Black People : The Choices You Make

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
It Is Not My Fault That You Choose To Ignore The Divine Truth In Favor Of Believing In Profane Lies!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

As I often share with Black Folks, I am not here to become your buddy or to have you speak sweet nothing about me, I am here because I know what it is that you have been made to forget concerning that which is Divinely True and Real to the Living of Life in the physical beloved.

So, stop acting as if the spirit of Lucifer which we Black Afrikans have acquired is the fault of the Divine Messenger, you taking no responsibility for the way we treat the Divine Truth today, choosing profanity over Divinity, that is not what I do, it is the doing of Black Afrikans who want no part in fighting for the Freedom our Enslaved Ancestors have left to us if only we are willing to Demand it.

I have shared with you many Truths that contradict the lies Lucifer has been successful in getting Black Afrikans to believe in, a belief that requires that you know nothing about, but the Divine Truth you swiftly ignore and you mean to expect based on the condition of the mind we Black Afrikans have chosen to be our guide that such is the mind that will change the spirit of Black Afrikans in the way we behave which is divisive toward each other and we now live in an Afrika we have no control over and you expect something of a Greater Good-Godliness to be in your Black Afrikan favor?

The problem with Black Afrikans is that we believe the only thing that we are highly favored by, is Lucifer Created God, and beloved Black Afrikans, there is the source of the problem that have Black Afrikans with no desire to do whatever is necessary to become Free again and where there is no freedom there is continued mental bondage, beloved Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

Divine Respect

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