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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved I must remain consistent about that which I share with you and to be otherwise would mean I have become disobedient to our Divine First way Black Ancestors, so my action is not to win your favor but your Mental Liberation and should you decide to disagree with that which I share with you, well that is your prerogative, and it does not lessen one dot of that which I share with you and most certainly does not have an adverse effect upon me, because I understand the attitude and behavior of Black so call Afrikan People, here in the Americas as well as in Afrika.

    We Black People are a people that do not understand ourselves and that is why we produce the type of spirit that we do, which is counter productive to the Life of the so call Black Afrikans.

    Now, let me get to the Black Church, the Millstone that hang around every Black Community that has one, and there are many, on the corners of the Black Communities in America, the reason while the Afrikan American is so out of touch with ourselves.

    First allow me to touch on the action of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, I guess that is his name if not you know whom I an referring to, you know the Obama Pastor, well, what is all of the commotion about, other than the Reverend strayed away from his religious script for a moment speak the Truth about America and now White folks and Afrikan Americans are up-set at the Reverend, because he had the nerve to speak the Divine Truth in a profane environment, but you see, in my eyes, I do not see Reverend Wright as a fighting Black Liberator, not when I see this man feeding poison to the Mind of Black so call Afrikan Americans, telling them that Jesus is the only one that can save people in this world and in this case Black so call Afrikan People, and I am here to share with you, that is a Lie.

    Reverend wright has done Black Folks no favor by stating what he said and Run, his inconsistencies defeat that moment of Divine experience you all watched on TV, now, if Reverend Wright is Running from the Church so that he can in full Time speak as he did on TV, then I say you will be witnessing a Convert from the Church of Deceit, which is what the Church of Religion really is.

    Beloved, who in their Divine Mind see a need to defend the present day Church in our Black Communities, tell me beloved, tell me one Divine Thing that the Church do for Black People in America that will free our Lives from the Lies, acts of deceit, and the Injustice we receive in America.

    Beloved, it is a foolish Afrikan that will preach a deceiving gospel to you, and such goes on every Sunday in the Church, and you say that institution need to be protected from the source that created it, no beloved, we Black so call Americans most certainly do not Think any more, and I know you Afrikan Americans do not appreciate this Divine Truth I am sharing with you today, which I do every Time I communicate with you.

    Let me share something with you about the Church beloved, and I mean any Black Church, such a method of worship and the place the worship goes on inside, that place which you term to be the Church, is the devil creation, meaning white folks, Our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors needed no four walls and a roof to go and congregate into, in order to acknowledge GOD, not worship God, the canopy of the Universe was in fact, if you Will, was our First Way Ancestors Church, and what was taught under that canopy was none other than the Divine Truth about all that was able to be seen and Not Seen, no lies and deception was needed in that Universe Church.

    Now, the problem some more with the Black so call Afrikans, are that we do not Know the Divine Meaning of Time and when you deal with Divine Time then you Know that there are events that occur in Time that is different from other events that took and take place in Time, that will be understood when you come to know that TIME is no more than Motion and can not be measured, what is measured in the action of that Motion is the events that are occurring within that frame work of Motion and you end up claiming that you can calculate TIME, which is no more than motion and that Time Motion is consistently constant, and it become the objects at play within the Motion of that so call Time, which become a physical reality, but not a Divine Reality, so you say, what does that has to do with the Church, well I will inform you why it has something to do with the Church.

    The Church as I have said is not a creation of our Divine First Way Ancestors but is a creation of Lucifer, the Liar and deceiver of the World, and in this instance the Black World.

    So within the confine of the Church you have nothing but Lies being preached to condition the Mind of Black Folks toward a Fantasy by the Name of Jesus, but you see, Black people did not always utilize the Church for a place where Lies and acts of deception went on, there was a different Time frame wherein Black Folks used the Church to preach for our conditional Freedom not our Liberation, but our conditional Freedom and it was done during the Time of our Ancestors Enslavement, so Jesus was not the Main Staple in the Black Church of that Time, which was a Time of Events that was difference from this Time events today, where Jesus is the main staple of the Church and ain't no freedom and Liberation is being preached in today's Church, other than the fantasy and the illusion of those action, Freedom and Liberation I speak of.

    You See beloved, in the days of our Ancestors Enslavement Harriet Tubman did not use the Church to preach confusion, she preached conditional Freedom to our Ancestors and our Ancestors when gathered in the Church, they Planned and Strategies for their Physical conditional Freedom and not some pie in the sky freedom, being led by a fantasized White man name Jesus and that is where Reverend Wright is lacking and you, when in prison, has to be consistent in what you preach, because if you do not, then all that you are doing and preaching is nothing but confusion to our People, a people that is in need of being Liberated away from America and do not know it, because of what is being preached in the church today, and you say those Lies and acts of deception need to be protected, No! No! beloved, the Church as is today, serve as a Firewall against the Divine Truth and it is the Divine Truth that is qualified to Save Afrika and Reunite the Black Nation in Afrika, and that is what Jeremiah is lacking of, which is the Divine Truth about the Church Religion today.

    Protect those Lying Preachers and the Church and you be securing your oppressive injustice and this apply to Europeans style Churches Ever where, created by a Liar and Deceiver about God and Life, our Black Life.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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    I couldn't have said it any better