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    In my search to scour the hands of time
    to learn what was theirs and what was mines...
    as I searched out the heavens and the burning sands,
    with an open heart and empty hands,
    I found the truth much to my dismay,
    in facts for which there are no words to say.
    I wanted to blame everyone I could see
    but the mirror kept pointing straight back at me.
    I said it was white people, the devil and God...
    when reality states that we chose out this nod.

    The facts are simple but mind blowing at first,
    for one not learned would think it a curse...
    to know that all that we've been through,
    was fore planned by people like me and like you.
    To know that we did this is hard to understand,
    but the fact is that it was done by what we call a Black man.
    Not every Black Man but some who were numb,
    involved in some ish that we now view as dumb.
    First we messed up, not with a golden calf,
    but by the act of oppressing our other half.

    We had every science, divine knowledge at birth,
    but the law of opposites made knowledge our curse.
    We created some people and some asked what for?,
    with the out come producing a global war.
    Some said they should live some said they should die,
    so in the Caucasus we locked them in the bye and bye.
    We had black people who lived there, dark like a raisin,
    the people called Hyksos we now know as Asians.
    Black women weren't down with the ish that we did,
    and that's why her history is one that we hid.

    Fast forward, we began to teach those crooks,
    the Malchite Kemites even wrote them a a book.
    A book called a Bible to humanize them at birth...
    but they pushed it back on us and now it's a curse.
    Long before the first dynasty we knew we would fall,
    just read the Hermetica cause it tells it all.
    We made a mistake then tried to make it right,
    so the Moors began their campaign of sleeping with the white.
    800 years of missing history caused us a drain,
    as the Moors gave to whitey 33 degrees of their brain.
    Then a segment decided that they should go to sleep,
    to give the mistake we created another chance and they creeped.

    They creeped on the slave ships with Moors at the head,
    enslaving sheer millions they considered as dead.
    My heart cries daily as I wring out my hands,
    to know that this ish was caused by a Black man.
    Gerald Massey said some Gods messed up for three thousand years,
    leaving the masses of us to spill out our tears.
    He stated that the other Gods living under the sun
    would spend three thousand years undoing what the others had done.
    Now history reveals how much we've been busted
    and no religious book can ever be trusted.
    Cause the Black man needs to sit down and shut the Phuuck up,
    when it was we who caused this like we haven't had enough.

    You'll read this and say that this brother must be crazy
    but I've studied the history through the mist oh so hazy.
    I know what we did and what we did to our women,
    I know about the hell and her oppression we were giving.
    I know about the books that we wrote non stop,
    pushing her to the bottom as we rose to the top.
    I know and I'm tired, in fact I'm really sick...
    all because we could control our stupid dam Diiiick !!
    No, you don't want to talk to me cause I'm gonna keep it real,
    and **** what you think and **** what you feel.
    The truth is the truth and I got it in my hands...
    the blame simply lies in us the Black Man!!