Black Muslims : The Bottom Feeders & The Kingdom of Light


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
Al Islaamul' Haaqq wal' kufru Baatil i.e. The Peace is The Truth and the denying is Falsehood.
If you'll notice, all Politicians, Pedophiles and all Preachers of all religions and all Entertainers and Celebrities, all media heads and journalists, all corporate heads and affiliates and subsidiaries i.e. anyone that has a marketable product or a product that is intended to be marketed, all criminals and all criminal activity, all schools and day care facilities, ALL HAVE ONE 'THING' IN COMMON: You and your family, The people. The masses. The community. Us. The Bottom.

The Criminal is just as interested in 'the people' as the Politician. The Entertainer and The Preacher of religion? All of the institutions, legal and illegal and all of the ways of life that are established as institutions or Reality... all of them feed off of and prey upon all newborns and anyone that is NOT them; in deed and thought.
The world and its institutions seek to make a believer and follower out of newborns and anyone who is not 'Them'. Why Newborns? They are unlearned concerning lying and misinforming. Some newborns grow into young adulthood unlearned concerning lying and misinforming.

When a servant of The Most High completes reading a portion of The Holy Scriptures, he/she says: Sadaq'Allaahul 'Adhiym, which is to say, " Surely Allaah Speaks The truth. The reading of Scripture clears the atmosphere in the heart, flushes the heart with the light in Allaah's Words and throws that same light onto our perception of Reality.
However the phrase is actually a paraphrase of a specific verse, which literally reads: Sadaq'Allaahu Fattabi'u Millaata Ibrahiyma Haniyfaa wa maa kaana minal mushrikuwn: Confirmed the truth Allaah has! Therefore follow the culture (millaat) of Abraham Upright/Righteous and he was not from the ones associating partners in worship.
Every business entity, political/religious/criminal, all seek to convert from the masses their followers, their fans, their adherents. Not so Allaah via The Scriptures. Allaah Intends to recall and remind and readjust the soul to its straight path leading toward HIMSELF. Whereas the world seeks to drive one away from The Reality of Allaah as Creator and Cherisher and Sustainer.
So the world gives us reincarnation and evolution and existentialism, to' put down' the natural connection to Creator for a manufactured one.
We have been trained since birth to 'seek' Allaah, to consult or 'research' to find the truth. To seek love.. some are trained to seek themselves in the writings and concepts of mankind.

The Millat of Ibrahiym (SAW) is to say: The culture of Abraham. His is an example of a man who guarded his perception of reality by fastening the idea of his Creator to his mind and heart, though he lived in the precinct of an idolatrous nation. Ibrahiym (SAW) lived inside of The Kingdom of Light. Light? Allaah's Words and the actions we/ you do with Those Words in heart.
Time is the only element that is in constant loss. Not Flux, but LOSS. We are born with Time immediately being spent and Time is the only element that cannot be reproduced, recovered. The only light in the element of Time is Faith in Allaah and perfecting TREATING self and others well with patience toward oneself and patience with others. And TREATING self and others with Truth.

Say you go to a meeting at the office. You leave your house, lock it and get in your car. You reach the meeting place, exit your car and lock it. You pass the parking lot security guard as you enter the building to attend your meeting. You know that if nothing out of the ordinary occurs, your home and car are secure, because they are locked. THAT mental construct is 'Faith'. Faith is the construct of security one has regarding ones' soul. Faith is entrusting, locking ones' soul into The Light of its Creator and then moving in the world in That assurance.
To you be peace. May Allaah increase our Faith.
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