Chief Elder Osiris : The Church Of England Consider Paying Reparation For Slavery

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    The Church Of England Consider Paying Reparation For Slavery

    Hotel Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When the Viper of evil is uncoil and is wiggling its tongue, be not to quick to approach and pat it on the head as a sign of approval, I say to you my beloved sisters and brothers, victims of the Enslavement Trade, tread this Church of England very slowly, because all that glitter is not gold and all that offer regret is not godly sorry for the evil committed by them.

    So tell me, why does the Church of England has to consider paying Reparation for the Evil done against our Enslaved Ancestors and that is what Enslavement Reparation is about, our Enslaved Ancestors, yet the Church of England know how vulnerable Black so call Afrikans are, when it come to the question of Money, so be careful beloved and the only thing to be considered is the dynamics to be used in paying, the crime is confirmed and we the Children of the Middle passage serve as the unquestionable evidence.

    Tell me, who is it that the Church of England will choose to enter Conference discussion with, concerning this issue of Reparation, because as I have shared with you, when the issue is Reparation and Chattel Slavery connected, such an effort of Repentance apology, and the payment of Reparation, must be done in concert with all of the players that played a part in coming up with such an evil scheme, in order to create the Institution of Chattel slavery and who the Primary Focus will be upon, in order to serve as their Slaves, so that they may serve to assist in their adventure of territorial expansion and Nation building and Class servitude.

    Do I dare say that at the present Time, as I write and speak to you, that the Black so call Afrikans, victims of the action of Chattel slavery, that we are not close to being ready to deal with such a serious issue as Reparation, beloved, we are to disorganized and most certainly the Conferees must not be the leaders of present day Afrika Black Leaders, nor must they be the present day visible Diaspora Black Leadership.

    Beloved, any discussion of Enslaved Reparation must take place with people the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors so designate,. and that designation must be chosen by the Rank and File of those Children of the Middle Passage in the form of a Plebiscite vote and there must be Time allowed for all concerned to be heard by the rank and File of those Children of the Middle Passage, so if we allow the Unify action that took place in Enslaving our Ancestors, to dictate and pick and choose how such a Reparation process is to take place, then beloved, we would have allowed ourselves to be continued to be disrespected and treated as their Slaves still.

    Beloved, I shared with you a long Time ago that Reparation will be payed and that the decision is not left up to those that committed the crime of Chattel Slavery against our Ancestors and I also shared with you that there is a Need for Unity around this most Sacred Issue and you turned a Deft ear, so I inform you again and with the same advise, now is the Time to become unified in pursuit of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and not until then, will Reparation serve for the Purpose it is to serve Afrika and the Children of the Middle Passage, and Afrikans in Afrika.

    Beloved, as you well know, it is all in how you begin in anything that you do, that can most Time be predicted how you will end up, so be careful not to allow Greed, Jealousy, and Selfish Individualism, become your Ball and Chain that keep you a Slave.

    I will End with this promise to you, unless we become with one Mind in regard to Reparation, then Reparation will serve to be the final blow by our oppressors that will finally destroy any opportunity for the Black so call Afrikans to rise again as a Unified Black Nation, enclosed in our Divine Mind.

    Beloved, you may take this I have shared with you or you can leave it alone, the decision you make hold Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans, in the Balance Scale of Justice or Evil.

    The Divine Truth, The Black so Call Afrikans, We Despise The divine Truth.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

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    Church considers slavery payments ..BBC

    Dr Williams took part in a procession marking the bicentenary
    The Church of England is considering whether it should pay reparations for its role in the slave trade, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.
    Dr Rowan Williams told BBC Radio 4's Trade Roots there was "no quick solution" but the Church was beginning to ask and "work at" the question.
    The Church, which owned slaves on plantations in the Caribbean, apologised for its role last year.
    Sunday was the 200th anniversary of UK legislation abolishing the slave trade.
    Dr Williams and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, led a procession through London on Saturday to mark the bicentenary.
    'Loss of labour'
    The slaves owned by the Church were eventually freed in 1833 - 26 years after the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire.
    I think we need to be asking the question and working at it

    Dr Rowan Williams

    Church ponders reparation
    And the Church received government compensation for the loss of slave labour of almost £9,000.
    Dr Williams told Trade Roots that the Church needed to consider whether it should make reparation.
    "While it sounds simple to say all right so we should pass on the reparation that was received [when the slaves were freed], exactly to whom?" he said.
    "Exactly where does it go? And exactly how does it differ from the various ways in which we try to interact now with the effects of that in terms of aid and development and so forth?
    "So I haven't got a quick solution to that. I think we need to be asking the question and working at it. That, I think we're beginning to do."
    He said Anglicans needed to acknowledge that they belonged to an institution partly shaped "by terrible things that our forbears did".
    Dr Sentamu has called on Britain to make a formal apology for the slave trade.
    Tony Blair said on Sunday the country's role was a "matter of deep sorrow and regret". but his statement appeared to fall short of demands from campaigners who say he has not gone far enough.
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    the church of england...

    my question to the church of england and any other organization attempting to address the reparation issue is in what form will the reparations be instituted,will it be in the form of education[college],heath care,i hear reparations but where is the plan and will it be one that will benefit us?