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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, why is it that we take the Time to share our Mind on these groups, I am sure that many of us do so for the mere pleasure it bring to your mind and many of us do so for mere selfish vain praise and then there are those of us that do so just to share a different perspective on the many issues that apply to our life in all sorts of ways, that prevents us from being able to raise our life to a level whereby we can become self-determining and independent, as well as mentally creative again.

    It is a Fool that participate on these groups with antiscipation of getting the so call Afrikan Human Being to entertain information being shared on these groups that full circle disagree with the information those people confessing to be Human Beings have so well conditioned us to believe is the natural born ultimate Truth, that which has come from a Mind that has set a record of kicking Black Folks full circle in the behind of our Mind, with the injury being so severe, that it prevent Black People from knowing whom we are.

    So, there are those Black People that share information that is so unique and foreign from that the Human Being information reveal, which has been used to indoctrinate us into believing the information that come exclusively out from their Human Being mind, and the information that come from the revelation that flow through our creative Divine Mind, such is shared with you without any expectation of you, we share this Divine information, which most of us have forgotten and now willfully reject, we share this Divine Info, in order to tear down the curtain of Bliss, behind which we have been allowed to hide, claiming our ignorance about that we need to know and understand, not so any more beloved, because the Divine Truth has come back to the door step of your Mind and it is your Divine Mind that has the authority to let your Divine Information into the Divine Mind of your Mental House, which require that you must clean house of your Human Being Mind, because Divinity and Evil does not occupy the same space, without conflict, meaning one or the other must go, and so far, the Afrikan Human Being House is the Human Being Mind.

    So, the question that is asked by the Afrikan Human Being is, what happen to allow the Life of Black People to Live in the condition that we now Live today, a Life of rejection, depression, Repression, persecution and oppression, a life that the Human Being mind, in the so call Afrikan, entice the Afrikan Human Being to be in denial concerning the serenity of the Black Life Condition we use to Live and now we are in denial of our past earthly life living, you are not qualified to know that there is a need of the black Life to change, because from the view that the Afrikan Human Being Mind is looking, such a view fool you to believe all is well, because we will get to live forever with Jesus after While, the sign of a pitiful Lost People being guided by the people that oppressed and keep feeding you the dope, Racism, and now we Afrikan Human Beings have become a Junkie for our oppressors.

    So, why do we say that the Black World have compromised ourselves and has been check mated in the Action of Life?

    Well, I will tell you why I make such a Divine Profound Statement, the fact that White Folks, Arabs, and Jewish People, the Black World Prime enemy upon this Planet, they have succeeded in getting the so call Afrikan Human Being to look at being ale to mix, Assimilate with the seed of Evil and I say Evil, because of what those people History reflect of their Attitude and Behavior toward Black People, so much so until they went through the Action of Remaking Black People to become Afrikan Human Beings and fed the Afrikan with having an appetite for cross-breeding with the enemy, and now those cross-Breeding Afrikan Human Beings find themselves in a compromising position, because they now can not or do not Feel Free in speaking the Truth about the People responsible for the down fall of a once Divine Black Nation, so what the so call Afrikan Human Being do ? they end up blaiming Black People for our Fall, as we preach to Black People that you can not blaim White People for the wretched condition of our Life Living.

    Oh Beloved, the Fools Black People have become, getting angry at the Divine Truth, having nothing profoundly Divine to Refute the Divine Reality of the Black Life situation with, today.

    So what do you get, you get Afrikan Human Beings Check Mated by our Enemy to the point that you now Find the so call Afrikan Running interference for the very people that stole and now house our Information, if such were in our possession, it will cause a once Black Nation to come back into he Knowledge of whom we Black People are and it is that information that is qualified of raising a Dead Mental Black Nation back to living a Divine vigorous Profound Life again.

    But No, the Afrikan Human Being must deny the Divine Reality of the Black Life condition and continue to believe that the Black Life salvation lies in the mixing of the Blood with our oppressors, they that are of the Blood Line of Evil, Lucifer, Satan the Devil, a Mental Attitude and Behaviors that represent the down fall of a once Black Divine nation, a Nation that have gone through a Mental Metamorphous to become as the Human Beings are to each other, Evil and Deceiving, full of vain Ego, envy and Jealousy, having no Divine Conscious any more, as we go Running gallivanting through he Black Family Murdering and slaughtering Members of the Family because they are more affected by he virus of the Human Beings oppressors than others, what a Foolish People we Afrikan Human Beings are today, you that serve as the greatest internal Enemy to your once own Family.

    I say once , because the Afrikan Human Being destroyed the family, impersonating your new Human Being Masters, they that now being controlled by the Human Being Mind, you Afrikans that has been transformed to be a Demon in the presence of the Black Family, Dressed up in our Tribal Uniformed Human Being Mind, you who have been compromised by your involvement intimately with the Devilish Human Beings of this world, and you know them by the way they act and behave toward the issue of Reparation, Repatriation and the Right the Black Missing Family Members have to become the next State in Afrika.

    The Honorable Chancellor Williams said it best, when he said that the action of integration / Assimilation in Afrika served as the spike that was used to drive it right through the Divine Mind of Black People, and we have not been the same People since the action of the Cross-Mixing with those people with a History of Lying and Deceiving Black People, the oppressors crowing their Acton against Black People by stealing the Divine Mind away from the original Divine Being, they that did Walk this Planet referred to as Earth, and now proudly confess to be so call Afrikan human Being, as if we had never been anything of a Being than what White folks Classify us to be, such obedience come from not being a Divine Black Being, always in a self destructive mode.

    So, how can the Afrikan Assimilationist Human being serve as a creditable foe to the enemies of Black People, you now spend all of your Time attempting to justify your Race mixing action, you beloved, have been made to be in a Compromised position regarding the issue of Race and has been check mated to the extent nothing the Afrikan Human Being Assimulationist has to say, carry any Justifiable Weight in the forum of Race Mixing, the Afrikan Mixer has been Compromised by their action in relation to those with a History of oppressing, lying, and deceiving the Black World family.

    Beloved, I know that this does not set well with many of you Afrikan human beings, but you know what, accept it or not, I mean no disrespect to any member of the Black family, I just relay the information as I am qualified to See It, having no respected Afrikan to Please, because my concern is only about the up-lifting of the Black Nation, regardless whether we desire to rise or not, that is not my burden alone to bear, but all of ours, who are Members of this once Divine Black family.

    Rise up Black People and Face The Divine Truth Concerning Black People, as It Divinely Is.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking of You



    Chief Elder

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