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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, when you fell from your Graceful Status in the World, what happen to us is that we lost connection with the ability to understand what our, not any level of dispensation of Time Ancient Ancestors, but what our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors Taught us about the Duality of being, meaning our presence in and of the Universe, occupying a condition of Two Reality, one Physical and the other is Mental, ( Spiritual ) One based upon Profane Illusions and the other based upon Profound Divine Reality.

    Now, what do I mean by that statement and why is it is so important to know, well If you do not know the dynamics of You, being, then you can not know the importance of your Life, and why it is to be lived Divinely and that is important for you to know, so you can not be deceived into believing what you do not Know, because that way of Living is entirely depended upon the Senses of yourself, while to Know is depended on your ability to Reason Logically about You, and all there is in the Universe, which require that you Think without being influenced by your Senses, because you then will error by allowing your emotions be your Guide, instead of your Mind.

    The Life Being is of a Dual composition, one physical and the other is what we call Spiritual, Etheral in Nature, meaning not physical and if you do not have the ability to Balance those two Realities of life Being, Meaning Self and You, then you will end up living a Life in Chaos, meaning a Life that is not in Balance with the Universe Bodies, so an imbalance Life is a Life without Divine Reasoning and without such a Divinity will cause the body to be lacking of Harmony, Order, And Balance, then your Life Living become as a wayward Meteor, out to cause damage to whatever it come in contact with, such is the description of being a Human Being, the equivalent to a wayward Meteor.

    The Outer Self desire only the Physical things in Life Living, that Self base its reality only on that which it can verify by the activity of the Senses and it is the Senses that create and produce the Illusions in Life, and its act of Living, because it is not beholding to anything the Senses can not verify, again, such be the description of the Human Being People, a People that is a danger to themselves, so quite naturally they are a danger to others.

    In the Physical World there is not one thing that is Divinely Real and the Outer Self is verified not to be Divinely Real, because it soon fade away, nothing is constant in the Physical World of yourself, but in The Divine Reality Of you, there is no fading away of You, because that part of the Dual Reality of being, is based upon the Attitude and Behavior that the Mind Reveal, it being the Inner Action of You being in a non-physical display of whom you Really Are, the Divine Real you, is completely independently Mental.

    The Senses can verify whom you are but they can not verify whom you are not, so in Life Living, the Senses have to depend on the physical action of your Mind, in order to display the attitude and Behavior that is developed from your Life Body Sensation, the Outer Being that is your physical self.

    The Divine You, is based upon, not the Physical Body Senses, but is an integral Action of the Mental Dynamics of the Mind of You, which is the inner non-Physical part of the Body Life Living Dynamics, that which reveal whom You Really Are, based on the Way Your Mind Thoughts Reveal the Body Action through the Attitude and Behavior we display in Life.

    To attempt to Live the Body Life without bringing it into Harmony, Order, and Balance between the Body Two Dynamics, the Body Life will function without Mental dicipline, one being Physical, guided by the senses and the other not Physical, guided by the Divine mind, so the outer Body be that which be the Physical Body and the other is the not Body, consisting of the Attitudinal Behavior, the Spiritual Aspect of the Body Life, thus meaning that there is a Evil And there is a Divine Spirit that can vie for control of your Life.

    So the Body of the Being has a Dual Dimension, one is a display of the Attitude and Behavior controlled by the Body Senses and the other is displayed through the non-sensual action of the Mind, yet the Body Physical is not guided by the Mind but by the Senses, yet it is the Inner You that is not under the influence of the Body Senses, the Entity if not kept in Check by the Inner You, will cause the Body to go into a Traumatic State of Life Living and that is the type of Life the Once Divine Beings who are now referring to ourselves as so call Afrikans, wearing a pigment of Dark Illumination, is displaying, Roaming through the Holy Land Of Mother Earth, Seeking Whomever they will Devour, the sign of imbalance Beings, Whose Ancient First Way Ancestors were Divine Beings.

    What a Fall The children of the Ancient First Way Ancestors have Taken, a Fall that has taken us so Low until we no longer Know the Meaning of Life, which prevent us from Knowing Whom We are Today.

    Therefore, in order for us Black Folks to become Divine beings again, we must learn to control our Mind thoughts, we who are so full of semantics, yet is empty of the Mind that is required for us to be able to make the Climb out of the pit of Self Ignorance, the Action that is required of us, that is, if we ever desire to get to know ourselves again, and it is such a Knowledge that will cause us to to know the importance of reclaiming our original Status in the World.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief elder
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