Black Poetry : The Black Hole In The Ghetto Called Brooklyn

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Representation of a Revolution is now enforced.
    Economic, dilemma, capitalistic,
    dysfunctions, racial hatred.
    Don’t need no praise from the
    Universe, don’t need no pat
    on the back. My skin is white,
    black who gives a ***--, there
    will be no more segregation,
    White powder is not racist, green is the Benjamin’s
    I enforce. My monuments taste of blood;
    there is no heritage that I employ,
    Fake as revolution I can’t cry no dam more.

    The lime light drug dealers upon the night
    Junkies that lye upon the dark; waiting for the
    Right plight, daughters of the night; dresses upon
    Their thigh’s, rotten fish, that can kill,
    Lustful demons that ride the innocence of death;
    babies addicted to crack.

    Loud music blasting, criminals on patrol
    Under, Satan, Authority, children of the night.
    Whores without class, underground mafia
    who kills any hopes of change, ignorance

    intimidated by knowledge, take the
    Smart gangsters out living in a formulary of shame
    Black Hole In An Establishment Call Brooklyn
    Living in the Projects Condominiums,

    robot patrolling my establishments.
    The Universe had its chance, now watch me work.
    A cult that fears no man, black
    masses of cowardly reform,
    Still pouring dirty water out the masters door.

    Dark corners masquerading poverty pimps,
    Middle mans disgrace, Stupid bitc—follow in there way.
    Who is the army that you represent?
    A mongrelized theory of who a real man is.
    Reverse psychologies give me a brother
    who would love and protect.

    When he comes in love, you think
    he is not worthy playing games when
    your right hand hits you in the face.
    Don’t cry bitc—you played the game now you must pay.
    Down playing the jewel of a real women love.
    Down playing the image of a real man.
    Give me my identity back.
    I wear your scars on my back. Running
    through the hood like a dog in heat.
    When brothers call you a bit—society the

    blame, for lack of your own respect.
    Sisters doing sisters, Brothers doing brothers,
    living in the eyes of a genocide,
    Castrating a jewel which is written in the

    Mecca bee devil your time is up.
    Playing the role of a man in a women anatomy,
    a boy who shakes better than me.
    Indoctrination of a freak show, if the norms

    say its ok, anything goes.
    Wake up and smell the coffee for its to
    late, down with the hood rats who bare my face.

    Dark corners we shall over come, bleeding
    hearts, cries of love, scars on my back,
    blood in my hands the tides of human
    castrations, the conformity of a slave,
    A tortured mind we wear the mask,
    No justice no peace.

    The world wears a illusions of greater
    than thee, high tone mask, word of
    profanity, death on death, chambers
    of the hood swinging from the ropes
    of the hood rat Klan
    boy your destructions has been the cry of the land.
    Wake up the game is no longer herd.
    Don’t confuse the man with the boy, who wears the mask
    Masquerading as a man in a boy anatomy.

    I don’t give a fu—about your revolution,
    sister to sister who hides behind the blood,
    who will sit by me on the bus,
    with the slave masters eyes.

    A dream that died to keep his roots alive,
    sweet words, pride, bull sh—bring down
    the inflicted indoctrinations
    of a tainted revolution,
    that’s to lazy to survive.
    Greed, jealousy, division,
    of a people who has no pride.

    Lets get down an dirty, read
    between the lines, hate me be
    me, a hero is nothing but a sandwich
    when the meat is rotten in a lama land.
    Fake as- revolutionist who doesn’t give a dam.
    Brothers who put there lives on the line.
    Face less revolution who never gave a dam.
    Sitting on a power ship as the roots are being burn.
    Freeing self from the prisons, the behavior of life ,
    justice shall prevail,
    even though there is no bell are light.

    Faith bares its on hell
    The ultimate measures of a man,
    Is his thoughts that will one day be his hell.
    Fear not the truth upon the universe,
    fear not the truth among circles,
    fear not the truth,
    within the Pitts of mans own hell.
    Fear not the words of Gods world.
    Fear man who will send you to hell.

    The revolution is dead brothers

    and sisters who open doors.
    Spineless back an profile, as there children cry.
    Give me love are give me death.

    Has no fate, subservient to the devils delight..
    Morals responsibilities, just laws,
    implementing the demands of justice,
    justice correcting what stands,
    against human descent in human life.

    Nevertheless, man covers the coloration of man.
    Nevertheless, man hides behind Gods Love.
    Nevertheless, the eyes reflects the symbol of hate.
    Nevertheless, the devil has no loyalty to self.
    Nevertheless, he empowers him self to be God.
    Wearing the three sixes above his head.
    Nevertheless, he stills from the poor and give to the rich.
    Nevertheless, he cries its the victim fault.
    Nevertheless, he tries to pimp the almighty God.

    Nevertheless, he swift all he can,
    and take them with him to hell.
    Eastern Wisdom upon my feet Revolution
    suicide I wear Drug addicted society
    floating in air Hero nothing but an
    illusion of mans own mind. Living in
    darkness in a card board box 8/11
    on little spot, darkness in the homicide
    state Living in darkness in the belly
    of the beast Free your self from
    this disgrace. Inherited family of
    humanity who need man to predict
    my fate Surrendering my life to revolution
    and illusions Denial that surface the
    inner darkness of my fate.

    How the hell you going to tell me reform,
    when you can’t say hello to your
    sister next door, mama baby daddy
    maybe, father running like a scared
    chicken, failure to pay his child support.
    I got a plan recognize tired of a revolution that don’t exists,

    My solution may not fit, so jump

    back into the womb and play dead.

    A coward dies a thousand times
    but a brave man dies once.

    There’s no respect for authorities

    the thieves that pay my rent,

    Undercover, collaborator that wears
    the same color as me. I am moving
    up the corporate ladder,

    thieves that have no conscious,

    Diamonds that says I wear the order of this land.

    I ride in my big limousine, I wear

    the blink, blink , upon my chest.

    I fight for unity of self. There is no

    apology for the trick analogy.

    That man refuse to play its role, I am not
    afraid to dye the price of freedom is death.
    I am the holder of the wipe I sing
    no anthem song. You had the chance,
    So don’t cry of the image you clone.

    War grounds the devils army that sets before the night.
    Drug enforcers, gang banging, territories that one
    Must not cross, hip hop assignation, mothers who
    Wear black, body bags, sons, death to the

    young, who walk upon the night.
    Boys who wear men forms, and the children
    Without insight, living by the code of the dead man
    Legacies one time on the cross;

    Birth From Divinity
    Bitter Iron
    Bonded in Battle
    Breaking The Chain
    Canvas Of The Heart.
    Ant’s know Ghetto hymns in the skies.

    Flying bullets, children targeted, shoot outs

    In the branches call education;

    Motherless and fatherless children,

    Living in a 8/11 cage called, suicide in

    A house called jungle.

    There shall be no victory for those who sleep.

    The Assassins like a thief in the night.

    The bounty has been paid in Gold.

    A man without wisdom will only repeat the same mistakes.

    As the loving, spirit is tossed aside.

    Ain’t no Ghettos in the heaven

    Flip the script cause the almighty is listening.

    Black JUJU dust that floats within

    The mind tight cads bound by the chains

    To the minds.

    The bitter sweet, the taste of sweet.

    The tarnish of natural,

    and forbidden trails that linger within.

    The taste lingers for salt,

    That sets off the flavors of thy ways.

    Gentle be thou way,

    Once the salt has deleted,

    The sweetness of its taste.

    There shall be no return,

    the sweetness shall be no more.

    Worldwide watch the Ghetto

    Brother man the assassins

    breeds from the devil.

    Like it hate it

    Ain’t going to be a revolution

    Until you confess it.

    The Holocaust lives within the dungeon

    Ain’t going be no survivors

    as long as man hides behind

    the cord of ethics I shall not see; allowing

    the assassins to kill our roots.

    Denial wider than the open Nile.

    Everything in life

    there’s a price have to be paid

    Ain’t no real revolution

    Until the fake ***

    Turn in there papers.
    There's a price and a fee
    In the land of the brave

    Ain’t never going to be freedom

    Until the enemy of self

    Be eliminated.

    Words of a assassin.

    Don’t lean on the Messiah

    Crying in deliverance

    When you are already dead.

    Black hole in the ghetto call Brooklyn.
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    ghetto hole of blackness this was awesome tyte sis
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    Can't cry revolution, and try to slaughter your brother or sister at the same time. Keep shouting the message Ashanta.

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    blessings and thank you I continue to stand strong, God word is law :luvu: