Black Poetry : The Black Sparrow Lays Naked Without Cover

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    Proposed spoken words of freedom.
    The black sparrow lays
    naked without cover are hope.

    Rise my sisters and brothers.
    The truth has been reveal.
    Cling not to the devils theory,
    free your self of the inner curse,
    we wear the mask.

    Through the diversity of Humanities,
    the Armor of a Hero.
    Indoctrination of a bureaucracy shall never win.
    The scars of a warrior under the banner of
    Justice shall be the back door to hypocrisy,
    thy body shall turn cold within the darkness of its war.
    Thy spirit shall live for those ,
    who shall follow in the blood,
    of thy prophesies of justice for all.
    Let not thy words be sensuous slavery ,
    give thee the voice that man shall stand ,
    for the imbibing of Gods words.

    Shrines, temples, churches,
    Bestrode upon fruitful knowledge,
    Which man has defamed my house?
    With tarnish and no conscious of what he represent.
    The sanctuary of my hopes and dreams.
    I give thee mercy to mankind.

    I have felt the scars upon my santuary,
    I walk into the space of satin ,
    as his forces surrounds the inner space of nature,
    I give my life to you thy God,
    In the humanities of man.
    I walk in the ferries as satin destruction has no limit.
    I fear not the blackness of his voice,
    I crawl within the realms,
    to save your children my dear lord.
    The warriors of the lord who fight satin on his grounds.

    When man see the warriors of your turf,
    many are truly not aware the bond ,
    that we have with you dear lord,
    We are the ministers of protection,
    my brothers of the world ,
    share the same combats as thee. ,
    we fair not death, death is life,
    we give our spirit upon the heavens ,
    to you my day lord.

    Thy cage that have bound me,
    in the hell of inferior, and thy truth has castrated,
    my submissions of the turn of a world order,
    which has castrated the words of thy God.
    I shall not be silence.
    I shall return again.

    Through the evolution of thy father,
    the spoken words of tomorrow,
    the sins of the sons and the son’s,
    shall be cursed who tamper with thy God’s order.
    Thy body shall feel no pain as they slay me,
    in the name of thy God.

    I shall feel no pain as my brother,
    walked through the flames of hell without pain.
    As they slay my brother Jesus ,
    only the caucus of the frame shall die,
    but the spirit shall return I shall return.
    I am my brothers keeper I shall not die,
    until God give the word.
    Under the decay of a world order,
    and the darkness that realms of human death.

    Copywrite 2002
    Noumi Collections
    All rights reserved
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    sista dis here u said it openly
    keep droppin ' wisdom on us