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    CATHOLIC ALTAR: Triangle with the eye within

    By Andre Austin

    At many of the Catholic Altars there is an image of a Triangle with an eye within it. Where did this come from? The eye to the triangle originated in Egypt-the all seeing eye of Osiris.

    “Look, he is coming with the clouds,

    And every eye will see him” (Rev 1:7)

    Besides the moon what other obvious object can mankind living in different parts of the world all can see? The sun.

    “His eyes were like blazing fire” (Rev 1:14)

    The maverick George G.M James wrote in his Stolen Legacy, in chapter VI,that Democritus (460-360BC) advanced the Egyptian philosophy of the Nous; universe and mind was composed of fire atoms where their God Osiris was represented in all temples and lodges by the symbol of an open eye.

    The ancient Greek historian Plutarch reports that:

    “For their king and lord Osiris they portray by means of an eye…some explain the meaning as many-eyed” ( Isis & Osiris 354-355). Now the link with the triangle Plutarch comes back:

    “The Egyptians hold in high honor the most beautiful of the triangles…the upright is male (Osiris), the base to the female (Isis) and Horus as perfected result” (Isis & Osiris 373-374).

    Another interesting piece to note is that the Egyptians equated the Universe with the Sun and Moon. Ra was the sun with the nickname of Cat and the Moon was associated with Hathor. The definition of Catholic is Universal a close combination of Cat/Hathor when combined.

    In the Egyptian book of the Dead it states “That male Ra is himself, and called “Cat” p. 43 edited by E.A. Wallis Budge.

    The Catholics also named a cannibal feast Eucharist after one of the Ptolemy’s of Egypt had the same name. At his coronation as king feasted on a cannibal dinner that would have put Hannibal to shame. In order to unite the country the Ptolemy’s were the first whites to make an image of Osiris as a white man by combining Osiris with the Apis bull to Serapis-Christus from which came the images of a white Jesus Christ.

    When Vespasian and Titus destroyed Jerusalem mainly in part by starvation they continued the policy of Ptolemy of having Serapis worship in the gospels they commissioned to secretly boast of their triad dynasty. The Greek word Gospel meant Good news of military victory by starvation of the Jews they celebrated with symbolic cannibalism in another Eucharist of Lazarus/Jesus.

    The truth bends a balance towards the sun when exposed to light.