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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, when I share information with you, I do not seek your approval or disapproval, the burden of your decision is your weight to carry alone and the decision you make reveal the quality of the Mind you now function under.

Many of you are so imprisoned by the Trinity of Evil that engulf your Human Being Mind, until that evil has caused you to become blind from recognizing and embracing the Divine Truth, so no way will the Black so call Human Being Mind, is qualified to accept and embrace what I am about to share with you concerning a part of the Black World family, she whom the Human Being label and describe to be Woman, the Human Feminine Gender of the Human being family which I do draw a distinction when referring to the Black Wombgender, she now made to have become the Black Woman, now assigned to the Human being Family and because the Black Family no longer know and understand the difference that stand between the Two Worlds, the Divine and Human Being Worlds, Members of the Black World Life has been reduced to live and behave as the life of the Human beings do today, which is imprisoned within the Shackles of the Trinity of Human Beings Evil, which are, Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, those Evils that prevent many of you from embracing the Divine truth that I share with you at this point in Time, of the Black Life.

Let me deal a moment with the Obama's candidacy, Tell me, what do you observe happening to the Obama Run to be the Democratic Representative for President of these United States ?

The one thing we must not do and yet we do, and that is, choose not to deal with the Reality of American Politics, which is a fraternal Game created and organized by Wealthy Racist White Men, they are who decide the winner of the political game when the stake is for the seat in their White House, so for Obama to have gotten as far as he has in a field of unquestionable White Men and a White Woman, should give you Black Folks cause to wonder, leaving your irrational cap at home or in the Mental scrap can where it belong.

Now, what I see is that White folks have begun to pay more attention to not Obama but Michelle, they know Obama, and is completely aware of his Life Genetic History and more often than none they may refer to Obama as being Black, but they know that he really is not, because he come through the Canal of his Mother which is White and whether you Black Folks know it or not, that can present a Genetic Difference that can fester into becoming a problem to Black folks, because for the duration of his stay after conception, he stayed attached to not his father but his Mother and the Genetic electrical impulses was too, at work with the Male genetic current that was shaping the coming of Obama.

I know, the saying is that the Black genetic current is dominant over the Recessive current, as we label White people to carry in the process of a Mix gene interaction, I am beginning to Think out that claim by the use of my own Civine Mind, absent of the use of self-elevating emotions.

my point is this, the genetic difference that can come from the Gene assimilation of two different Cellular Specie of the same Biological design, can be in the way the body produce its Chemical or the ability to produce similar chemicals, one in particular, that which is referred to as Melanin, that is the gene that determine among other physical obviousness, the Skin Pigmentation or the Lack thereof, that come in its full inhibited production.

White Folks are growing with second intention concerning Obama and it is all because of Michelle Blackness, I am indicating the Racist element among White People, they with the Money, Power, Authority and control over the Politics of the World and if anybody know the depth and value of the Black Wombgender it is that racist element of White People and what was their intent for waving Obama in your Black Face with his Black Wife I have not figured out at this Time, because what I know of the black Wombgender, the Lucifer Racist element of white Folks know as well, which is she is the Power in and of the Black Family World and even the Black Man has been made to lose knowledge of the Matriarchal Divine Being of Black People.

Beloved, do you not know that there is a fundamental Biological Divine Spiritual Difference between the Wombgender and the Staffgender, the Human Being say, the Woman and Man ?

Beloved, are you aware of how and what cause the Wombgender to be the more powerful of the Two Different Genders, are you aware of how the Black Universal Wombgender function, as she and as you are guided by the Electrical Impulses that flows through that Organ we refer to as the Brain ?

For instance, Power flow by the ability of being not a Creative Believer but a Creative THINKER, and to be a Creative Thinker require that you be equipped to use both Hemispheres of your Brain and you know what, it is the Wombgender that has such Qualification, so because of that fact, I can just stop now, because that ability alone, reveal who is the most Divine Power between the Wombgender and the Staffgender, the Feminine and Masculine Gender.

So you See, it is no wonder that the Racist Element of Lucifer concentrate upon the Black Woman, which qualify them to maintain control over the Black Family World, because as long as that Devilish White Man of a Lucifer Nature, can maintain the Division between the Black Woman and Man, Lucifer remain in power over the Black World and we are their Main Target of concentration, whether you Black folks are qualified to accept that Divine Truth or not.

Now, we all know that the Brain consist of Two Hemispheres, the Left and the Right and that the Male Brain is Larger than the Wombgender brain but you see size does not translate into being more vigilant and Mental astute over the Gender with the Smaller Brain, as a matter of fact it work the opposite and that is why I inform you that it is the Black Queengoddess that carry the Mental power in the Black Family, causing her to be the Divine and Powerful One, yet she has allowed herself, along with the Black man, to lose all knowledge of the Duality of the Womb and Staff Gender and when the Black Woman lost all knowledge of her Self importance within the Divine Circle, the Black World went into a state of descension.

Beloved, even though Men has a 4% larger Brain than the Wombgender, the Wombgender has more Branches of Nerve cells than the Male, and those Cells carry more electric impulse to the Cellular Body than does the Male Branches.

The Wombgender transfer more information between the Left and Right Hemisphere faster than her Male opposite, Men appear to be more in use of the Left Hemisphere of the Brain, while it is the Wombgender that is in use of Both Hemispheres and that beloved is what qualify the Black Woman to be of more significant use to us than we are to them and we have allowed this Lying Human Being to come and bring enmity between the Black goddess and the Black god, each needing the other to complete the Divine Union of what could be again a Divine Being displaying the Spirit of goddess and gods.

The Left Hemisphere is of a Dominant Nature, more concerned with the Sensual Physical aspect of Life, wherein the use of both Hemispheres qualify the Wombgender to be of a Sensual Physical and Metaphysical Nature of a Being, with a strong sense of Smell and the ability to Bond with her environment, meaning her Child and all that is dear to her, yet there is a down side that come to the the Divine goddess, when nature is becoming imbalanced, operating out of Harmony and Order, when such an experience become a part of the Wombgender life, she become more prone to depression and develop a high degree to become suicidal, so when the Black goddess is not functioning in harmony, order, and in balance with her physical and Spiritual Being, the Black World become a world that is in Evil Trouble.

So you see, the force of contention in this presidential race for the Democratic Nomination and to become President of the United States, happen not to be Obama but is Michelle, the Divine Power in the Union with the Black Man, a union the Racist elements of the world spend 24 - 7, 365 days, keeping those two Divine Entities in competition with each other, meaning to cause us to be divided, one from the other, and such a relationship serve to be the cause of the present condition of the Black World today.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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