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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When I write I do not write sharing the Divine Truth with you, having expectation of winning the approval or not, of Black People, I write guided by the Revelation Dictated by our Ancient First Way Ancestors, they that are Divine in Thought, therefore in Action.

    As you who read that which I share, know that I mostly be guided to keep my concentration on revealing the Divine Truth about the Black World and the evil and pitiful condition we have been led to be in, by those we have come to Love without condemnation and without regret, they being our oppressors of the World, which is why we Black People are Mentally blind and can not See the Evil that is innate in america United States, today.

    As you should know and do not believe, White Europeans of all of its ethnics, those who have migrated to these United States in america, it be them that do and represent those who constitute americans in the United States, they may feed you all of those Lies that america is a Society of many immigrants, which it is, but the Respect and family hood goes to those White Descentants of Europeans that Govern america Government, those that have been given permission to Govern it by those that Really Control and have Authority over it, they being those filthy Wealthy White Folks of the Fraternity of the Illuminati, , those whose creed is, Bearers Of The Light ( False Light ), they represent and they worship Lucifer, the Prince of Evil, coming in the Character and personality of whom they refer to as the Devil, Satan, the Master Liar and Deceiver of the World.

    I have also told you that when I write to share with you Black People, my concern is only the Black World that I am Focused upon, so what I am about to share with you, require those of you who devoutly read the information coming from our First Way Ancestors and you read, without the blinders of Profane Vanity, Ego, Envy and Jealousy, because what I share, it Require For You To THINK !!!

    The United States are in serious trouble, not from only in the world of many Nation, but more importantly, From The Universe, now Foolish believing Black people will not be qualified to accept this Divine Truth, because we Black People have been well conditioned to no longer Relate with the Universe, now that we relate with everything the people referring to themselves as Human Beings now teach us about all things we use to know about, and now believe about, concerning GOD, UNIVERSE, and THE BLACK BEING, you who once was Divine, in your way of Thinking, thus making your Life Living to be Divine.

    Barack Obama, the Black Political Hope today for Black People, so Black People in america believe, and many more that is not in and of america, U.S., that Barack deserve our Faith and Hope, because we believe that the Black World with Barack in those white Folks White House, would make a difference in the Black World condition and position in the World today, well if you believe that such will be the case, like you are to Religion, you become about Barack, a believing no Thinking not wise believing people.

    Barack is owned and controlled not by what you black People believe of him to be capable to do in white folks politics, but by the very Lobby that own all american politicians, the Jewish Lobbyist, a Strong and High- up representative in the Fraternity of the Illuminati, they that now Rule the World, having the goal of restructuring the World, so that it will be Ruled by a One World Centralize Government, commonly referred to as a One World Order Of governing the World.

    So Barack can not save you believing Black people, Hell, you can not distinguish a Difference between Barack and Hillary, I mention them because they are the two Front Runners in the game of politics, with the appointee for President, meaning the winner of the america president politics, already decided, meaning that your so call vote is no more than a mirage for you to believe that you really are a part of something that Far exceed your believing imagination.

    Tell me, where does Barack and Hillary stand on the Iraq War and the War to come against Iran, is it any difference, forget about the words that come out of their mouth and observe their action regarding this country involvement in the Iraq War, in the last debate not one serious running candidate would say that they would End the War if elected and you know why, it is a decision that they are not qualified to make, president or Not.

    Here is where Black People are so over come with Love and respect for those that have no respect for us and do oppress and Repress the Life of Black People, it is about the War with Iraq, that tell you about White People without a conscious what you should have already Known, if you were Thinking Black People.

    You Black People can not engage in profound deductible Thinking, because you are to occupied flaunting your believing irrational emotions toward and about everything White america tell you and you have been a victim of white folks indoctrination for Millenniums and will continue to be, until you Black People decide to Think again.

    The Bully Arrogance And Perception Black People Have Of America, is why america and Black people will not prevail in the world today.

    Beloved, have you so quickly forgotten how america went to War in Iraq, was it not under the banner that describe and define the Human Being ? and is not White People the Prince of Humanity.

    America went to War, Violating the Sovereignty of a Nation, using the Blinding Light of Lies and Deception, therefore any and everything america say and does, concerning Iraq, can not be Justified and yet Black people, dripping with the Blood of our Ancestors, as long as we continue accept and comply with the Lies and action of deceit that come to us from White People in Power.

    There is not one **** Thing That america Can Say That Will Justify america stay in Iraq, Why? because they are there in the Name and action of Lies and Deceit, the same mannerism of Attitude and Behavior used against our Ancestors, in order for them to be able, as the Honorable Chancellor Williams said about them, which is that they the Liars and Deceiver of the World, did in fact bring about the Destruction Of Afrikan Civilization.

    So the wisdom that should be pouring out of the Brain of Black People is that we Can Not And Should Not Trust White People in Power and those that have approved and copied the Evil of White People in Power, that which was use against Black People as Well, and even those Descendants of our Oppressors, they that now enjoy the Fruit from the Evil perpetrated against our Ancient Black Ancestors and do not attempt to show Repentance by Reparation Retribution, by advocating that Reparation is to be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, they too are not to be Trusted, but what do Black People do ? we adjust to being Bullying around, as we are inflienced to choose to mis-perceive the Divine Truth about White People without a Conscious.

    Also, when it come to Black People who now as well, have no conscious, because of the way we are treated by those that oppress us, White and Black, and we Black People choose to not learn a lesson from our Experience with White Folks and Black People without a Conscious, as we now proudly emulate our oppressors in the world today, as we now the leading murders of Black People.

    The War in Iraq is the act of Evil by the perpetrators and it is Time for Black People, as a tactic to be used against the Evil we now experience coming from the Bully Arrogance of america, to become more Vocal and active against the War against Iraq and the Contemplating War against Iran and in doing so, we should heighten the Demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, granted, this will not be done by the Afrikan American Human Beings, those of us that now are victims of complete Mental Metamorphosis and now take the place among the Enemies of the Black World, having no Respect for Afrika and our First Way Ancestors, Thus, Not for the Life of the Black Self.

    A Protest by Black People against the War in Iraq will be a Protest against the Wars that are to come to Afrika, if we do not come back to our Divine mind, as we weaqr today a Mind engineered by the same Liars and Deceivers of the World.

    The Most Powerful Black Propaganda Machine in america today, is the so call Black Leaders in the world, they which get their lead from THE AMERICA MEDIA !!!, the greatest Political/ Society propaganda Machine today.



    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


    Chief Elder
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