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    Nov 21, 2001
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    i ain't occupied by nothin for too long
    below the mason dixon
    i'm just plain tired . . .
    of fake smiles early in the mornin at people who really wish i weren't in my current position anyway
    of mourning with co-workers about people i'll never know, or care to
    of having "power" lunches that consist of corny jokes and expensive food that really wasn't worth the money
    of being the most counterproductive person i know
    in a building that disguises its workless employess by a high salary
    of the shirt-and-tie routine
    all for the love of money
    of clock-watching for 40-hours a week, but glad to get paid for such a task
    of being politically correct from 9 to 5
    of finding something to wear on casual fridays
    when my closet is organized for the other four days
    tired of office females gauking at my afrocentricity,
    but afraid of my southern drawl
    just palin tired!
    now i know why people trade something for nothing-because that's what corporate america teaches us.