Black Poetry : The Blame Game Who Gives A Dam About A Zombie In Never Never Land

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    The horrors that lies upon thy family turf.
    The tears that one cries,
    Within its on family tree,
    selfishness that family portray,
    If one cannot depend on family,
    then who else.
    Trickery that lingers in the name of love.
    The torch that is no longer passed.
    The selfishness of a people who don’t give a dam.
    The royalties of thy father tossed away.
    The wisdom that is no longer express in family today.
    Sisters and brothers who live between there legs.
    Leaving no insight for the children today.
    Who shall lead our children to the future of another day.
    Sinners that sit behind the walls,
    of ignorance without a clue
    Of there inheritance they just give it away.

    Intimadations of knowledge,
    the losers run and hide.
    Fake as sisters and brothers,
    with the red,black, green
    All in the name of unity.
    No back bone, no courage to lead.
    Wake up ******* its time to lead.
    A coward dies a thousand times.
    A brave man dies once.

    Scars that’s passed on,
    Upon the family tree,
    Curses that sets forth delay,
    No love that is extended,
    In the beloved home of retreat,
    Mother daughters defeat,
    If child cannot trust mother and father,
    then whom else, No longer shall I cry,
    the horrors of the beast.

    The ring of the Freedom Bell without a tone,
    Man crying to a devil who has no hole,
    worshiping a man as he with no sense,
    of pride are dignity,
    a soul lost within its self,
    listen as they throw stones upon the cross.

    Fathers that uses his daughter,
    for his out house of release,
    Scars of the enemy that lives within,
    Mothers masquerading,
    As the sperm donor and nothing else,
    Oh where thy God is the loyalty of men.
    Why must our foundation be destroyed?
    with the devils works, mother against daughter,
    father against son.
    This history is the legend of men to come.

    Thy husband that I take,
    In the presence of God,
    thy oath that I give in the name of love,
    Betrayal by my partners own hand.
    I come to thee oh lord to break the curse,
    of satins revenge.
    The beast of the family,
    have laid hands,
    Upon the children of your universe
    Imitations of a people,
    crying revolution every day.
    Hide behind the code of knowledge ,
    without common sense.

    Man who sets in validation,
    for another mans approval,
    forsaken all the laws of God,
    Oh yet he cries for acceptance,
    from others who have no heart,
    Laws that have been changed,
    of the sacred codes of God,
    Yet man cries oh lord the pain,
    that earth has set forth,
    I the eyes of thy father,
    the feet’s that rises upon the waters,
    cry not for me, I the daughter of God,
    Only his words that I obey.

    Profits of religion, Psychological revolution,
    genocide to ones only family turf.
    Proposed roads of freedom,
    stain windows, the call of the wind,
    captivity looking at each other,
    through the slave masters eyes.

    Stolen souls, the living dead,
    zombies that pass on there seeds
    spirits in bondage, black power cry,
    without the respect of man an self pride,
    battle among the symbols of creations,
    where is black pride.

    The jungle of abnormality ,
    fortunes of no inheritances,
    grains of dignity without growth.
    Battles of the walking dead.
    Sister hating Brother hating,
    Confusion all in the name of God.
    Beware of the wolf that comes in sheep clothing,
    God said knowledge not science.
    Shepard’s masquerading as holy,
    leading there flocks to hell.

    Black Power, its not the power,
    but the substance it represent,
    Man cry division when one refuse to come together as one.
    Slaying there brothers for a moment of fame.
    The blood of our brothers who fought the revolution,
    When sisters and brothers of the culture, recognized
    them once a year,
    “If any” a revolution that is sealed in a book.

    Close mind to there own self worth.

    Huey Newton, Malcolm X, Martin
    Luther King, Medgar Evers,
    Rap Brown, Angela Davis, a cause that the sleepless
    selfishness of a people let dye in vain.
    A mind a terrible think to waste,
    Many singing we shall over come.
    The enemy that lives with self.

    "Rise as I speak"
    what message
    do we as a people,
    who are fighting,
    the same battle in our streets.
    the soldiers ready for war .
    What about the battle?
    that we live right here on our streets?
    Fake *** sisterhood you can count them
    on your hand. If its not about who and
    how great I am, and who I had sex
    with last night. Buggie bit-- with there
    head turn up. Within a time capsule
    without fresh air.

    Where are the father's and mothers?
    to restore the separation of there genes.
    The mothers who selfishly think of self,
    and the system rule there seeds.
    Fatherless, Motherless children,
    Living in concentrations camps,
    Sold and branded as the un-wanted.
    Trade off for crack, the sickness
    Of the devil who kills the seeds,
    Of the sacred grounds.

    our brothers and sisters,
    and children who live On the streets.
    Close to mind of Unity,
    Who fights for them?

    Refusing to be leaders,
    but they cry how great or thou.
    Playing the blame man games,
    the master did it to us.
    No responsibilities for there people,
    even there children the damage which they lead.

    Mercy be upon the civilization,
    that the circle of idiots they represent.
    Living in a time zone of slavery once again.
    No future for our children,
    sucking there thumbs, waiting to over come.

    Copywriter 2002
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    word up speaketh sistah let it be heard
    bring it all out .........
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    good read...
    very nice if i may say
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    Praising The Lord
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    tight scribe Ashanta
    very nice
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    A coward dies a thousand times.
    A brave man dies once.

    Wow, Ashanta... I thought on this awhile... and it is so true. This goes for all of us... man or woman.
    You piece on the whole was awesome, too.
    You always tell the truth...

    Hey, sister... :wave:

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    blessing be upon your house
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    you went so deep and so always speak the truth..thank you for your eye opening, and honest pieces...much respect to you