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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Why is it when those that come along and is a member of the world that has been knocked down into the pit of Life Misery and they are endowed with the Mental Gift to know and understand whom the Black World is and what happen to cause the Black world to now be in such a lowly Mental Dimension, there are always those among the Black Knocked down world that rise to show resentment against those that come now to share the Divine Truth about what happen to that Black World and share the Divine Truth About who is the cause for throwing such a knock down blow against the Black World and know the effect such a punch has had to the Black world and is of the Divine Knowledge as to what the Black World must do in order to Get up out of the pit of Lies and deception and retake the Lost crown back from those that knocked down the Black World.

    Tell me, why is there some among such a lowly Black World, they end up describing those with the Divine Truth about our condition and our attitude and behavior, claiming that we have acquired from those that have knocked us down from the throne of our Divine Knowledge, the mind of those that have knocked us down, claiming that the Black World has become self defeating and they that despise the Divine Truth, they be acting as if those that now share the Divine Truth, they accuse them of thinking of themselves to be " Holy Than Thou, " what ever that mean, and those that do not desire to get up off of our sorry behind and get up and do what is required of us to do, they are always the chief self appointed Critic of those that now come to share the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and our Black Selves.

    The Divine Truth about the Black World is that we have been knocked down and now we show no desire to get up, all we now want to do is follow the teachings of those that have knocked us on our Black Behind, paralyzed our Divine Mind and replace within the Black World the Mind of the Human Being and now we are absent Minded of who we really are.

    The Black World, down on the ground level with the oppressors Mind, pretending to be about what we know nothing about, which is our First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors and that place we now refer to as Afrika and we will remain to be the great Afrikan Pretenders, as Long as we remain down with no desire to get up, meaning to rise up into our Divine Mind, a mind that will not allow Black Folks to be dishonest with themselves as we pretend that the Black World problem is that we will not act together to build up our communities, claiming that we need to Love Jesus and become intimate involved with the Human Beings, those responsible for knocking us down from the Throne of our Divine Knowledge and now we have no desire to get up, just to identify with the evil that now control the Black World.

    We are to dishonest with ourselves to acknowledge that local community development wherever we are, be it in Afrika or the Diaspora, such is not qualified to elevate the Black world back to the level and height that we have been knocked down from and thatall action must lead to the return back to Afrika, those that are outside of Afrika.

    We are to self dishonest to acknowledge that it does not matter to us, nor does it transform the Black World status in this evil world, based on what Sean Penn does with Chavez, Afrika and the Black World condition.

    It does not matter Constructively to the Black World, what the Human Being Religion instruct Black Folks to do in Life.

    It does not matter to the Black World, concerning lies and deception, how the Human Being pretend to have a new outlook on the Black World, to the extent they now are conditioning the Black World to accept the Human Beings contention that the Human Being Caucasian is no different than the people of the Perfect night.

    It does not Matter to the Black world in term of our present condition, as to what quality of environment we live our Black Lives, because the Divine Truth of it all is that the Black world desire not to acknowledge that we still are not free and we still are living from the shark that came from the Knock down blow we have received from the Human Being oppressors and the most telling part of our Miserable dishonesty, is that the Black world do not desire to get up from the Lies and acts of deception that did knock us from our Divine Mind and now the Black world, without our Divine Mind, will and do detest the thought of Freedom for the Black World and that Afrika is for the Afrikan and The black world Must Become United again and we rather to remain a slave to the Human Being Mind.

    Proof of what I share with you is Divinely True, then observe the condition and status of the Black World in this evil world and then behold the attitude and behavior of the Black World, it being that of a people that have been knocked down and now do not desire to get up, because such require that the Black World have to admit that we have been tricked and taken advantage of so much so, until we no longer place Divine Value in the power of Thought and it is all because we Black People now operate in a superficial believing world and is being guided by the Mind of the Human Beings, those people that threw the knock down Punch to a people that allowed themselves to become open to the Evil and Lies of the Human Beings, those people now referring to themselves as white people, they claiming to be the children of God and keeper of the Church of Jesus operating under the name of the Catholic Church.

    The Divine Truth has now come again and it share with such a forceful Dark Divine Glow, Divine information, so penetrating to the extent that it take the Desire and an effort to reclaim the Black Divine Mind, in order to know and understand what God IS, The Meaning Of The Universe and Whom Those Black People are and where they fit, in order to sum up the Trinity of the Divine Reality of The Essence of all that be in both Universe, IT Being The Sum Total Of The Eternal Infinite Divine Truth of it all, yet by the Black World now operating on the Ground Level of our Life Action, controlled by the Human Being Mind, a Mind that cause the Black World from being made to be ashamed or embarrassed at the low level of our Life living today and above all else, the Black World Have No Desire To Get Up, meaning that we desire not to know the Divine Truth, the pathway that lead to the Freedom of the Black World, now having been knocked down and now do not have the desire to get up.

    Afrika and the present Black World, based on the present level that now hold those two entities to the Mental Ground, at such a low level, the Divine Truth flow above and over the present Mind of the Black World, so all that the Human Being oppressors suggest to the Black World to do, the Black World comply, why?

    Because the Black World have been Knocked Down and Now do Not Desire to get Up and that mentality cause the Black World to be the most egoistical, Envious, Jealous and Vain self-dishonest people in the world, having an attitude that every Time they look at a Black Mind attempting to Reclaim the Divine Mind, they reach up and attempt to pull such a Mind back down, by making such idiotic statement about the Teachers of the Divine Truth having a personality that express itself as if to be " Holy Than Thou", which reveal the Dishonesty of those that make such a selfish assumption without the Divine Truth to support such a false claim, not knowing that the Divine Truth is Holy than Thou, with the Black World representing Thou!!!

    Not until the Black World decide to become Honest about the reclaiming Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Divine Mind, the Black World will continue to show that we have no desire to get up from the Ground of infectious Affliction, received from the Human Blow that did knocked the Black World Down and when I last observed, do not desire to get up.

    Reparation, Repatriation and Statehood Back In Afrika for the Children Of The Middle Passage, such is the Salvation of the Black World, all else represent the Black World Dishonesty and oppression.

    You Can Take The Divine Truth Or Leave It Alone, Either Way, It Remain Above The Fray Of The Black World Dishonest intention concerning Afrika and the Black Life Right To Divine Justice.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Your missives serves as A Cosmic Ethereal Divine Loving letter to us.

    It is a Sad day for us when we do not receive Divine Truth from one of our own.

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