Chief Elder Osiris : The Black Woman Is Not The Mother Of This Evil World

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    The Black Woman Is Not The Mother Of This Evil World!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    When will Black people develop a desire to learn who we are and stop echoing what Lucifer has brainwashed us into believing about ourselves being the originator of everybody that walk upon this Earth, labeling Black people to be the Parent of all who make up this Ethnic classified categorized world.

    I know how much you love and envy your oppressors, so much so, until you love believing that the Black woman is the mother of all of these people that walk this earth, and when you throw in the Black man, it give cause for you to believe that the Black Family is the cradle birth of all up right walking people, anthropomorphous and corporeal by nature of the biology of such a life living creature upon this planet earth.

    There is no Scientific Empirical fact that support the claim that everybody on this planet is here because of our Ancient Ancestors, Cosmic and Shaded Divine that they are.

    So, what happen that have the Black woman believing that she gave birth to evil as well as Divinity, while Lucifer boldly make claim to be a descendant from the Cosmic physical biological aspect of that Divine Darkness, the Black Woman, mother of Divinity.

    The Dogon states that we are on the 4th earth and people with horns are on the 5th earth, and people with wings are on the 6th earth, and that there are myriads of earths, that is a part of myriads of solar systems, indicating that there is life in the universe other than on this earth.

    Now, some of you sarcastic Negroes may ask, what make the Dogon Black Afrikan so special that we should give respect to what they have to say about life in the universe?

    Well, for you to take such an attitude like that about the Dogon, and they are not the only people who were given to know such information about the universe, and life that dwell therein, it only let me know that you know nothing about your self, nor about your Ancestors, Cosmically Divine and the First To Come To This Planet Earth.

    The Dogon, the Sumerian, the Bozo, they had and have such astronomical knowledge about life and the universe, and about the Sirius star system that perplex the mind of White folks who claim to be so well informed about the universe and knew nothing that showed Divine intelligence about the Universe and other life in Ancient Time, that dwell beyond this earth, but the Dogon and others of the Black Kind, before the invention of the Telescope, they knew all about the Sirius star system and about Sirius B, the little white dwarf star that is so powerful beyond imagination, it provide the energy to Sirius A, revolving around it, Sirius C is a part of that dynamic action, and Sirius B also provide energy to our solar system as well, as we are attached to the Sirius star system placenta.

    Given all things perfect and Black people being uncontaminated, there is no way that Black people gave birth to no other than Black people, the Caucasian and Mongolian Race did not happen by osmosis, they as well as us, came from another constellation of stars and planets located in the Milky way galaxy.

    The universe is alive and consist of Billions of Galactic Cells, and life is present out there, so no, Black folks did not come up out of the ground and gave birth to those two other Ethnic race of White and Yellow people, the Black genes do not function that way.

    Am I to accept the claim that Black Woman genetic Helix is in possession of the Black, white, and yellow Code for life, and from the Black Gene am I to accept the claim that it is coded to produce a variation of Race ethnicity, as that Shaded ( Black) Cosmic Seed presence is attached to the placenta of the Infinite Divine Energy Intelligence essence.

    The Black Woman did not give birth to people such as white people and mongoloid (yellow) people, they having to had come from a non color Black producing gene.

    You Black people who has grown accustom to being so Mental lazy, you worship white Master so, until you do not feel worthy to question things Lucifer say about your no Thinking behind, you being in such a hurry to believe, if it were not for your Black behind, there would not be those people whose phenotype is not akin to your pigmented appearance, having a reputation and history of hating and abusing the very Mother you now making claim to be the mother of, what a low caliber of a Black Afrikan Human Being we have been made to become.

    You rather, some of us, refer to ourselves as the Asiatic Black man, when in fact, we are the Earthly Planetary Universal Divine being who now dwell on this planet Earth in an area once identified as the planet earthly Ethiopia people who established a Civilization that was of the caliber of an Empire, flourishing with Divine Intelligence coming from the Divine Essence, Amma, about both Universe, and about Life presence in the universe, other than on this planet call Earth.

    You Black Woman, you can not be cloned to be who you Divinely appear to be, you can not be grafted to be the genetic essence that you are, you always resided in the cocoon of infinity, electrified by that Divine Essence Eternal Everlasting Intelligent Energy, the Divine guru of Infinite Existence, having no beginning nor an Ending, forever in everlasting Infinite motion enclosed in Divine Essene Intelligence.

    So, here are people who have a record of attacking, disrespecting, hating, abusing, lying, deceiving, stealing, enslaving, treating you unjustly, and lying to you, making claim with all of such profane arrogance to be your child, wearing a pigment phenotype appearance that has no genetic connection to you, claiming to have slid out from your Divine holy grail of a womb, and what do you Black Woman do, you dispute such a claim not, as a matter of fact you revere that claim and believe it is an honor to be label to be the Mother of people who right now is planning your Black Afran Self demise.

    Tell me, where is the Divine Honor in claiming to be the Black Afrikan Mother of Humanity, Lucifer being the Lord and god of such people, tell me, who in this Evil world the Black Woman can Trust as a Mother should be able to Love and trust her child, expecting that child to protect her with the life maturity of that child, if need be?

    Granted this has much more to do with Emotional attachment, but it most certainly is not to be eliminated, the Science will justify the connection of the mother and her child, it does not do it here, making claim that the Black Afikan Divine being of a woman, is the mother of Humanity, she is the Mother of Universal Divine Black Beings, she carrying that Black Genetic code that verify who she is, the Mother of Divine Black Universal Beings, gone to be Human Being on this planet Earth..

    There is no greater insult of a curse, than for Lucifer to succeed to have the Black woman to believe that she is his mother, a mother love her child and Lucifer know it, and Lucifer know if he is to succeed in controlling the world, by establishing a New World Order, then he know he must succeed in getting the Black woman to believe that she is the Mother of Lucifer, which she now take pride in believing is true.

    Conquer the Black Woman and you have conquered the Black Nation, the only Nation qualified to defeat Lucifer, and to bring Order back to this Evil world on this planet Earth.

    So what does Lucifer do, he get the Black Nation to believe that he is no different than Black people, by making claim that the Black woman is his mother, too, why did not Lucifer make claim that the White woman is the mother of Black Afrkan People?

    Answer that question and you will be able to understand that which I now have shared with you about the Black Woman.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]