Black People : The British-German Royals

Although Dutchess Meghan's glamour outshines that of any of the present day female Royals --their exposed racism will always brand her as a melaninated Woman because this is all their single beamed vision sees (eg. mixed with their jealousy and envy, of course).

To be truthful, she doesn't even carry the characteristic traits of the modern black woman. Principally, they feel the way that they do about Dutchess Meghan because they know her mother is a black woman. Her father is white, yet this fact is invisible to them.

Don't they know the history of Queen Sophia Charlotte of Meckenberg -- which exists in their not to distant past and still runs thru their blood stream? ? Or are they acting the role of impostors?

Kate is a jew, but you don't hear a word about that!

Speculation mixed with racism and b/s

Eye never thought he had it in 'em to perform the duties of Prince of Wales. And he won't make a good King either. As a little boy he verbally rejected the task. Prince Harry quickly spoke up and said he would do it. His mother then replied "Prince Harry would make a good King"


Prince William Is Reportedly Not Living Up to King Charles III's Standards With His New Title​

Kristyn Burtt
Thu, June 1, 2023 at 1:35 PM EDT



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