Black Poetry : The Change

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    I cannot be like you,
    who am I? I dictates my future,
    I came into my own life for answers,
    Sow I crawled smelling around,
    Inch by inch scrunch up progressing laid out,
    Looking out fore the soldiers marching,
    Plus the fine-legged individuals with traps,
    I'm still creeping for my destiny crawling,
    Man I made it to a spot untouched,
    Ducking and dodging fights who battle war endlessly,
    The night light is out bright coming up over the horizon glowing,
    Let me be still to metamorph into my infinity realer,
    I needed to fly so I decided to change my course forever,
    You won't understand my concoction harden...
    I'm bursting out full of life like a surprise,
    Guarding my senses when you look staring,
    While I float on bye bye bye bye laadidadidah,
    Sow come creep with me but you can't,
    My apologizes in advance as my journey is solely complete,
    Only interested in butterflies and moths like me,
    Beings who need to be free in order to feel free...
    Like I should without your approval or disapproval i willed my change,
    Cause I cannot be like you lost in lower consciousness,
    No ego on mine just realer than my last times,
    Remember how you use to make me feel like you?
    Tired of misery, the pain, the suffering, the endless stories of confusion,
    I don't want or need your company,
    I can too do all the way good into bad positively without size,
    Sorry I can't fight you or argue with you,
    Find another lost soul who don't listen either fool,
    And I'm out this hatred fo' sho as life on another level....

    (Diary of a Black Man)

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    Aug 10, 2013
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    Out my owned darkness,
    eyes wide open moving within settle silence,
    walking slowly stepping carefully,
    through the hallway upon sidewalk,
    my shades on mustache cut and trimmed,
    i see you clearer feeling nearer,
    you maybe far thinking you safer,
    believe yourself of different ideas sectioned sector,
    never can we get along,
    never no respect,
    ever hopeless relentless fangs of poison,
    ejecting your medicine of subjective sins,
    moving objectively righteously,
    you higher better upper echelon,
    you know that book inside and out,
    you like the way it sounds,
    appealing to your power,
    without a doubt it's forgery increases your clout,
    you swoop in stealing momentum,
    you never cared nor never begged,
    i feel your stern iron hidden evil,
    though you preach good hoping,
    doors to every temple has a red carpet,
    maybe a purple carpet rolled out for you,
    extra special type of sophistication,
    you lonely too spending your times,
    trying to heal yourself endlessly,
    bothered and nervous sweaty anxiety,
    stepping in your heels promising the delivery,
    felt better when you abuse,
    feeling better when you excused,
    feeling better when somebody else accused,
    feeling best when an invisible man of existence is there,
    feeling best when faith is your only ultimate weapon,
    feeling best when your pinnacle is the pride of ignorance,
    feeling worst when you land unsuccessful,
    falling hurst thirsty for milk,
    you still thirsty for that fish and bread,
    you can't understand the poetry,
    you will never understand phonetics,
    you will never respect a black male's word,
    it has to be your specific twisted lust of satisfaction,
    you the iron maiden smiling black widow,
    cause your circle always get,
    the last word of change.

    (Real Poetry) Copyright 2014