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    The people who have been robbed of the knowledge of their inner God are now like Superman lying next to Kryptonite. They have been drugged, and their God-powers have been rendered useless by false teachings that have stripped God of his humanity and made him AN INVISIBLE WHITE OVERSEER WITH MAGICAL POWERS. If there is one positive thing that one can say about the slave-master it is that he is very smart. He never gives you a teaching that does not help him to profit.

    Stripped of the true knowledge of God, Gods fell from that high and lofty concept of self for which they were once renouned, and they are now held captive by a myth that has paved the way for spiritual sickness and immorality.

    The captives of this myth were bound to become SPIRITUALLY SICK and immoral when they lost their SELF-ESTEEM and no longer had any memory of that distant self that was not a slave. It was necessary to strip Gods of their self-esteem, strip them of their memory of a higher existence, and then leave them no time for reflection by subjecting them to the dehumanizing drudgery of slavery…that still continues today.
    After being damaged by these methods, Gods became ACCUSTOMED AND ACCLIMATIZED TO HELL. They knew no other existence, and the new God-concept that they were given made them fear future hell under the earth, not knowing that they were being tricked into cherishing present hell on top of the earth. In so many ways, dethroned Gods became victims of slave-master psychology, duped by slave-master trickenology.

    These false concepts of "God, the Devil, and Hell" became a Kryptonite prison that up to this day keeps Superman so spell-bound that he is unaware of his strengths and his true identity. Hell plantation was designed to last, and that is why it has always mixed its concrete with false ideology.
    It is little wonder that today on Hell plantation, kryptonited Gods smile complacently in the midst of their pathetic condition as if they are still stoned on the dope that they ate at the new lunch counters of integration. But what has been the long-term effect of continuous dope on Hell plantation if not the fulfillment of that long-term plan of Negro-domestication? The knock that is now heard on the slave-master’s door is no longer that threatening knock that used to say "Let my people go", it is a knock that says to the owners of Hell plantation "Please Sir, are there any more vacancies?"

    Oh, what a tragedy when SELF-ESTEEM is ripped from the bowels of a people that once were proud of what they saw in the mirror. Stoned out of their senses, they consciously and subconsciously prefer the image of the white slave-master to their own. That is what a God-myth can do when it is invented for the slave by his old slave master for the purpose of deifying the slave master. It is no wonder that slavery keeps recycling itself from generation to generation on Hell plantation.

    As a result of this long ongoing process, supermen who have long been kryptonited, now find themselves eating from the pigsty like fallen angels addicted to slow poison. They eat with delight everything that weakens them, and satiate themselves with every manner of behavior that kills them. Every day that is spent under the spell of the Kryptonite-teachings takes them further and further away from that high moral stature that once distinguished them as Gods in human form manifesting a heavenly existence.

    When the wrong concept of "GOD" was fed to the family of God, they became ignorant, and lost their love for the practices and the disciplines that had formerly made them Gods in human form. Their enforced descent from those lofty heights took them down to the mundane level of existence where their lives became confined to an endless mind-draining scramble for simply rice-n-peas. They forgot everything about their God-duties and their historical obligations, and lived for nothing else but their bellies and their flesh. Instead of being known for their pyramid building and their great knowledge, they became known for their lack of SELF-KNOWLEDGE. It was inevitable that they would eventually become a laughingstock and an object of pity before the eyes of the world.

    This all happened because the wrong concept of God caused the family of God to lose confidence in their individual and collective God-power to redirect the course of history. They therefore settled for that donkey role in life and history which white slave-masters had long ago placed upon them. With this new slavery-inherited thinking, being a slave became so normal that hardly anyone could see beyond the daily task of building the white man’s house. An almost impenetrable perimeter had been drawn around their minds by the slave-master, so that they would never think beyond, "me, my belly, my boss, and my job". As if afflicted by amnesia, fallen Gods began to look beyond themselves for the solution to their problems, and praying for miracles took priority over the task of SELF-RULE, SELF-DISCIPLINE AND COLLECTIVE LIBERATION.

    The Slave-master has always been the brain of slave society, and he established major educational institutions to propagate his way of thinking throughout the plantation and throughout the colonies. The inhabitants of the field or the colony therefore looked towards The Big House for their ideas, and this is a long historical trend that will not change very easily while the slave-master is still propagating slave-master trickenology. Consequently, if one has been locked within such a slave society for centuries, it is almost impossible for one to have any kind of God-concept that is different to the one that the Slave-master invented.
    Even when one rebels and decides to call God by a different name, it is highly likely that the fundamental concept of God will remain the same. On the deepest layers of one’s subconscious, God will still be comprehended as "an invisible white over-seer with magical powers. He not only can over-see you when no one appears to be watching, but he can also over-hear you when you think you are just talking quietly to yourself. He also has your whole destiny in his hands and is ready to punish you for breaking the rules of the plantation."
    This is the concept of God that was given to the slave for no other reason but to over-see the behavior of slaves and maintain control of the plantation. Even when the slave-master went on vacation or left the colonies altogether, he was still able to maintain control. "He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you are awake, you cant hide from the slave-master, so be nice and obedient if you know whats good for your own sake." The same criminals who introduced a false God-concept to the plantation did not invent Satan Klaus without a similar ambition.

    Total control of the plantation has always been the slave-master’s ambition. It is therefore not an accident that up to this day, the majority of slave-descendants still believe that if they pray hard enough, stamp their feet and clap their hands hard enough, or chant and beat drums long enough, the solution to their problems will arrive on the wings of a miracle. The plantation owner always knew that as long as the slave looked to a spook for help the plantation would remain safe. Therefore in keeping with the slave-master's plan, kryptonited Gods soon found themselves living for a day of religious ecstasy and neglecting the tasks of personal self-discipline, self-development, and collective liberation. The passage of time should have shown us by now that the people whose God-experience is confined to fleeting moments of religious ecstasy on holy days always find themselves on Monday morning back to the slave-master’s business as usual.

    What are the consequences for an African people when their psyches are still ruled by such a God-concept? What happens when along with this God-concept, every major religious icon and representative of the Godhead has for centuries always been portrayed as white? You can rob such people of their land, their gold, their diamonds, their labor, and even their minds for thousands of years and they will remain satisfied with being the assistant.
    The result of this alienating God-concept is an entrapped people who are easily controlled and manipulated by White Satan Klaus. It will be virtually impossible for such a people to free themselves without first destroying the God-myths that they inherited from slavery. It will not be enough to change the name of the God-head and maintain the same old story, but the fundamental outlook that places hope on one big miraculous event that will be brought about by an external magic man will also have to be changed.

    The truth is that SELF-KNOWLEDGE, SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF-RULE, SELF-DISCIPLINE and SELF-DEVELOPMENT lead ever closer to the fulfillment of one’s own God-potential. Without such God-nourishment, a people will always find themselves on that dangerous pathway where desire, passion, and emotion are not balanced by the self-controlling influence of God-head. Consequently, the lack of self-control soon becomes an ever-present companion to their already existing spiritual confusion. This internal disorder is always sure to manifest externally in the furnace of affliction that Gods have to endure when they lose knowledge of themselves (the I AM). But the true knowledge was deliberately kept hidden on the plantation where giants had to be dwarfed to the size of spiritual midgets, and Kings and Queens had to be deliberately infected with the drugs of amnesia.

    The wrong concept of "GOD" desensitizes a people to their own God-potential by fixing their hope on THE COMING OF A MAGIC MAN WHO WILL CREATE A MIRACULOUS EVENT. This concept is even more damaging to the sense of self-worth when such people are uniquely African and the image of the God-head is the image of the slave-master created by the same slave-master. This fundamental disconnect from their own reality blinds a slave people to the fact that the kingdom they pray for on holy days will never materialize unless they find time during the week to work for its achievement. And this they will never do unless they find SELF-DISCIPLINE and RESIST the pressures that are bound to make them zombies, plodding endlessly from day to day all their waking hours, just building the slave-master’s house.

    EVIL TRIUMPHS BECAUSE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE EVER TAKE THE TIME OFF TO ACTIVELY INVOLVE THEMSELVES IN CHANGING IT. Because of this, generations are born inheriting the ever-increasing burdens that have been left by yesterday’s neglected duties.

    Two thousand years of the brainwashing should have revealed by now that something is drastically wrong with looking for a magic man to wave a wand and build your house while you are busy building another man’s house. It is little wonder that thousands of years of singing and praying have passed and each Monday morning it is still Slave-master’s business as usual. The Gods of the present are vainly looking for spooks to do what needs to be done by the Gods of the present in the here and the now. Little have the people come to realize that the best that any God or messiah can do for his people is to give them a pattern or example that they can use as a guide to accomplish their own historical God-obligation. Even though such guides may try to show the pathway clearly, the people still have to ultimately look within themselves to fulfill in like manner "I AM THAT SAME I." (God waiting to unfold)

    Rather than resurrecting THE GOD WITHIN through self-knowledge, self-discipline, SELF-RULE, self-development, and group-consciousness, the opposite is now the case on Hell Plantation. The people have become more and more enmeshed and entrapped by the Kryptonite of undisciplined livity. Without proper knowledge of the nature of The deceiving Beast who has pulled God from off his throne, one would think that with so many churches on virtually every street corner, that the people would be less drugged and less addicted to depravity. However, those who RESISTED and diligently sought TIME TO REFLECT have always told us that The Beast is a two-faced and two-tongued entity. While one face mystifies the whole concept of God by promoting an external magic-man myth that diminishes the people’s consciousness of their own God-potential, the other face unceasingly promotes the Kryptonite of lust, materialism, vulgarity, whoredoms, and homosexuality.

    All of this is the underlying drama that has unfolded since Gods were dethroned and cast down to the bottomless pit of slavery and Colonialism. Wherever these former Gods are scattered today, one will find many of them desperately seeking some form of religious or carnal ecstasy. It is a reflection of a deep need to ESCAPE, but the eyes are blindfolded and God’s brain is suffering from concussion. They have lost knowledge of self, and therefore confidence in self, so they no longer come together as a group and say "COME LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE!" When man and woman come together, they now come together to increase the slave population but seldom if ever with the thought and intention of bringing about a God manifestation.
    They have been taught to look for a duppy or a spook who has the power of magic and miracles, so the myth has shrouded the truth in a veil of mystery and their own potential they cannot see. Under such a spell, they will never consciously come together and say "COME LET US RESHAPE THE WORLD IN OUR OWN LIKENESS." That is the work that Gods do, but surely not the work of fallen angels who believe in magic men.
    Beyond the myths and beyond the religiosity, when it comes down to the real day to day life, there is only one power that is benefiting from the misconception, and it is THE SAME OLE PLANTATION.

    When a people have fallen from their God-status, they become very confused and are guided solely by myths, passions, and emotions. The key relationship between man and woman that sets the tone for the health of the nation becomes extremely difficult to maintain, because they are usually motivated solely by the desire to satisfy passion and emotion but never by a conscious desire to resurrect God again. As a consequence of this, many find themselves being buffeted from day to day by the murderous conflicts that emerge from deep down in their lust-controlled loins, or by the revulsion that naturally occurs when two confused souls have to deal with each other up close.

    Under the control of this "God-myth" that has prevented self-awareness, far-seeing vision, and self-discipline, unity will never come to the group, because in the very bedroom the wrong spirit is pitting man against woman and woman against man. When they go outside in the community, it is inevitable that it will be brother against brother and sister against sister. Out of this spiritual condition, children are born with conflict-ridden psyches, torn between warring parties, and the ole slave master smiles and says "Mission accomplished, they have totally lost their God-path and will never rise again."

    When will fallen Gods see the need to return to their former glory? When will they see the need to consciously take up the disciplines of SELF-RULE AND SELF-CONTROL? When will they see the need to be farmers of THE GROUP MIND wherein lies the power of the God-mind?…Will it be when the bottomless pit gets so hot that only true Gods can survive?

    Ras Jahaziel
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    PEACE GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so many still scared to wake up, but I know you know who we are & what we could accomplish if we knew ourselves!!!!!

    Wake up Black man......Wake up Black women!

    stop avoiding your ancestors and RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!