Black Poetry : The Clap back


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As your pulse speeds up
Here comes your backlash loop
We are in a state of a know nation
Facts & Props are viewed as a roundup promotion
Clubs are needed for the new generation clap
A simple song back in the day propelled us to sit on that lap
Stick out what ya workin' wit
And do the butt
We took it down back then
Now they seem to be on the knee's to assure a noise is seen
The excitement between daisy dukes & g strings tops the charts
When venting taking your body to the floor in protest of don't look don't tell
My hard work is always seen but this shell of a butt failed
According to the concistant criticism of my butt being too much on sale
To whom ever deserves it
As needed for this current twerking to show how we work w/ it
Even when I supposedly "intimidate" you w/ a meticulous tight lip & a neck roll