Black Poetry : The Breeze Of Love


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
The breeze of love blew softly and calmly

It was as if this blowing breeze somehow

had been soaked with your sweet spirit

This the animate elixir that sustains me

All I could think of was how much

love I had and wanted to give to you

I am the same man who never knew

love before; now empowered by

it; driven to divulge all I have to give

because I now know all of you in your heavenly

glamour—no longer in my dreams of passion

Shouting out softly in the silent love’s breeze

that you are the one for me - wanting all to know

Can you hear me? Can you feel me?

Listen then and let me make a true

believer out of you—convincing won’t take long

For it is my love that surrounds you like

the air that you breathe—it stirs all your

emotions of me—compels you to love in return

You’ve always known love’s breeze no matter how

subtle your knowledge or disguised its’ approach

It blew when I touched your hand gently in

a playful and silly way; it swirled quietly around you

when you cried on my shoulder the night when

all hope seemed abandoned; it caressed you when

you needed the warmth of my friendship; and it simply

loved you when the potential for us to share ourselves

was merely a twinkle in your eye and a stroke of my own heart

Let’s not let this moment pass us by any longer

Do not be afraid to inhale love’s breeze—it does not lie

You’ve shown me love in a multitude of ways that

have only made me love you more and more each day

Look out on the horizon! This bears repeating a thousand

times or more because the future holds two souls in the

palm of its’ hand—shaping and molding them into the unmistakable

object that is known by all who dare to feel—one heart; our heart

Love’s breeze is blowing for us...


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