Chief Elder Osiris : The Church Has Never Been A Fortress Of Protection For Black People

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    The Church Has Never Been A Fortress Of Protection For Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Take It Or Leave It, But It Will Matter To You, How Ever You Decide To Act In The Presence Of The Divine Truth.

    I draw a distinction between the church and the church building, the building can be used as shelter for anything, but the church is a group of people with the same belief system concerning a religious doctrine.

    So, when I share with you that the church has never been a fortress of protection for Black people, how can it be, when the doctrine of religion is what has and is keeping Black people in a fanatical state of trust and belief in a religious doctrine that crucify the Mind of Black people.

    Religion is a doctrinal institution that is preventing its Black believers from being able to see that which is serving as a danger to Black people, which is the church religious belief in a God that the church does not know anything about, not in a Divine Real sense of a Mental need to know about.

    So, it is the church that serve to be the greatest enemy and danger to Black people, because in a church presence, you never know who can not be trusted, if the objective is to gain freedom for Black people, which mean, the first act of freeing ourselves will be to discharge our mind from Lucifer religion.

    You know what amaze me about Black people, it is that most of us will appear to be so surprise when evil is uncovered among the church members and its leader, whose foundation is the religion that the church believe in, and it is religion that was used and still is being used to conquer the Mind of most Black people.

    Listen Beloved, there is nothing that can be of a benefit to Black people that come from a Religious Doctrine, because it is such a Doctrine that has been created by Lucifer the Human Being, and you have all kind of evil going on that is cloaked under the religious shelter among the church.

    The Church is where all sorts of perverted activity goes on, mental as well as physical, and yet you have some Black people acting in awe, whenever something of the true nature of religion is uncovered, that is anti-nature, and it happen to reveal the perverted spirit of the church and its leadership.

    You can not get Divine salvation from religion, and the church that is held captive to it, the same does not even know it, because the church is to busy believing in that which it does not know, which is that the church religion is an enemy to Black people, and always have been.

    The religious believing church, there is something that can come out from it that show the action of evil and all sorts of perversion, but it does not surprise me.

    Because I know what religion has done to the church of Many Black so call Afrikan people, it has made Black Human Beings into us, and Human Beings are not to be Trusted, because they are the handiwork of Lucifer the liar and deceiver, and the branches of an evil root, bear evil fruit, and evil is an enemy to the Black so call Afrikan Race, having most Black people to be an enemy unto self.

    There is nothing that is Divine about religion, all of its action has caused nothing but division, disorder, confusion, and an imbalance in the living of our lives.

    So tell me, what is it that hold Black people like a magnet hold metal under its power, it is religion, and yet most of us Black people act so amazed whenever something happen to verify the evil going on that come from the Religious believer.

    Black people in the action of being the church with a religious cause, have always served as an under cover informer for their religious belief master, Lucifer, the Black church has a record of telling massa the intention and plans for escape out of the shackles of Slavery and every other form of oppression that our Black Body life do experience.

    So there is nothing to expect that is of a greater Good to come from a religious church, no, such has never served as a secured fortress for the lives of the Black Body life, and the evidence is the present condition of Afrika and the Mental status of Most Black so call Afrikan people, and the one thing that only a fool will argue against, is Experience, and experience the master of all living Beings, teaches us that Religion and the church that is confined within it, serve not as a fortress for our security, but as a cancer to the Mind of the Black so call religious church.

    Keep Talking The Divine Truth, Maybe One Day, If Not To Late, someone Black May Hear You!!! - Osiris

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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    word .......when the light shine through so will the truth .....thanks