Black Muslims : The Bloodline leading to Allaah


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and The Peace on who follows The Guidance.
Whereas The Light and The Bounty of Allaah was locked up in The Children of Israel, so that they may stand as example to Nations; They have, through their own acknowledgement, failed.
After The Fall of Rome, there were Those who earnestly beseeched The Most High for the Banner. Those that usurped their nations and races and joined together on one premise: To follow and teach the Message of Al Masiyha Iysaa Ibn Mar'yaam (SAW) - Jesus Christ.
And " Abaraka Dabbara " (i.e. 'abra cadabra') Allaah The Most Glorified and Exalted answered Their Prayer and accepted Their covenant. With those very words, an ancient prayer which traces back to Hebrew and The Levitican Priesthood ( after Nabi Yashuw'aa " Joshua") which swerved severely from The Path. Abraka Dabbara is a prayer to Allaah asking Allaah to " Transfer/unfold Authority/Power" : It was sold and traded and now exists in the annals of present day magic and was introduced to the world, you and me, as a magical incantation. They who entered into covenant with Allaah The Most High are now The Catholic Church, The European and United States Powers: with their vanguard, YaJuwj and MaJuwj, also called Gog and Magog.

I title them Vanguard of these groups because of the meanings of their names. The word 'Gog' literally means: mastery over air and 'Magog' means: Mastery of water and air.
Juwj - air mastery - transliterated into English as 'Gog'.
Ma'Juwj - The same word as you see and hear phonetically with the word " Ma" prefixed. The word Maa (when not used as a interrogative pronoun) Means: water. - Transliterated into English as 'Magog'.

They ( Called Al Kaafiruwn and Al Munaafiquwn and Al Mushrikuwn in Qur'aan) all prepare and await Al Masiyha Dajjaal: who will be given mastery over the land.

The so called righteous of the earth before the year 610AD failed in establishing The Word of Allaah as over all other words. As a result, religion and cultures were fostered out of the truth and ventured away far enough to be able to still 'touch' the pleasures of the world and fold them into the fabric of their 'cultures and traditions'... To still enjoy 'some' things... at least. Failing to comprehend the true nature of " Millatu Ibrahiym Al Haniyfaa " , The culture of Ibrahiym The Upright ( the word military comes from the root arabiyyaah "Millaat"). Allaah Named him 'upright' because Ibrahiym lived as though he were in Allaah's Presence and his manners were impeccable. Hygiene was introduced into the world through the behavior of Ibrahiym in assuming to be in the presence of Allaah. He was the first to clip hair and finger and toe nails. He manicured himself and facial hair. Trimming the beard, facial hair, began with Ibrahiym(SAW) and he did these things in the conscious thought of himself being in the presence of Allaah whom he was learning is all hearing and all seeing at all times. He kept himself, his skin and clothes exceedingly clean and fresh. He was someone who was responding to his Awareness of His Creator and that pleased Allaah. Ibrahiym(SAW) lived understanding it was the world that was oblivious to Allaah.
Peoples joined on to his way, his " millaat" and learned hygiene and eating properly and cleanliness and most of all they learned that Ibrahiym did all that he did and lived as he lived because he believed in an invisible god that he could not see or touch. And yet, Ibrahiym wanted for nothing. Thrived in times of world misfortune. resting comfortably in The Knowledge and Shade of Allaah. While Allaah saw to THAT prayer about his bloodline. His ' dhurriyyaati'.
Here we are.

In the year 610 The Qur'aan was sent into The world and in IT Allaah speaks to Peoples and specific places to let US know, the reader of Qur'aan, that HE Allaah Most Glorified and Exalted was There. And one of the proofs Allaah provides is by revealing to us what Prophets, men, have prayed to him for and what of those prayers he answered. Were it not for Ibrahiym, Salutations of Allaah upon him and Peace, saying " rabbij alni muqeemus Salaati wa min Dhurriyyaati Rabbanaa wa taqabal' Du'aa.
{ My Sustainer (LORD) Make Me One Standing in Worship AND from My Children. Our Sustainer! And Accept My Calling (prayer) }. There would be no prophethood and Scripture.
THAT prayer of Ibrahiym (SAW) established Worship, Prophethood and the encyclopedia of Scripture that was to be sent into the world through his children.

By the worlds' own hand at writing history we can see the time from Ibrahiym (SAW) to the year 632AD: The year The Qur'aan was brought to completion. In it is that IT, Qur'aan, is a message to All of both The two Worlds upon earth. The world of the Men and The world of the Jinn.
Allaah has extended His Blessing, Al Qur'aan, into the reach of ANY Sincere heart.
Allaah Far Away from That attributed to HIM, looks on the sincerity in the heart and it is that that is Guided into the sensation of Nearness to Allaah while living here on earth.

We live now wherein everyone must wrestle their minds, emotions, from the ******** in the world and Approach The Most High like it is us that have been oblivious and it is HE that has been here the whole time. We must live like it and think like it and be the best example of our Faith. There is no nation of people one can run into and immerse oneself in seeking to fulfill some idea of righteousness. Allaah has already identified that place and that nation. Sura 23 1-11 and so on...
May Allaah Most Glorified and Exalted make us be Those HE Mentions and Brags on in Sura 23!!
However The Qur'aan does come with one caveat: We have to read it. And in it Allaah mentions how to read and how much you must read. How to read it? Slowly. How much to read? As much as YOU can. Thems the rules.
At the speed of YOUR frequency. There is no end to pointing out the mercy of Allaah. Allaah is The Lord/Sustainer of Relief and Ease and is The Supervisor of all challenges and tests we face and undergo. Even in HIS Invitation to us there is HIS considerations of our comfort and ease as we approach HIM, for our own sake.
Allaah is so merciful, that do you see that Allaah Brings the hospital to us? The Month of Ramadaan is a hospital for the physiology of the body and the heart (quluwb and suduwr). The month of Ramadaan is a Flushing and Infusing of the physical Light of this world. There is no such thing as metaphorical light. There is only light. See how it flows in sura Shams?
In the day the light flows from the sun in short waves - jallaahaa -
In the night the light flows in blankets/sheets - yaghshaahaa - (sura " ghaashiyaa" is the same word). The Most High is explaining to us the mechanics of light and how HE causes it to move throughout air, water and land/earth. Light SURROUNDS all of these things.
The Prophet Mustafaa Muhammad said: Salaat is Light.

So A Muslim fears nothing most especially physical forces. Suppose Allaah Gives you a key (words) to the earth and with it you can open up the earth beneath your enemy? The Prophets feared nothing having all Power at their immediate and sudden disposal by way of Allaah's permission. Therefore let us follow suit and fear nothing but missing Salaat, or being remiss in it or un attentive or taking it for granted instead of taking it to heart each time we are alive to join it , do it, perform it. May Allaah teach us the taste of Salaat and make it delicious.

There would be No Prophets, No Scripture were it not for The Prayer of Ibrahiym (SAW). Whereas The Prophet may have only thought of His children, those under his nose, Allaah had all of Ibrahiym's (SAW) descendants in HIS Plan.
We are They no matter how you nation it off, section it off by race, whatever. Its clear. Those who claim absolute bloodline descendances are no more closer to The truth than Tarzan in the jungle. Now what exactly can obstruct Light which is Allaah Ta'aalaa, from Being as HE is, which is Waasi'U, 'The Everywhere'? Isn't Light and Everywhere, everywhere?

Our Millaat, The culture sanctioned by Allaah was brought to its completion and shone in its pristine formation within the life of Nabi wa Rasulullaahi Mustafaa Muhammad Ahmad Ibn Abd'Allaahi Sallallaahu Alayhi wa salaam. Established in a man, Nabi Ibrahiym (SAW) and completed in a man, Nabi Muhammad (SAW). The nations had their shot in the middle of them and they have failed. So The culture/Diyn is 'back' to the Sincere Heart. The First (Ibrahiym(SAW) shall be Last... and The Last (Muhammad(SAW) shall be First, to coin a familiar phrase.

US? What of we? What are we to do? Register in our minds The continual remembrance of Allaah and His Resume on the past and His Resolve(s) on matters that are and will be. We must flee this world and its madness, mentally and emotionally. Find our love for it which are absent of Allaah and vacate that, expel that or leave that. May Allaah strengthen us in this! May we learn to love for Allaah's sake.

May we learn to love as Allaah Loves: Feeding the already fed and the continually hungry asking both to share with the brother next to them, the sister next to them. We are asked to Share what has been shared with us; what is not ours to begin with, all things being equal. We are not asked to share our breath or what reaches our mouths to swallow. We are asked to share whatever is beyond our needs. We are asked to Share that only.
This place called earth is a place of passing to Allaah. The way you would tell a child that playing with toys is a passing thing. We forget that this place, this world is a passing thing. Its pleasures and delights as well as its pitfalls and anguish. We are but passing through it.

May we pass through it upon The Siraatul Mustaqiym. May Allaah Guide us to The Path of The Ones Standing Straight. The Path of Those who have HIS/YOUR Grace on them, other than The Ones who have HIS/YOUR Anger on Them, and not The Astray.
May Allaah teach us Suwratul Faatihah. May Allaah allow us to comprehend HIS Response to each Verse in The Faatihah of HIS Speech HE Shares with us!
Al Hamdulillaahi Ramadaan Mubaaraka wa As Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi!

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