Chief Elder Osiris : The Black World Must Return Back To Acknowledging Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancestors

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    The Black World Must Return Back To Acknowledging Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancestors

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    The Black World has lost all knowledge of the Black self and with such a lost we are not qualified to Think beyond the Realm of the Human Being Mind and it is the Human Being Mind that is wrapped in Religious Worship, a ritual that Lucifer introduced to this Planet Human Being World.

    To worship is to Fear that which you worship and it keep you to be mindful of why you are worshiping that you bow and submit to, an indication of that which is being worshiped is capable of Giving and protecting you or is qualified of Punishing you , which imply that there are rules of that which you worship has so established for you to follow and obey and if not followed, then that which you worship, render a consequence for your Life to experience, which will be commensurate to the level of disobedience caused for you not submitting and obeying the Rules for your life living, govern by that you have a want to worship.

    Such is the Mind of the Human Being action, with a want for other than themselves to worship them, therefore worship is a religious ritual created by the Human Being.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancient Black Ancestors require not to be worship and the Divine Knowledge that they brought to this planet did not serve to inform us that there is a God in the Sky Heaven that require to be worshiped, they clearly led by example of the action to be taken toward the Essence of all things, of which ITS Energy require nothing from all that Its Action Reveal and Produce to become the physical illusion Universe.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors Taught us the Sacredness of Divineness in acknowledgment, and when you are in the Know of the Essence Energy, that which reveal ITS Action Within and as It come forth from the Perfect Night, from which All Intelligence Information Flow, we through Acknowledgment of the Divine Essence of all Things, will know Thyself and the importance of Life Living and our obligation to live and protect our Life with the utmost of Respect.

    Our Divine Purpose is to Know the Divine Energy that gives us Life and to always be mindful to acknowledge such Divine Energy and we do so with our Divine Mind that inform us of the Divine Truth and Reality of that we refer to as God and to be in possession of such knowledge, it inform you of the Fact that God nor is the Ancestorsis not in Need of being Worshiped, it just give us cause to acknowledge IT and since we Black Divine Beings are of the Perfect Night, the Coat of the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence, then we are also not to be Worshiped, just acknowledged.

    Worship is amenable to only the Physical Illusion level, such a level is where Life reside and we are to value and respect our Life, meaning ourselves, and Worship Not the God Essence and not our Ancestors, such Energy need only to be acknowledged and you do so by the quality of life you live.

    Life is for the Body and the Body is to be revered and respected, Honored and valued, as we acknowledge the God Essence and our Departed Ancestors by the way we live our Life, Such God/Ancestors Energy is only to forever be acknowledged by and through the Quality Of Life we Live.

    To Summon the Ancestors is to acknowledge them and when and when you Summon them such an action require that you be in your Divine Mind, because the Ancestors appear only in the Serene Mind that is in the Action of Harmony, Order, and Balance, and with such equilibrium of Energy, the Power of Will and when such take effect, and what ever you would Have the Ancestors to do, you then come into possession of the Energy Power to do it, because such Divine Mind Energy is revolving in the Action Circle of Harmony, Order, and Balance, Beloved.

    To Worship is Suffering, which is Religion, but to Acknowledge, is Divine Theological Knowledge, Understanding, and Wise Action, which give cause for you to desire to live a peaceful, Free and Joyous Life.

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth And From Such Ignorance, Observe The Condition Of The Black World, Beloved..

    Beloved,I Come, I Share The Divine Information,You Either Accept Or Reject, I Continue On Doing As So Instructed By Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Beloved Mighty warrior, King god, Honorbale Chief Osiris:

    As always, I salute and bow to the Truth in you.
    "I AM a student of the King god Honorable Chief Osiris Akkebala, Hierophant Spiritualist, reincarnate King god Garveyite, First Way Institute Afrikan Mysticism Theology and http// .

    I AM grateful for this SEER, who breaks the Bread of Truth and Reality, with our Divine Ancestors in the Chambers of the Divine in Divinity, allowing HIS mind to wander into the ABYSS of Infinity, comprehending what He hear and see in that Divine circle that reveals the Divine Truth, and that which is Divinely Real. A teacher who slice the Bread of Truth with us, and quenches our Thirst with Reality.

    A teacher who is lead and guided by the Law of the Universe and Nature, not mans concepts and ideas. A teacher whose messages cannot be found in no libraries, dictionaries, and GOOGLE searched. A teacher who teaches us how to BREAK THE CODE, To Know Thyself As Divine Soul. A teacher who shows and tells us what goes on behind the scenes of the human being mind.

    A teacher who not only have a memorization, but the remembrance of our once Divine way, and how we got where we are presently, and how we must get back to our Divine mind-set.

    A teacher who stays on the battlefield with the warriors asking one question from the breath next to the last breath. "Did My People Return To their Divine Minds yet?"

    I bow and salute the Truth He teaches, that I Am honored to be able to overstand, that allows me to live a Divine life, free from worshipping, praising and uplifting european other gods, that is not the Afrikan Blacks true gods.

    I Am free to be able to listen, recognize and honoring our Cosmic Ancestors, those that Will lead and guide us out of our wrong mind-set back into our right mind-set.

    That is what A true Divine leader does for the people. You know, when the ancestors take over you just can't stop them when they do something, seven year old goddess Autumn Ashante.

    I Am freer through King god Osiris teaching from the slavery/bondage of Faith, Hope, Belief, Bless...and the likes of.

    I greet all of you, Brothers and Sisters, with the open greeting and departure words in honor of our Ancient Cosmic Ethereally Divine Ancestors, as we who know our selves as Divine Souls-HOTEPH-The Honorable King god Chief Elder Osiris and Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    Here Is loving you/Afrika

    goddess Isis/Auset