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    THE CAMEL & THE PIG: Another Eucharist is due
    By Andre Austin

    Tell me how, when and why the Trinity stars were Born
    Under the Eye of Osiris MDCCLXXVI (1776) Illuminati raises its currency Horn
    I’m just the messenger so please give me no Scorn
    Three’s a company but this ain’t no star from the Porn
    Its the Penis of Resurrection (G) symbolic from the cob of some seeded Corn (John 12:24)

    It’s the Mah-Hah-bone (Mushroom Penis (G) =Generation)
    Christians eat it as Jesus Manna, U can take it or let it alone
    For we have all fallen a little and cut short
    Just ask Paul, the tiny castrated one, kicked in the groin for sport (Acts 26:14)
    We all take the ritual with Osiri’s penis suffering Satan’s incision
    We call it the ceremony of Osiris when we do the circumcision
    The (G) funk are invisible, but they put the eye on U but they are out of sight
    They took over Scotland Yard and all the other Rite’s

    The Original Trinity lets take it to the city of On
    The Religion of Osiris, Horus and Isis took over and won
    If it’s a fact then we have a monumental Crisis
    How did Vespasian, Titus and Domitian transform into Osiris, Horus & Isis
    Osiris was the original Eucharist meal
    Take the deal if you want the scrolls to unseal that the Romans would steal
    Well Osiris was Vespasian spiting in your eyes (John 9:6)
    Then Titus kills the Jewish Fish in Galilee he doesn’t allow to Rise (Luke 5:10)
    He fished for men and in death they soak
    Look for the Eagle young man, stop chasing Goats
    Unless you want to rub the Goat and confess sins on its Head (Leviticus 16:21-22)
    Is it the Knights Templar’s Baphomet, Azazel or Angel of wisdom that’s dead
    We look deeper at Domitian with a scope we see and probe
    Historically speaking, Domitian put on Isis robe
    With his magic spells he taxes, credit or debit
    International know as the terrible spirit
    Not only a Robe, Domitian bald-head also wears a Lamb’s wig
    A Notre Dame freak, the new fornicating Statue of Liberty Gig
    Lets change Homer’s Trojan horse into the Camel and the pig
    A remake of General Tuthmosis III seize of Joppa its battle wasn’t so big
    Like Peter the rebel and Epaproditus my beloved two Nigs
    Two black souls in the Bible if you can dig
    Epaproditus, a Roman secretary with two big African lips
    Then Titus beat the black of Peter’s back with his Roman whips
    Mary Magadalene too tall rebel take the fight to the Tower
    She carried her breast-plate on her shoulders a flower with soul power
    Josephus’s Antiquities of the Jews dedicated to one you never knew
    Written in honor of Epaproditis, his sculptured image of a black Jew
    I hoot with the Owls, I see I’m not blind or in the lurch
    And the Black goddess Circe is the New Testament name for Church
    But Black King Kong is upset
    When 19 dudes from Mecca razed his habitable set
    And knocked down his two adorable Twins
    Caesar Kong has a spear, executing all these sins
    Kong is no Dummy this monkey evolved from the Donkeys
    The revenge from the Top notched Eagle devours all Jive Turkeys
    With his stroller he pushed a Wooden Camel inside are pigs & stuffed dynamite
    It’s a Trojan gift to the Black Stone Rangers, an explosive deluxe & delight
    No more stony black Ice Cubes they all flew in the air and now painted blue
    Now they want you to die
    For the new creation of the pie in the sky
    The Fatwa is on if they can’t put Legos back together with some crazy glue
    Sloppy Chiterlings, Camel another Eucharist is due
    The Christians ate stone eggs too, not those coming from a sack
    But a catapulting Scorpion, Catholictic Rack
    Likewise they ate them as Easter eggs except the stones were painted black
    Then they serve you on da silver platter
    Please read the number of the Beast Vesica Piscis’s Fish bladder
    Now you been through the Wall of shame
    Value not the business of names
    But the deeds of the Biceps
    Connect all the names with typology, motifs and concepts
    Like Osiris, Horus and Isis
    Vespasian, Domitian and Titus
    Or Josephus, Mary and Jesus
    Trinities for the many throughout the World
    Its just Domitian taking on the image for the spiritual Girl
    If you take a peek you will find what you Seek
    You can have them all for breakfast, lunch or dinner to eat
    It’s the military victory campaign meal we just slew
    Feast of the sky droppings dew of the 9-11 revenge crew
    The end, take the joke and the roast, don’t target or sue
    And with that folks I think All praises are due
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