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Feb 9, 2007
By Chief Elder Osiris:

Black people have learned to be satisfied with whatever is given to us by anybody, and most everybody is a part of a Nation that has a History of Lying, Cheating, Deceiving, and oppressing the Black World, meaning Black People.

In this world consisting of a variety and many Ethnic groups, Black People consist of a unique and consistent ethnic identity, whose experience of limited superficial change, come from those other ethnics who have caused an involvement of ethnic mixing with Black People, commonly referred to as Race Mixing, but even so, the Black Ethnicity has the resiliency of correcting itself, if left alone.

Black People are not the same as other people, yet we have allowed those other people calling themselves Human Beings, to come into our Midst, with an objective to change the psychic of Black People, while attempting to cause a momentary Biological change of us Black People, and the sad part about their effort, is that the Human Being Mixing Ethnology, has been partial successful, because Black People have no objection to what has happen to us as a Unique Black World, and we now are devout students of those Human Beings, they that now control our Black Mind.

So here we are in this day and Time, not knowing whom we are and have not the curiosity to find out, because we now have settle to be a product of the Human Being indoctrination, despising our Blackness and having no desire to become Free and independent again,

So what is it that we spend all of our Time doing, that cause us to appear to be really concerned about our depraved condition, we just come together for purpose to Speculate and prognosticate about the best path Black People should involve ourselves in taking, to bring about a change in our Life, an indication that our Black Lives are not as should be, or shall I say use to be, which was without change but was Free.

Black people love not dealing with the source of our Life Problem, we rather present a false face of our Mentality, by acting and speaking about any and everything that have no meaning for our need to become Free and Independent, for our Black Life Living.

We Black People do in fact, involve ourselves in a broad spectrum of that which reflect the condition of our Life, yet we choose not to become serious in our action of speaking and writing about our Life Condition, we just rather speculate and prognosticate about our Life condition, rather than to go into action to do the things necessary to change our Life condition from what it experience today.

Pick any issue with fact to support it, and History to verify it, and the issue being about the Life present condition of black People, a World in Shambles, meaning without Harmony, Order, nor Balance to support our Black Life, so instead of some Black People choosing to become a serious advocate and pragmatist about the real cause that the Black Life condition is in today, we rather just pretend to be concern, about our Life present condition, a state of Mind that will not allow Black People to become practical in speaking and writing about what we need to do, in order to reverse the direction our Black Life has been caused to travel.

We rather involve our Black Selves with issues that have not one thing to do with us needing to reclaim our Divine Mind, so that we can begin to pursue the Black Life Liberation, away from what should be the obvious cause for the State of condition of Afrika and the present Mind of the Black so call Afrikan.

A wise Divine Mind know the obstacles that have been placed in the Life Path of the Black World, yet it is the Unwise Human Being Afrikan Mind, when discussing the snares and shackles that entangle the Mind of the present day Human Being Afrikan, we who rather enter into speculating and to prognosticate about the cause and effect that has the Black Life in the Human Being Mental Vice, that which prevent the Black World from Seeing Clearly and rather Look Cloudy at the path the Black Divine Mind Must Travel to gain respectability and dignity within the Black World again, because not until there is Black on Black People respectability and National Black World Dignity, will there become the opportunity for the Black World to SEE Divinely Clear, the Path the Black World is to Travel again.

We may take to speculate about our Black Life and we may be able to point out the error of the Black Life Ways and yet, there are those Black People among us that have ventured out to deeply into the Human Being Mind until they are forever lost in this Life, to the Human being Way of lying, deceiving and pretending, a life that prevent the Divine Mind from ever rising again within the Self of Black People, they are those whose Divine Mind is no longer present.

So no, the Black Afrikan Human Being who spend all of the Time speculating, prognosticating and pretending, they it be, that will not be a part of the Black Divine Being Resurrection, the Divine Being which Speculate Not, Prognosticate Not, and Pretend Not, when dealing with the cause and effect that has the Black World in such a Divisive Turmoil, it is the Afrikan Human Being that will never be united with the Black Divine World again, so why trouble ourselves with those Afrikan Human Beings, they who have given their every indication, that the Love for the Liar and Deceiver, is irreversible, solidly and completely under the spell Mind of Lucifer, bearer of the False Light. ( Knowledge )

Those among us referring to ourselves as being a member of the Black world and can not pass the litmus Test of you being a Devout Seeker of the Divine knowledge, meaning your Divine Mind, with the test being the Embracing of the issue of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation / Repatriation and Statehood Back in Afrika for the Children of the Middle Passage and the other Test Being the Disengaging from the Human Being Religion, without Compromise, those among us that is without the Mind to do so, then know that you are the victim whose Divine Mind is beyond being retrieved, thus causing such an Afrikan Human Being Mind to now be a cause of the Black Divine Being Problem and no longer a part of the solution for elimination of the acts of Speculating and Prognosticating about the Black Problems, and you never to be a candidate for taking action that will cause the Liberation, Independence, and Sovereignty, of the Black world Life, such principles require the DIVINE MIND TO IMPLEMENT.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder


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