Black People : The Blame Game Through Ignorance Pt. 1

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    The blame game through ignorance....interesting title, isn't it? Well, before I get all into this most contraversial post, which it will be...let me affirm for those who don't know me, that I am Afrakan/Black. I had to speak on this because I'm about to lay out some deep doo doo today. Oh, and for those that don't know me, please understand that I have a totally Afrakan consciousness about me...but equally one that will call a spade a spade.

    In having said that, let us proceed. Like many people here, there was a time when I was seriously into some "blame the white man for everything" that is wrong or has gone wrong with us as a people. I blamed them for our enslavement, for our condition as a people and every other darn thing I could think of blaming them for. Ish, if I had a bad dream I wanted to blame them for that too!!

    However, as a thorough historian and researcher of researchers, I had long ago reached the point of telling it like it is, even though I have been guilty of being selective about what I decided to tell or not tell...and here's why.

    Back in the day when there were movements like the Nation of Islam in its infancy, the Garvey Movement and the research by our Grand Master Teachers such as J.A. Rogers, Dr. Ben, Dr. Clark, Ivan Van Sertima, Chancellor Williams, John G. Jackson, Dr. George G.M. James, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Drusilla Dungee Houston and many more too lengthy to name...there was a particular form of research being carried out by all of them. Because our people had been so damaged due to having had our historical memories erased and of being mentally, spiritually, historically and culturally dragged through the mud the way that we were and in many instances, still are...the research that was being done was done to address that reality.

    It was a research done to aid and to restore the collective memories of us as a people. A research done to re-instill a sense of pride, dignity, respect and history that had been robbed from us as a people. It was a research that was done as a corrective to the lies that we were told and instilled with that did nothing but demean us, condition us and program us to alien ways of life and self. As such, it became important that the work being done by our Grand Masters gave us exactly what they gave us.

    Even with all that they gave us, which many of us today still haven't grasped, studied or read about concerning ourselves historically as a people, there are other realities that they did not give us or teach us about concerning ourselves. We have a tendancy to look at ourselves as a people as if we could do or did no wrong, as if we were all on this high level of divine spirituality or as if we all lived in harmony with nature and life. Nothing could be further from the truth!!

    To dare think these kind of thoughts goes against the universal laws of Maat, the laws of opposites and the laws of Cause and Effect. In effect, "ALL BLACK PEOPLE WERE NOT RIGHTEOUS". This is the crucial point we must first understand and accept before we can go any further...because I am here to reveal that EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH IN LIFE TODAY IS OUR FAULT AND OURS ALONE....WHETHER WE ARE AWARE OF IT OR NOT. This is why the thread has the title that it does. Until we can accept this reality as being the absolute truth, we can not move forwards, take responsibility for what our people caused and did, heal ourselves from all the in-fighting that others have used against us or relate to the idea and fact that it was our people who created all the rest of the people on this planet and why we did it.

    To be continued.....
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