Chief Elder Osiris : The Black Social Economic Stratum In America

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    The Black Social Economic Stratum In America

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The problem with Black People is that we have learned to accept it being a normal sociological process to have a Class System in the Black World and it is because the people who have taught us to accept such a Black social Stratum among ourselves, they are the same People who have created the same notion among their people to accept, in a Society, there is going to be People who have more access to the Society coffer than other people and that success is to be based and judge upon the individual accumulation of wealth, thus creating a Class System that is of the shape of a pyramid, which is a structure, at the bottom, there is more space than at the Apex of the pyramid, meaning within a society that has a pyramid as a model, there has to be more people at the bottom than at the top, because the strength of such a structure reside at the bottom and not the Top, but it is the Top that Rule the bottom, such is call a Capitalist Economic Structure, one of the most evil system used to Govern a People Society.

    So what does a Society that is built upon Racist Tactics Do, well that society picked and chose Black People to be the Foundation of their pyramid Society and as a reward to the Submissive Black People in that Society, the Evil within the Primary Society, they set out to create a Sub Pyramid Black Society that is within the primary Society, but is not of that primary pyramid Society and where there is Economic disparity among the people, you have the making of the building of strife within and among the people of that Society, with a base of psychological mishaps that are driven by a Spirit that is vainly Egotistical, Envious, and Full of Unwarranted Jealousy, such is the environment that breed competition among the people in such a primary and a sub par Society, such as the sub society of Black People in America.

    The problem with Black People that is molded to be a part of a Black sociological Social Economic Society within the broader Social Stratum of America, is that Black People have been made to feel Guilty when the need is for us to identify the Evil that come from within the created Black Society, when pointing out the evil within, even when we know that those who have been selected by the primary society of America to act as our leaders and they are doing more harm than they are pretending to be the representative of the Greater Good for Black People, we still have a tendency to heap praise upon those Black People who need to be given the highest of disrespect by Black people, so what we do, we hold to the old proverbial adage that says, Black people must pretend to be unified for unity sake to be hypocritical conveyed to the world, as if the world has gone blind and can not see the disunity among Black People.

    The major problem today that is facing Black People in America and else where in the world, happen to be Black People of our black Social Stratum, they who have been made to sit at the Apex of the Sub Stratum of the Black Society and they are very visible, so it is not that we do not know who the Black People are, that is impeding the action among Black People that will lead to our, not social assimilation, but to our Nationalistic Liberation, and such a Liberation will not come to Black People as long as we sanctify the Evil among us, parading around as our Black Leaders, they who have sold the Lives of Black People for a reputation and to be social and political accepted by the creators of Racism and such an Evil Economic System as Capitalism, operating in such a Social stratum Divine Structure as our Pyramid, show nothing but disrespect to our Ancient Ancestors, a structure which was meant to mean that those at the Apex serve at the consent of, and to those, that serve as the powerful foundation of such a structure.

    When a people have been made to believe of themselves that they carry no self worth that is worthy of Respect, then those people present themselves to be used by those who have no self respect, thus no respect for the people in submission to the Evil that dwell at the Apex of the Social Stratum of that Society.

    There are some Black People who desire to have a solution to the Evil madness that hold us in captivity and they do so, not by force but by our submission, therefore such a plan that will solve our problems, is not to be exposed before such an Evil covert operating World, a world that is against the rise of the Black Nation.

    I have said it once and a many Times before, that what Black is in need of before tackling our problems , is to See the need of us gathering at a Divine Black Spiritual Retreat and what do you get coming from all phases of Black People, nothing but excuses as to why such a gathering either can not work or is not needed, and if you ask the nay Sayers what do they envision a Divine Black Spiritual Retreat to be, you will get a Diverse response and never a Divine Effort to make a Divine Spiritual Retreat a Reality, yet we solicit a solution to Black People problem, not realizing that the first step to solving Black People Problems, is to solve the problem of the way we believe about everything that affect our Lives.

    A Divine Spiritual Retreat has nothing to do with White Folks or anybody else Religion, it has all to do with recalibrating our Mental capacity so that we will be qualified to Think Divinely for ourselves again, because the solution for our Liberation is in the quality of our thoughts.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So I invite you to take an objective Look and attempt to See the action that is going on within the Black Society, and there is a Black society in America, white folks told you so, way back during the Black Rebellion in the Sixties and Early Seventies, that there are Two Societies In America, One is White and the other is Black and you know what beloved, that is still the case confronting Black people today, regardless of Obama presence in those white folks House, because the Black Society is needed to sustain America Society, which is to keep Black People to be a confused and depended Black People in America, being led by lying and deceiving Black People who sit at the apex of the Black Social Stratum referring to themselves as Black Leaders.

    Beloved, are you not aware that Black Leaders job is not to solve Black Folks Problems but is to cause more problems by lying and deceiving Black people, by telling Black People that we can become anything we set our mind to, in an evil and Racist environment in America, so what ever you might accomplish in America, it will not be of high Divine quality, because the Mind we now wear is of Low Quality, absent of the ability to Divinely Think, just to profanely Believe that there is nothing that is impeding the movement of upward mobility for Black People in America and Black People being of such a low quality of Mind to the point that we can not See our Need to be Liberated instead of Assimilated into America.

    So there must be an action by the True Black Nationalist that will demand Respect from Black People and there must be a process of elimination of respect for those Black Leaders who are occupying a status of influence within the Black Community, as they mislead Black People into believing that the Divine elevation of Black People are to happen in America, which cause Black people not to look toward the Land where our Divine Liberation is to occur, that Land is Afrika.

    There are certain avenues of action that must take place within the confine of the Black society, in order for Liberation to come to Black People, and that action is not to discriminate when in pursuit of our Liberation away from America, an action that must begin within the Black society in America and where ever else we are that we constitute a Black Society.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    i overstand this present day matrix is not conducive to true divinity

    as long as the hue-man is chained by an "artificial" nature enforced

    by the ignorance of man

    the blackness is in line with the true divinity

    and in this environment cannot thrive

    somehow though we live

    until we can base life on thrivin' and not survivin'

    then we can begin to LIVE


    thanks for the post CHIEF

    i overstand your position more than you can imagine

    but i know you can