish Ignorant People we have been made to become, concerning ourselves and of Afrika.

    You May Take This I Share With You And Divinely Feast Upon it, Or You May Leave It Alone, The Reward Or The Penalty, Fall Upon You Black So Call Afrikan People.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    Thank You

    Chief Elder! As usual You have hit the nail right on the head!:great::great: