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Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by Ikoro, Sep 22, 2006.

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    ya'll seen this show?

    Is there an older thread on it somewhere? Link please. If not, here I go.

    Ain't that the FUNNIEST -ish you've seen for the longest time? Whooo-e, dem boys are funny.

    But it's a dang, dirty shame how they bleeping words like MF and -ish, but NOT the N word.

    Got me buggin, they broadcastin the show way over here on Norwegian TV. Translating the word in the subtitles and all *sigh*

    But the show got some good points though. It fails to really get deep, which is the saddest thing about it (sanctions from FOX/adultswim/whiteTV, I suppose). The last episode tries hard to, and almost succeeds.

    Any opinions on the show/any of the episodes?

    Oh yeah, and ain't the title track the TIGHTEST? Asheru the man, anybody heard Soon Come? Africentric rap song of the century, am I RIGHT?!