Chief Elder Osiris : The Black Poor And Deprived In america

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters:

    Black Woman And Man!!!

    was it the dream and desire of every poor, under educated, miss-educated,
    self destructive, jail and prison resident, welfare recipient, homeless and
    full of despair Black Woman and Man in america who meet those
    qualifications, to be the victims of such conditions?

    Is it not a fact that every Black Woman and Man, worth their salt is
    troubled and sadden over what we see of some of our Sisters and Brothers
    condition they suffer in america?

    Is there a sane Black Woman and Man who take pleasure in seeing the behavior
    and attitude of low self esteem, and the lack of having a positive vision,
    among the Black poor and depraved in america?

    Then when we hear some one attacking the lack of motivation needed to show
    and have self confident personality among some Black people, coming from
    those of us who feel as if we have made it through the storm of self
    degradation and now is qualified to lay the blame for such a depraved
    behavior at the feet of the victims of such depravity.

    Without dealing with the root cause of what we see happening to some of our
    people, especially our children, you bet I have a serious problem with such
    people of the Black family members, who are guilty of presenting such a two
    faced false positive image of america to our people of lesser means,
    causing them to believe all Blacks in america can experience living a just
    and comfortable life in america, free of prejudice Racism, if only we apply
    ourselves to obtain such comfort.

    We are not playing pin the tail on the donkey blind folded here, we are
    talking about taking off the blind fold and see clearly where the tail go on
    the donkey of prejudice racism.

    Who among us Black Folks is of such pristine character and Scio - economic
    privilege, qualified to justly attack the victim and not the perpetrator of
    the crime that cause people to act outside of their true nature, yelling you
    can not and do not blame the white man for such atrocities we now experience
    in america?

    Is it alright to paint a picture of illusion of equal opportunity dressed in
    Justice, as being available to every woman and man of the AfroDescendant
    family in america and to convey the belief that all of the problems that is
    causing our concern about the attitude and behavior that is of a self
    destructive nature coming from some of our people, is the fault entirely of
    our people, who are the actors of such behavior, the Black poor and
    deprived, we call them?

    No, Negro with a slave mind, I will not a day longer remain silent, watch
    you sow such seeds that build desire that is not attainable for each and
    every AfroDescendants in america, as may apply to each individual skill .

    Every Hue - Man Being on this planet has a Hue- Man Right to be free to
    pursue their dreams and desire without first having to check in with
    anybody, except themselves and Equal opportunity should serve as the forever
    level playing field of life, in pursuit of peace, joy, Justice and
    independence, cloaked in the freedom of choice guarded by one's Will.

    Am I hearing that such divinity of life is available to the AfroDescendants
    in america and that we have only ourselves to blame for the life some of us
    now live in amnerica, the other part of the Diaspora and Afrika, a life that
    is not liken to those chosen to serve as role model to the poor of low self

    You tell not the truth and the Truth is no where to be found in you, if such
    is your attitude toward the Black Woman and Man condition in america, with
    the exception of the so call Talented Tenth among us, whom I criticize for
    not telling the rest of our people the truth about america lack of
    opportunity for us all.

    Come on Black Nationalist Spiritualist, your Time has come to make that
    which is wrong, Right and to put the liar to flight, as Truth become its
    enemy and freedom and Justice our refuge.

    Not one Black Woman and Man in america who now serve as a victim in
    poverty,mentally and physical, set out in life for that to be their goal.

    So I ask, who is to blame for the Mental and physical decline of the
    AfroDescendants in america, the children of our Enslaved Ancestors?

    We the Children of our Enslaved Carbon Afrikan Ancestors have never been
    given a choice concerning our life and place to live while in america.

    Every since evil laid eyes on the Carbon Afrikan Being, evil has always had
    the obsession to take advantage of us and to take us for granted, as they
    make decision for and about our life.

    Not so any more, heaven say it is Time for those who are the most despised
    and now sit close to death, both Mentally as well as physically, in turmoil
    at the bottom of the world ladder, reaping disrespect, eating the meal of
    injustice, coming from the table of the oppressors in the world, to rise
    with knowledge of self and become one Carbon Afrikan family in Afrika once

    Time now has come to raise the original Being from our mental death,
    carrying out the rule of law of the universe, which so proclaim and do
    enforce the act of motion, which so say, there is nothing new under the sun
    and as it was before so shall it be again.

    So what goes around come around and the bottom shall rise to the top, such
    a saying by our Primeval Ancient Carbon Afrikan Ancestors, my dear beloved,
    was referring to the Carbon Afrikan Nation, with the AfroDescendant
    included in that Universal Heavenly Motion.

    Reparation will serve as our Ark that will deliver us from evil to our
    Liberation, which will begin when we return back from whence we come and
    the land to where we will return, our New Established State will rise upon
    it, the Homeland Of Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message.

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement