Black People : The Black Bottom - The Bottom - Got One in Your City?

Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

Today in class with Brother oldsoul, he mentioned the black bottom in Detroit. He talked about it being the area of town where black people had basically been confined to live ... the area of the city designated for our housing needs.

Well ... imagine my surprise to hear that ... 'cause we have a "bottom" in Mobile too.

Mention "the bottom" here in Mobile, everyone knows what area you're talking about.

The area appears to be historically assigned to the housing needs of black folk.

Does your city have a "bottom" ... or a ... "black bottom" .... ??

Who knew it was nationwide ... not just in your city or mine?!




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Jan 31, 2004
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In Shreveport, La, there is the Bottoms formerly known the St. Louis Bottoms but presently known Ledbetter Heights. My dad grew up in Bottom and the neighboring Jones Alley neighborhood. The Bottom is notorious in my hometown for a highly organized drug gang called the Bottom Boyz (BxBz). My dad was actually an original member of the Bottom Boyz from the 1960's. They started out as a neighborhood defense fighting white boys but eventually became a run of the mill street gang widely known for violence. All the other gangs in the city feared them. They were known for being 5150 retarded the dumb way. In 1994, the police department, sheriffs, FBI and DEA entered the Bottom and closed all corridors to and from the neighborhood with tanks. They arrested over 20 members and the top dogs got alphabets.

Baton Rouge, La also has a bottom.

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Feb 7, 2004
I missed Oldsouls show...but I would certainly hope that he was able to document that this present reality was first implemented and practiced on our people by the ancient Greeks. We therefore in understanding history and the legacy of the people that we are dealing with, should see this as nothing more than a continuation of an old mindset as it relates to our people. And we run around thinking due to our cognitive dissonance that YT people have changed or that things have gotten better. Where???....With who??? All reports reveal that we are WORST OFF TODAY than we were in the 1960's !!!!
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