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I have been listening and will take everything into consideration.
I will need to make a list of these components/parts so I can price them at a reasonable price.
No one sponsors anymore I see for these parts like intel use to sponsor gamers for building computers using only their products.
Well as soon as I get my hands on parts I will start to churn out computers.

I don't think you need to price out parts.

Computer prices are pretty low. You can get a low end desktop for next to nothing.

"Low" ending meaning a dual core Pentium processor .....
Think of an easy business we can do regardless of income. Try to come up with an idea every day...along with how to start and run it.

Let us come together in peace and love so that we can acquire a better life wherever we live.

I don't live in the USA and although I work full time, I have my own craft business. I make personalise crochet doilies, inserts with fabric for tablecloths, chair sets. This is a hobby that can be turned into a business. I have registered my business, so that when I retire a I will have something to do. My plans are to employ women who are not working and can crochet at home. Embroidery is another craft that can be become a business. Embroidery can be placed on clothing...anyone can be creative with these two crafts. I bought a piece of crochet software from Texas which has enabled me to make my own patterns. Craft is inexpensive..since all that is needed is the thread, needles. Once these are purchased there is no other production costs.
Hello Everyone,
Its nice and cold in Georgia:)
Any way I have gotten a lot of great info from here about starting a business.
I have one narrow problem and all that information is going to pay off soon.
I am getting help with others part of my business plan:thinking:
There is one part that is giving me the blues:10800:

I am doing Market Research in which I can do, but I am having problems with trying to gather information.

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