Black Poetry : the CD drops the truth

as a Queen keep my demeanor nice and soft
ain’t never been no ninja’s jump off
walk around crowned cause I’m royalty
and all My Him wanna do is spoil me
my lyrics silky when he express milk from me
deep chocolate fuel for his supersonic rocket
boo go head and cross that street
sitting on the bench is a cute and She sweet
this ain’t no hocus pocus just need you to focus
when My Him rap he go hard
then I respond as a soft bard
hand in hand navigating fly lyrics
others only wish they could mimic
but they can’t cause the skill
of love all up in it know the soul will
give insight when the other on the mic
and we cross dreams at night
holding each other’s visions tight
I for Him and he for She
as One we exist as We
now that Him aint got an attitude
gonna strut butt at your altitude
make your brains have a fit
hopping and twisting these black hips
just being a flirt ain’t gotta worry
the follow through in my repertory
girl you gotta be imaginary
naw boo I’m real unlike the tooth fairy
and if you give me a kiss
got a list of things you don’t wanna miss
almost done silk pressing my hair
just a few more minutes and i’ll be there
She say, nightly Him read
and my gravy comes with bread
a full fledge meal they the real deal
butter up that toast they gone do the most
sitting at the table eating dinner
neither one a loser both a winner
he with a famous nickname
and She a humble game
met on a site writing lyrics
my words say, boy come get it
his rap say, girl let me get up in it
but you gonna have to rhyme
got you boo give me a little time


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