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    The Black & Jewish alliance: lets look again
    By Andre Austin

    Prior to the 20th century there were no known recorded public commitments of Jewish organizations to help black. Yes there were individual shop keepers who let blacks try on clothes and get usury credit. In politics and economics we have no permanent friends or alliances but mutual reciprocal interest. Breaking news to the Jews: the best way to be friends with Blacks is to teach us your economic skills.

    In slavery the white abolitionist was flawed in their tactic to crush slavery by just treating it as a moral issue rather than to add the economic factor of boycotts and sanctions. Jews didn’t cut themselves off the umbilical cord of the business of slavery. Their businesses benefited from the slave trade. For example, The Quakers opposed slavery but they owned and worked textile mills that thrived off of slavery. The opposed slavery morally but not economically.

    Civil Rights era:

    Jews helped blacks get rights in voting and civil rights but it didn’t give us equality or the ability to be self-sufficient. No economic literacy was taught to us but imposed upon us. Jews are now in a reciprocal alliance with black actors, music and sports figures with a mutual interest to manage their money. That’s now the extent of the alliance. This is nothing but a proportionate friendship if that.

    Meanwhile, the Jewish merchants have been buying up black iconic products like:

    1. Ebony now Jewish Chase Bank owns
    2. Jet Chase Bank
    3. Bet Jewish owned by Viacom
    4. Phat Pharm now Jewish owned by Kellwood company took it from Rush
    5.Essence Time inc owned by Jews
    6. Def Jam records three founders LL cool J Rush, and Jew Rick Rubin now owned by Mercury a Jewish company
    7.Motown records owned by Seagrams

    Now the true relationship or alliance is Boss and worker. We still have the old tactics of the partially Jewish created NAACP of trying to appeal to peoples hearth through conciliatory negotiations without going after the jugular vein of economic blood and public rebuke of discrimination. Black leaders fail to see that integration and killing the symbolic image of Jim Crow has not brought equality or economic power. Black leaders lets stop being one dimensional in our fight for justice. Lets work on integration and self-empowerment at the same time a two dimensional strategy. If every black household gave 5 dollars to a Black national Bank for 1 year then we could employ the unemployed blacks who haven’t benefited from integration. We should be ashamed to depend on the government to do everything for us.

    Notes: When Jews attacked Louis Farrakhan is wasn’t on a moral issue but an economic one of blocking his banking affiliations, contracts with government, attacking his personal hygiene product and boycotting his college appearances. In anthropologic studies nations and groups get along better when a free flow of trade is done with each other. In retaliation the NOI produces some of the biggest mud piles ever printed against the Jewish secret relationship with blacks. A more proactive strategy would have been to keep dialogue and trade. Imagine a million whites buying bean pies every week. Perhaps a lesser harshness between the groups would surface.

    Race and religious groups are not integrated at 11am on Sundays because one group has too much power and control over one throughout the whole week. Imagine a black having to work all week with whites based on inequality and favoritism do you think he wants to fool with you on Sunday morning.