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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Black Liberation Theology is about freeing the Mind and Teaching the Divine Truth about God, which does not take place within the Black Church, as a matter of fact, the Black Church serve a doctrine that is the Prison Theology to the Black Mind.

    The Black Church can not be the citadel where Liberation Theology is Taught, because the Black Church Doctrine is not a Doctrine about the God of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors and their knowledge of relationship to the universe, but is a Doctrine that breed Mental dependency, oppression, and depression, serving a Theology that convict the Mind instead of Freeing the Mind of Black people, making the Black Church to be the Gathering of the Most Hypocritical and Misinformed Black Clergy concerning God, that the Church produce, as a matter of fact, the Black Church serve as a hinderer to the doctrine of Liberation, for Black People.

    Proof of what I share with you is Divinely True ?

    Then, observe the present condition of Afrika and the Black World, as we wear Jesus in our Brand New Mind, with Liberation of the Black Mind, never to be a goal of the Black Church..

    By me being a former pastor, I understand the psychic of the Church Black aristocracy, which is why I am no longer a member of that Fraternity, though I was ordained into it, so I speak from experience concerning the Black Church and having the Knowledge of its Origin and Mission in the World, which is to dominate and control the Mind of the world ( Church ) by the use of Lies and practice of the Art Of Deception, preaching the fantasy of Illusion, to the congregation that constitute the Church, the innocent of the Church, which depend upon its pastor to tell them the Divine Truth about God and Life Dynamic Relationship to such a Divine Essence. which they do not know, therefore can not teach, so they opt to deceive you Black People in the Church.

    I know you do not want to See This Divine Truth about how Black People has been Mentally Crucified in the Church in the Name of a False God, many of you are not Mentally strong enough to meet the Divine Truth with satisfaction, because the Mind you now wear, is not the Mind your Ancient Divine First Way Ancient Ancestors gave to you, Black People.

    What give the Black Clergy away and reveal that they either do not Know God while pretending that they do, is the fact when you hear the Reverend indicating, God to be an anthropomorphous Being of the Masculine Gender, and that God talk to them and they hear the voice of God, such is a True sign of the lack of intelligence about what God Is.

    What demean Reverend Wright, is when he indicate his belief in Jesus and imply that he hear the Voice of God, then the Black Church should be under attack, for all of the Lies it reinforce into the Mind of Black People, concerning God, and its attackers, should be the Divine Black Beings, those that Know what God is, and do not need people with a history of oppressing Black people, teaching us about who God is, religious spirituality, and what we need to do to Save our Lives for a world to come and not our lives in this World, there is no life as we now experience it to be in this world that goes beyond this World, because Life is for the Body and the body Life, does not go beyond this Physical Life involvement.

    Black folks love to Romanticize about our Life potential and to be entertained by sensational rhetoric, that has nothing to do with reforming our Mind, from the snares and thorns of Religion, which keep our Mind captive, not to be willing to embrace a Divine Liberation Theology, which will equip us to be qualified to reclaim Afrika with action and to know the Divine value of having the Black world United again, serving as a sign of Black Folks Liberation..

    So the question is, why is Reverend Wright now speaking as he is, knowing that the Racist Media is going to focus in on what he has to say, in order to arouse the Prejudice in White Folks against Obama.

    I have to assume that the Reverend know that the Racist Media has joined Obama to his hip and what he says, is as if Obama is speaking, so could the deviousness of white folks be, to hand the Democratic nomination to Hillary, can it be that a hidden plan is in play by Reverend Wright and Obama, meaning that Obama has had a change of want to be President, or can it be that the Reverend and Obama is at odd with each other, or is it that Obama is the Blind Romanticist concerning America, not able to See how deep America Racism and Unjustified Prejudice is, toward Black People, and that these white folks will take the nomination from him based on Racial ground ?

    Just Speculating.

    Reverend Wright say that the Black Church is under attack and I say it need to be attacked and destroyed, because therein reside the seeds of Lies and the fertilizer of deception, because it is Time for the Liberation of the Black Divine Mind, and a re-occurrences of our Black Spirituality.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth and Is alway Looking For A Way To Justify The Religious Lie, Which We Now Embrace, Because It Is An Acquired Heritage From Those Of Our Ancestors That Did Not Know The Evil That Had Consumed Them, In The Name Of The Oppressors Fantasy God Religion.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
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