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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Divine Change Will Never Become A Party To All Talk And No Action

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The Black Afrikan man today is all talk about what should be done to bring about a change to Afrika and Black Afrikan people and I have over the years have observed the gradual change in the so-call Black Afrikan people concerning our present status in the world today and from my observation, I do not see the fire of freedom burning in the Soul of the Black Afrikan man so I must redirect my attention to who I know is the Divine strength of the Black Afrikan world, the Black Afrikan Goddess, you are the strength, therefore, the victory in waiting by Afrika and Black Afrikan people will be determine by you Black Agtikan Woman you being the strength of the Black Afrikan world, Lucifer has been successful in redesigning the Gender status of the Black Afrikan Woman and Man to have the Black world to believe that the so call Male gender is the strength of the Family structure, not so beloved and the evidence to prove it is staring you in the face of your body senses.

Go ahead, take a Look with the intention to see the state of condition of Afrika and of the mind of the Black Afrikan Man, and share with me what you SEE!!!

The Black Afrikan World is unorganized and you Black Woman must change that design.

Is that not a sight that will have you know that something is very wrong with the Male gender of Black Afrikan people who want to be today more female than male and seeing nothing to be wrong with having such a desire and is here behaving out of mental sync, no sign of Divinity with the action here, Afrika is burning and the Black Afrikans are handcuffed with a religious belief which causes there to be no Unified Black Afrikan Nation anymore which by all evidence of the spirit on display by the Black Afrikan Man, no Divine Change is to come to the Living condition of the Black Afrikan World nor to Mother Afrika and you mean to indicate to me that the Black Afrikan Family is in Greater Good confident hands that is to bring about the Divine change needed to have the Black Afrikan world and Afrika to be in a relationship again with Freedom, Justice, and Independence ???

Oh no, hell no beloved, the Black Afrikan man hide behind just talking and the Black Afrikan Woman knows that to be Divinely True, there is no movement in action that is out demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and leading the pack of those in opposition to Reparation/Repatriation to be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, is the Jive Black Afrikan man who has not a Divine active mind that has you to be able to see why it is that freedom must be our goal if there is ever going to be an Afrika for the Black Afrikans again and a United States Of Afrika Government to Govern Black Afrikan people in Afrika.

Beloved Black Afrikan people anybody presenting to you anything less than Freedom to be involved with, in obtaining know that they are not for the Greater Good-God of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, beloved.

Listen, beloved Black Afrikan people, it is the profane mind active in the Black Afrikans who identify with the issue of Reparation/Repatriation as an act of begging, such a statement about an issue that represents Chattel Slavery to be an unchanging uncompromising evil and does represent an act of punishment America must have to undergo for the criminal activities performed by the institution of Chattel slavery and the just punishment Civilly is to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors the Reparation/Repatriation that they have earned and it is a weakling Black Afrikan mind who attempt to minimize the importance of having America and her surrogates in committing the crime of Chattel Enslavement against our Enslaved Ancestors to go free without punishment and you mean to inform me that it is that quality of Black mind you Black Afrikans are depending on to take Afrika Back and to present to you a United States Of Afrika Government, by Afrikan Man who does not know that they are Men anymore?

Listen, that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being fears the Black Afrikan Woman, they know of her strength and that is why Lucifer centered his attack on driving a wedge between the Black Woman and Man, but I am of the knowledge of who it is that is qualified to save Afrika and to have the Black Afrikan children safe and free again and it is the Black Afrikan woman so I make my appeal to you Divine Black Goddes you who have no vain jealousy, tissue paper ego, selfish ulterior motive toward strong Black Afrikan male sharing the Divine Truth with you and yes, Lucifer has caused much damage to the soul of the Black Afrikan woman, but there are many more Black Afrikan Women who carry the soul of the Divine Goddess and you must be to have the evil of Chattel slavery to be punished, beloved.

There is a path out there that lead to our Freedom, Justice, and Independence and on that path, there must be the strength of the Black Afrikan Nation showing no fear of that Luciferian Human Being who must be made to stop holding on to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation, Yes Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation / Repatriation which they have earned from experiencing and enduring the evil of Chattel Enslavement treatment, beloved.

You Black Afrikan Woman Represent Salvation For Afrika and The Black Afrikan World, Do You Innerstand That, beloved?

Divine Respect


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