Black Short Stories : THE CIVIL WAR

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    By Andre Austin

    In the 7th year of the reign of King W. Bush during the 27th modern Olympiads a wave of civil strife began to fester up and grow to a red hot climax. Basically three tribes were responsible for bringing down the 50 confederate states of North America. The three tribes were known as 1, the Aztecs warriors they weren’t Aztecs they just claimed a spiritual decent from them, 2nd the Gangster Cartels (GC) a national group of black gangs that were combined in the 26th Olympiads, 3rd was a group called the Brotherhood claiming descent from all of the German tribes that was responsible to sacking Rome in 476AD.

    The Empire of the Confederate States was something big like the metaphoric Titanic ship was, swift and fast, unsinkable and unstoppable. But after five hundred years the ship started to sink. Water was coming in on the ship ever since 1492 but the people united together keep the water out with the constant use of buckets and generators pumping the water out. Unfortunately the 50 Confederate states couldn’t mind the ship 24-7 because too many other problems kept piling up. Sailors had to come off the ship to be dispatched to handle the crimes of the underground three subgroups after mentioned. The more sailors coming off the ship the more water coming in. Now the Titanic is in danger of sinking into the big black sea to be seen no more but only read by archeologist to study what not to do with a country on the brink of self-destruction.

    Fifty percent of the Gangster Cartels were held captive in the dungeons of the Confederate States. The Elite Guards (EG’s) of the national police force focused 90% of their law books on the GC’s even though they trade heavily with the Brotherhood and Aztec’s. And this was done because they were black and not allowed to be educated throughout the Academy high schools throughout the cities. The GC’s specialized in illegal music and movies corrupting the minds of the higher class students. The Brotherhood specialized in guns they got from Europe. 20% of those guns the Aztecs transported for them and the Aztecs dealt in drugs also. While all of this was going on King W was in China trying to distract the Confederate States from attention on the real problems that was deteriorating the country of crime and unemployment. The transfer of labor to Asia was causing many Confederates to loose their homes, cars and dignity and started to have sympathy for the three subgroups. King W. was shaking too many hands and taking too many pictures with all of the Athletes. The prison council thought it was an excellent idea to have as many television sets in their dungeons to keep inmates minds off each other’s butts and violence being inflicted upon the staff and elite guards. One inmate was speaking to a group of inmates inside the entertainment hall.

    Inmate Werner: We aren’t stupid here. We just got caught. We come from the underground in the spirit of the gangsters of Capone and the Purple Gang. We only kill for business. We need an angry man in DC. An angry man at why all of these inmates across the States must turn to crime for basic items like food and shelter. An angry man that can masquerade all of his righteous angry from the global cartel like a good Machiavellian. King W is trying to put syrup on **** and call it pancakes. King W has sent many a soul down to that dark abyss in the lake of fire. People jumping out of windows from losing their stocks and jobs. We need a prince that can bring doves flying in for peace.

    Inmate Livy: who knows maybe the will of God can move on to fulfill this peace.

    Inmate Werner: God isn’t going to bring on peace. God is waiting on us to see what we are going to do. He gave us a guide, the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. That’s our help so lets implement the policy of these holy words.

    Inmate Livy: We’ll maybe King W should have acted more like Emperor Theodosius (379-395AD) who closed down the Olympics. The original Olympic games were in honor of the Greek Zeus whose real name derived from ancient Egyptian Amen. Theodosius was very pious and an intolerant hermit like Christian. However, the super apostle Paul made many analogies to Athletes when he taught fellow Christians they had to play by the rules like good sportsmen (1 Tim 2:5). When Paul wrote to the Corinthians in book 9:24-27 he knew they loved the Olympic games because they had their own Isthmian games every 3 years in addition to the international games every four years.

    Inmate Werner: I’m aware of the history of the Olympiads. The first one was recorded in 776BC and they didn’t even allow women in the stadium due to their personal shrinkage..

    Inmate Livy: Yes they were afraid the females would see their entire nude body soaked in oil and their private parts bouncing up and down when the toga flew off their bodies from running so **** fast.

    Inmate Werner: But now in the modern 27th Olympiads we want to see our female stars in their spandex shorts showing off their feminine physics. But life is more than sport and play. Ever since 1894 when the modern Olympiads kicked in all of the world governments use sports and entertainment to keep the eyes of the general population off of the mismanagement and unequal polices of the government. We don’t need to close the Olympics down because it advocates good health and exercising. We need to turn good students into celebrities and put money in their pockets.

    Inmate Jones: So how do we get our message out to the world leaders. Nobody cares about us. We have no computers to text message or cell phones unless we bribe the elite guards We cant vote while in prison. The only reason we know whats going on is because we have the time to study. The Egyptians invented geometry because of much leisure time

    Inmate Werner: We must unite with the other 2 subgroups and with all of the unemployed citizens on the outside. They know whats going on too because they have the time to see and read history. The Roman empire was in disunity, unprotected borders, over extended military and jobs were traded for slave wages. We must begin a collaboration with the outside before the 50 Confederate states collapses.

    Elite Guards: Yard time is over everyone must report back to their cell blocks. All of this pie in the sky talk is over. You guys waiting on another comet in the sky to fly over and give birth to a good king to save you? Only Caesar can save you!

    Inmate Werner: You mock us now but in a little while you’ll be out of a job. We intend on changing prisons into preparatory schools. Its going to be a Pilot vs. the Professor and one of them will bring about some peace. Caesar is just another Bel type character short for Beelzebub. We should follow in the footsteps of the Biblical Daniel and poison all of the Bels and make their stomachs explode into some sloppy Chiterlings.

    Elite Guard: Nothing will change. You punks will always be our bread and butter in prison. You guys are keeping this Prison Industrial Complex. And I thank you for sending my daughters to school, my new house and car. Thank you very much.

    Inmate Werner: You are profoundly and crookedly wrong. Its gonna be some poetic justice up in here.

    While all of the prisoners were in their cells inmate Werner wrote correspondence letters to the Aztecs and brotherhood. Werner proposed that New Rules of order be laid out for all of the outlaw gangs. The focus was to change illegal trade with legal trade. Instead of the Aztecs selling drugs they would sell natural herbs and grow fruits and vegetables. The Aztecs were given the task of increasing the average food of a person eating per day from 1$ to ten dollars and allowed homeless to purchase food already cooked from stores and restaurants at discount prices. The brotherhood would use half of their gun sales to buy tractors to help the Aztecs grow food and sell on the world market, a fourth to use the steel to make cars and the last to border guards to protect the 50 Confederate States against unlawful incursions from gangs and aliens. The Gangster Cartels would use their control over music and movies to launch educational programs and job training for all huts in the inner city. For example it was forbidden for women to watch the Tyra Banks Show talking about Lipstick and pannies. Instead the disciples from the huts were taught from training modules on TV to produce Lipstick without lead and out sell China and how to make pannies and thongs that look better than swimsuit models from plant material. And make millions off the cosmetics and erotic draws annually making Victoria Secrets go bankrupt. The correspondence letters sent out went deaf on hears for six months until a Brotherhood member broke into a FBI office and stole some incriminating documents.

    The Brotherhood were shocked at the document because it outlined strategies to keep not only poor brown and blacks down but poor whites. Back in the 90s the Brotherhood used to think the GC descended from apes until it was proven that all humanoids came from Eve of Africa 200 thousands years ago. And they have the DNA to prove it. The government memo stated

    From: Director Maximinus Lucifer IV
    To: All field agents
    Subject: How to keep down the three lower classes

    How do we deal with agitators? We instigate the media, community and business leaders to have nothing to do with them. We must keep them down and not allow them to have any political, social and economic justice. Let punish begin after their release from prison and not allow them to work or go to school and allow pilot programs to start up to give the impression that we are trying to help them. Let them die off slowly by not allowing them to get health care. Get religious intuitions to demonize them as individuals that are nothing but evil. This is like a three prong attack on their mind, body and soul. Many of these individuals will not be to handle the stress and will suicide themselves off and dope themselves up like zombies. So much stress will heap upon their souls they will be stressed to submit to military service to fight for global corporations not freedom and democracy.

    Until the final determination is to be made these three sub groups must be kept stupid by sports, entertainment, and drugs. Prison farms must be cultivated with weight rooms and digital TV’s all over the place to keep their minds off education.

    For the unemployed who have found the truth by leisure time inside the secret books they have accumulated and long visits to the library we must monitor them with bugs and use psychological warfare to discredit them and humiliate them before their own community and their local media. We must also use child support as an ulterior means to subject poor men into submission. They will only have economic relief only if they sacrifice their life to the military. And make sure they renounce their allegiance to their former gangs.

    The Government wants Prisons not Princeton Law school for crooks. We want Prison yards not Yale teaching the youth to be leaders of the free world.

    The Brotherhood of vandals and the Aztec gangs of Mexico and California reached a pact agreement with letters of understanding with the Gangsters for peace and strive to educate themselves and their children. Instead of stealing Cooper pipes and wires they went to trade schools to learn how to lay the pipes and wires down.

    The former gangs were now an united front to have the Professor beat the Pilot in the Two Thousand and IX election to select the 44th Prince. The old grey haired man Pilot who groaned, and lifted up his hands in an agony of defeat upon his head. As he groaned and cried aloud to his Queen Asherah as they went back into the winter caves and mountains they had originated from to be seen and heard from no more.



    The Professor who talked like Muhammad Ali when he was 21 was in solid command of the White House. Another Olympics has arrived but with new rules. No Athlete could compete unless they were in college or trade school. The Senate passed a law also banning musicians from cutting compact disk if they weren’t in college too. The brotherhood loved the Professor because he was a black Moor mixed with German blood. And the Titanic ship wasn’t violently rocking back and forth and flooding anymore. All the needed sailors were there to maintain the ship for the 50 Confederate States to stay in power. The general public weren’t too busy anymore to know what was going on and many of them balanced their time and money to cultivate their mind, body and soul. Their temples were their bodies and Churches, Mosques and Synagogues crossed paths and visited each other and taught each other their peaceful doctrines. The Empire was saved because of unity of their differences was bonded with a super glue of love that didn’t vaporize. The White House was saved from a sulfur pit of fire because the people changed themselves, they adapted and evolved to higher level of humanity by tempering themselves through art, music, poetry, letters math & science. They got out of the Ice Age of a frozen humanity. The sun didn’t set on the Confederation of States because there was always something new under the sun because they refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past.


    John McCain joked on the Jay leno show after the election he cried like a baby after he lost to Obana (11/11/08). The Pilot in this play cried at his defeat to the Professor.
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    very nicely done feeling tis civil war splash