Black People : The British-German Royals

King Charles and Consort Queen Camilla share a bond that Princess Diana could not break --- an illegitimate Son that now lives in Australia.

The bond between Camilla and Charles is the son they share.

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No one would or could ever have imagined that Prince Charles would do away with his ex wife Princess Diana after their divorce so that he would not have to pay her divorce settlement.

The divorce settlement was finalized in August 1996, a year before Diana's death (08.31.1997 in Paris).

Diana received a lump sum of £17Million and received £400,000 for exactly one year b4 she was killed.

On April 7, 2008 it was decided that Princess Diana had been unlawfully killed.

It is known that the Mercedes was tampered with.

It is known that Henri Paul did not have a dangerous blood alcohol level.

It is known that there was a white Uno in that tunnel.

It is known that there was also a motorcycle in the tunnel that nite.

It is known that the Mercedes was not trvaveling over 35 m.p.h.

Princes William and Harry released a statement in which they said that they "agree with their verdicts and are both hugely grateful".

Princess Diana gave Prince Charles her whole heart. He gave her a slug. Oh! That's right he gave his first slug to Camilla.

Now King Charles has prostate CA.

The untold story is still yet to be written....
He has every right to criricize his racist-anal family. He should visit, but never return permanently, bc their evil @$$'es mean him nor his family any good.



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