Chief Elder Osiris : The Challenge Our Youth Face Today!!!

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    The Challenge Our Youth face Today!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Liberation, Salvation, What is Required for Black People To Experience It.

    Afrika, Black AFrikan Unity, The Price It cost to Have it.

    Our Children Face a challenge that hold their life up to be sacrificed in order to serve the greater good of liars and deceiver, they being most of the so call Black Leaders of today

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    Ok, Much has been said about the status of our children today, and all fall short of sharing the Divine Truth to our children about the challenges that they face, not in the future, but today.

    So what I am about to share with our children, has nothing to do with their future, but with their presence in now time, because the future is only a projection that is depended on how you live and what you do now, today, each day serving as a testimony to yesterday and the action you take today in behalf of the self of your life, today.

    Our Black children face an enormous challenge that is confronting their lives today, and the irony is that there are not that many matured Black people that will share the divine truth with our children in term of informing our children what challenges today, their lives are being confronted with at this time.

    Our children are used as pawns to benefit the powerful elites that now is in authority and control of the world that our children are being lied to about, in order to give to them a hope that can not be fulfill in America, and that possibility never has been a probability afforded to our Children Lives, here in America, nor any where else our children reside today, not since the fall of the Black Afrikan Divine Beings Kingdom, on this planet.

    The Divine truth, Black Matured adults can not Handle the divine Truth, so in no way our children are in a Mental position of knowing The divine truth that reveal without hidden agenda, what the children life challenges truly and really are today.

    The black child is not qualified of recognizing the evil that their lives faces today, because our children have not been give the divine Truth about the status of Black people lives are, in the world, this evil world being controlled by Lucifer the Human Beings.

    The challenges that face our children is life threatening, and yet the adults are keen on not sharing with our children the challenges that their lives are confronted with today.

    The lives of our children deserve to know the Divine Truth about America and not some fantasy about America, so that they can enjoy life, because yesterday and today, the child is being used as a pawn to further the dreams and hopes of the adults.

    The child life suffer from the action of the lying and deceiving adult Black lives, lives that is a copy of Lucifer the Human Being, the master liar and deceiver of Black people.

    The action of the 60's serve as a verifier of the failure of civil Rights avocation to serve to be our savior, giving off a false illusion that civil rights to have something to do with Black folks freedom, and those Black adults who are still peddling to our children such crippling hope, to our children, the Matured adults have failed, as you should be able to clearly see, based upon the status of the Black child life in America and the world in general.

    I was a young adult during the 60's, so I share with you what I know of the 60's and Black people of that Time and not what I believe about that time, which was heavily burdened with faith, hope, and want, the three principles that has nothing to do with Divine truth and Reality, nor with freedom and Black people security in life.

    In the 60's during the fight against segregation and discrimination, which breed unjust prejudice, you had Black so call leadership always attempting to malign serious black people who had an ability to sense that something was wrong with the direction we were being pointed to travel, the direction that lead to civil rights, social relief, integration/assimilation.

    Some of us Young Black warriors of the 60's, even though we knew that something was wrong with the direction we were being steered, we still did not know the severity of the challenge we were being confronted with under the civil rights pursuit, which later came to serve as a detriment to our Children today.

    In the 60's, there were several civil rights organization that was under the control of the Lucifer Human Being elites, they who had complete control of the so call black civil rights leaders of that time and of this Time.

    So, the plight of Black people during that time, was in fact a challenge to the Black youths of that time, the same type of challenge that face our children today, which is lies and deception.

    During the 60's there were several civil rights organization we had available to choose from, there were the NAACP, SNCC, BPP, SCLC, and CORE.

    Now at the beginning of the civil right rebellion, all of those were major Civil Rights organization, I begin with the NAACP and ended up in CORE, not under Farmer but under Roy Innis, at that time CORE was the only recognized Black Nationalist, Black Power organization, leading the fight against misleading our adults and children, and on coming generation, having them to believe that the goal set forth by the Civil Rights agenda would be most beneficial for our children, when in fact has proven not to be true, as the Black Nationalist members of CORE had the wisdom to spot such to be a great challenge to the freedom and independence being the need for our children.

    So, it was CORE that was in leadership action against the foundation being laid by the civil rights advocates, with integration/assimilation being the pretext, with the main target at that time, being social integration of all public accommodation, the prize being the educational system, using the vehicle, Busing of our Black children out of the black community to get what they were selling to Black people, school integration, using the Black agents of Lucifer, they calling themselves leaders of Black people, claiming that to be the only way to get an education that will be equal to white folks eduction.

    Integration/assimilation being the dagger that killed the Black rebellion of the 60's, which now is responsible for the challenge our children face today, they being lied to about what is needed to serve as a Divine impact upon their lives.

    Our children today not knowing the reward needed for their lives being not civil rights, but freedom with Black power, which is not to be enjoyed in America by our children.

    So you lying so call Black leaders need to stop perpetuating the myth about social reform in America and equating it to be freedom.

    The challenge that face our children today, is to stop and prevent our children from being used as the Elites pawns.

    Our children are being sacrificed every time they go and fight Lucifer the Human Beings wars, they everyday are set up to be shot and killed, treated to be sacrificial collateral damage, needed to secure the elites life, so to be lived more pleasurable.

    Yes, the challenge our children face today is knowing who to trust among Black people, and more especially those Negroes who have gained a place in the Mind of our children, to the extent they serve as a great influence upon our children, and the greatest challenge our children face today, is to not be easily persuaded by the present crop of so call Black leadership, their presence has proven not to be the solution to the challenges our children face today, they are the problem that our children are faced with today.

    When our children are not allowed to be exposed to the Divine truth about what their status is in America, it is as if our children are being marched away to be slaughtered, mentally and physically.

    There is no relief and protection to come to our children as long as we keep serving a diet of the 60's civil rights, and never allowing them to think nutritionally by feasting upon the natural diet of freedom which come through dining on Reparation/ Repatriation, with the dessert being Afrika is for the Afrikan, and there must become again, a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, in Afrika

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief elder
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