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    Oh Yashua , Blessing Are From You Alone And So Are Those Intimate Little Things . None Of Us Can Do Without , Let Me Labor All Day And All Shadow Hour Period To Increase The Amount Of Blessing I Receive And Am Worthy To Receives From You Blessed Are You Yashua , Who Are Pure Essence In Each Drop Of BloodThat Flows Through The Veins Of The Body Of The Loyal . Nourish Me And Enrich Me With Your Love , Oh Blessed Ones . Blessed Be You Oh Heavenly One And Sustainers Of All That Lives And All Who Have Passed On To Eternal Life . Blessed Are You , Oh Guardians Who Have Used The Quill And Ink To Inscribe Guidance Upon Papyrus , And Truth Upon Stones , So That The Beings In The Earth Will Find Their Way When Times Become Hard . Blessed Are You , Oh Guardian Who Have Personified Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Onto This Planet Called Earth To Guide All Mortals Back To Their RighFul Abode As Supreme Beings , Blessed Are You Oh Yashua Isa , Jesus , Christ Who Forgive Abundantly As I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death And Fear EveryThing For No Reason At All . Blessed Are You . Oh Guardian Who Raised Up Mortals As One Nation Of People From All Parts Of The World , So That We May Find Our Way Back To You As One Family . Blessed Are You . Oh Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Who Have Warned Me Against The Wicked , Those Who Have Taken The Path Of Righteousness . Keep Me Away From Their Path Of False Intellect As They Seek To Take All Of The Loyal With Them Away From You And Your Way . Blessed Are You , Oh Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Chrst Who Have Given Me The Intellect To Use Your Scriptures , YourGuidance And Your Guides To Find A Simple Path To Your Heart , Blessed Are You , Oh Guardian Who Made The North , The South , The East , And The West , And Put Me Exactly In The Center With The Ability To Travel In Any Direction , I So Choose . This Will Is The Sacred Gift You Bestowed Upon Me . Blessed Are You Oh Guardian Who Created A Numerical System To Calcuate AndTo Determine The Facts Of My Life , Blessed Are You , Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ . Who Have Given Me The Muscle , In My Body To Bow , To Squat . To Prostrate And To Stand Erect As You Command Me . Blessed Are You , Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , Who Have Put Intellect At The End Of The Tunnel . Who Have Given Me Eyes So That I Will Find My Way Back To Your Guidance . Blessed Are You Oh Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , Who Put The Tick In The Clock And Have Given Me'' To And Fro '' And A Beginning And End . So That I May One Day Graduate Into The Raks Of The Elite .
    Blessed Are You , Oh Guardian Who Heal , Puriffy , Sustains , Provide And Give But Who Want Nothing In Return . Blessed Are You , Oh Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Who Placed The Inner Heart So That I May Learn To Have Compassion And Love For Others , And So That I May Be Known As A True Child By This Love I Have For Another . I ThankYou More Times Than I Shall Breathe In My Whole Life . Blessed Are You , Oh Guardian Who Show Me Your Love And Concern , And Have The Desire To Guide The Beings On . Earth . You Have Sent Your Son Yashua , Isa Jesus , Christ . Down To This Small Speak Of Dust Called Earth Which Is Properly Placed In A Fixed Galaxy . Blessed Are Youn ;...
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    Blessed is the Holy Son, and what beautiful sayings in His Praise. :)

    He is our light and joy, all of the truly faithful, for before we had His grace upon us, we were indeed lost. His sacrifice in the body on the tree has salvaged us all unto redemption of the Father, by His love in His creation. And His Resurrection has confirmed the very life we seek in our KING, the Most High, and in His Way. Believing and remaining faithful be the only Way to be justified of our savior and to stand before our KING. Blessings!