Black Short Stories : The Bishop & the Laymen

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    Three tattoos the beast man wears
    Kings, Princes and Dukes he brings to tears
    He never, ever, ever sired a kid
    Insanity in the membrane a self-inflated Id
    But he still calls himself a father, a sun and a bishop
    Vicarius doesn’t take the place the real purple soda Pop
    Looks like an old Lady with that long dressy gown
    Donning a pointy hat for a clown’s crown
    Could this be your Eve, the rib of your mama
    Or could it be both a form of mama and Papa
    Lives on a hill formed out of magical dust
    Has keys molded from Egypt turned into rust
    The keys were stolen from a dude called Pet
    The powers was given to followers of Set
    The keys locks or opens God’s peaceful Universe
    Just open your eyes and read it in verse

    Faheem walks into Bishop Jones church office to have chat about some theological concerns that have been on his mind for about a year now.

    Faheem: Good morning Bishop Jones it’s good to see you.
    Bishop: (smiles extend hand out for a shake). My secretary informed me that you would like to talk a little bit about some religious questions? (open question)
    Faheem: Yes I do and I appreciate you taking out the time to sit with me and try to help me out.
    Bishop: Thank you very much. Now what seems to be troubling you Faheem (encouragement)
    Faheem: I’ve been studying the Bible and other religions off and on for the past five years now. I watch preachers like Fred price, Dollar and T.D Jakes on television and I never heard them talk about 666 and the anti-christ.
    Bishop: I see ummm
    Faheem: I do feel that the lack of lectures about 666 and the anti-christ is primarily due to ministers not being taught about other religions and cultures.
    Bishop: Well we were taught at my divinity college that the anti-christ could be anyone who accepted the the job application of opposing Jesus Christ. (The Bishop gets out a Bible dictionary from atop his book shelf). Now according to the Nelson’s Bible Dictionary Christ is the second member of the Trinity, Christ (meaning the anointed one, the Messiah, the one foretold. (Feedback).
    Faheem: That’s true. But I’m trying to expand upon the definition and get the entire context. I want to get at the big idea. Through my studies I came up with a hypothetical scenario that 666 and the anti-christ is wrapped around the ancient Egyptian concept of magic which is the foundation of their religion.
    Bishop: ( The Bishop puts his hand to his chin and leads forward) . You have my ears. This is getting interesting. Please explain the process of how you came up with this hypothesis? (feedback/interest)
    Faheem: Well before I recently joined this church I found out that the number 6 and 7 are symbolic of incomplete with 7 being complete. Six days you know it took God to create the world. Keep in mind 6 is associated with creation.
    Bishop: (noding head) ok
    Faheem: Then by accident I went to the dictionary and found the word Hex which is a word for witch,sorcerer, magacian. Then there is the word hexad meaning a series or group of six. And lastly we have the word hexagram (Star of David). Now the Star of David (hexagram having six sides) is also called the seal or two pillars of Solomon. Now we know the Bible says that money is the root of all evil and we have Solomon receiving 666 gold talents anualy from a country.
    Bishop: Now wait a minute are you saying Solomon is the anti-christ? (Confrontation)
    Faheem: No. I’m just a student of history trying to pick up on any clues to any parables, anagrams that might help me with my hypothesis. But I should note that Bible writers like Josephus say that Solomon did enchantments. Solomon was the result of a sinful sexual union (creation) and his other name is “Yah’s darling”or “El’s darling”. But Egyptologist offers another translation of “by the word of the lord”. This title is the same as the Egyptian god called Thoth who was the chief god of magic crafts and numbers (money?). As a matter of fact David and Solomon were the first kings anointed/Mesheh with olive oil for wisdom. Did not Solomon claim he was a craftsman who helped god create the heavens and earth in proverbs. We all know it was the command of words that God/Jesus made the world through his word. Magic is also called “words of power”.
    Bishop: But the word was Jesus not Solomon (confrontation).
    Faheem: Correct but Solomon is inserting himself into the situation. The Egyptian word for magic is Heka , (very close to Hex), was employed in constructing heaven, earth and the underworld. Heka assumes the form of divine magic, and has something of the character of the wisdom (khurchman) which is so often mentioned by Solomon as the helper of God at his creation.
    Bishop: So it appears that 666 is tied in with many complex theological issues? (open question)
    Faheem: Yes. Remember that the number 6 is also symbolic for incomplete?
    Bishop: Yes I do.
    Faheem: Well this may very well tie 666 in with the other Egyptian goddess called Heket. Heket is the same as Heka represents conception and procreation and is pictured as a frog-headed woman.
    Bishop: Why did they use frogs? (closed question)
    Faheem: Because frogs was symbolic of an imperfectly formed man. The frogs were half-formed frogs, and their fore parts were provided with two feet their hind parts were shapeless. Frogs appeared in large numbers just before the annual flooding of the Nile. Frogs were associated with fertility because of their prolific nature. The Egyptian god Amen was sometimes represented with a frog head. The Egyptian Amen like the christian Amen.
    Bishop: Where is that scripture to be found I would assume in Revelation?
    Faheem: Yes Revelations Chapter three verse fourteen. And if you move on to chapter eighteen verse twenty two through twenty three we see that any craftsman, merchants and sorceries aren’t welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.
    Bishop: So it would be wise to stay away from frogs (Joke/feedback)
    Faheem: (laughing) Not just frogs, but unclean birds (spirits) ,scorpions and most important of all Crocodiles (steepling fingers).
    Bishop: Why did you put such a strong emphasis on Crocodiles.And any if 666 is magic what justifies you to trace it back to Egypt.
    Faheem: Well the Greek historian Clement of Alexandria once wrote, “Egypt was the mother of magicians”. Now as to your first queston about Crocodiles is very important. According to the Catholic Bible they titled Ezekiel’s twenty ninth chapter “Egypt the Crocodile” which is a reference to Pharaoh or kings of Egypt. The crocodile was known in Egypt as a Messeh and from this comes the Hebrew term “messiah” which means anointed one. The prophecies said that the messiah would be called Emmanuel which means according to Egyptologist God/Amen or El with us. Isaiah brings out the context of Immanel as being from a shoot/netzer/nazarite which is a branch of a spirit of wisdom, understanding and knowledge (Isaiah 11 Catholic Bible). We know jesus is called Amen and creates the world with wisdom. Now if we read the writings of Plutarch (Isis and Osiris) he associates the crocodile with 666, creation and forethought. The Egyptians used the fat of crocodile oil to anoint their kings at their cornation.
    Bishop: So the word Christ/Messiah means the anointed one, who is the king? (Feedback/paraphrase).
    Faheem: Correct.
    Bishop: Then it seems that the Anti-Christ and Jesus have much in common? (open question)
    Faheem: Yes. Because the beast will appear like a Lamb (ram). The Egyptian Amen was linked with the ram which is also linked with the concept of the spirit. Revelations says that Jesus was spiritually killed in Sodom and Egypt. Sodom was known for fornication. Those who were called blasphers were also those who denied the messianic claims of Jesus (Mark 15:29).
    Bishop: I was trained to understand the anti-christ would make himself appear like christ? (open queston).
    Faheem: That’s true because Paul called him an “Angel of light” able to transforming themselves into apostles of Christ (2 Cor 11:13-14 KJV). The expanded definition of Heka represents the ability to transform by using the right words (proud words of blasphemies Rev 13:5 NIV). Satan is also called the morning star which is incorrect because Jesus is the morning star of Venus (love and true light). People will have to be able to distinguish between a false God between the true God.
    Bishop: So let me recap all of this for you with the actual Bible verse speaking on 666. You have tied magic in with a little bit of the concept of wisdom. Now the Bible says: “Here is wisdom. let him that hath understanding (insight NIV) count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six” (Rev 13:18 KJV). Now in a nut shell please tie this in with Egyptian Magic (reflect meaning/summary)
    Faheem: Certainly. In school I was taught that if I didn’t know the meaning of a word attempt to get the meaning from the total context of the sentence. Well in this case we have to do more. I’ve already mentioned how wisdom is linked with magic. Whitemagic tries to uncover the invisible side of nature. Faith is knowledge of the true invisible spirit of Amen. When we use the Egyptian word for magic other words like hu (utterance) is complemented by Sia (representing the mind, knowledge, understanding and insight. Hu, Sia and Heka represent a trinity of active transformation that St. Paul talked about. It’s very likely that the call for wisdom and understanding to know 666 is a reference to knowing Egyptian magic;which is the foundation of their ancient religion. When a person blasphemes against the spirit he rejects the spirit that moved the waters in generation that created his soul. Blasphermers actualy put 666 on their own foreheads (mind) and hands (craftwork?) with their own deeds. Fake magic imitates the reality when itself can never be. Didodorus said that the crocodile was a symbol of all that is evil. Then Plutarch linked him up with 666.
    (Secretary Miriam steps in to remind Bishop Jones that he has an appointment to visit with his sick grandmother in the hospital for her surprised birthday).
    Bishop: Thanks Miriam for reminding me of my appointment.
    Miriam: Your welcome
    Bishop: I don’t mean to cut this very important discussion off short. I want us to follow up on this topic in our weekly adult bible study class on Thursday nights here at the church between 6-8pm. I think group meetings like this can be helpful for all of us attempting to explore deeper into the scriptures. So can I count on you being there? (terminating/with mutual goal of attending bible class)
    Faheem. Why yes sir Bishop Jones having meeting with a larger group will allow me to get even greater feedback on my htpothesis.
    Bishop Jones has learned some things in the Bible that he was unaware of and or not focused on. Bishop Jones wants Faheem to participate in weekly group meetings so that he can fellowship and share his knowledge with others. Allowing the time and place for group discussion in bible meetings will allow people to clear up complex theological questions without making it a personal debate or challenge between the minister and one of his flock. Bishop Jones feels that if the information Faheem is giving is true then all of his sheep should be able to benefit from this brieif-solution -oriented counseling session.
    Personal application
    This module has been fun and interesting. I loved playing the role of being an interviewee because I found it easy making up stories off the top of my head to fill in the gaps from a script given to us by our professor. I did not find the role playing hard because for the past five years I’ve been writing one-act plays and poems as a personal hobby. Before my uncle divorced I was supposed to collaborate with him and his wife on a play they were doing with a local church. I found out that role playing and writing one-act plays have a lot in common and can be very useful tool in teaching others. Most people find the traditional model for teaching is dull. But when you try to explain or teach something using role playing like the interview process is more interactive
    Professional Application
    Some of the skills are learned in this module I’ve honed in in some of the jobs I have worked. When I worked as a substance abuse helper at Wahington Way Recovery Center. I used to take in calls listen to peoples problems and sometimes come up with solutions and goals to get them into treatment. Some of the patients after staying in the program for a month or so said they would call me at night if they had and problems with wanting to relaspse. They wanted to talk to me because I would listen to their problems in a non judgemental direction. My other job as an intern for Jackson County 211 was another job where I was able to use my interviewing skills. One of the most important thing I did was listen to their problem. They knew I listen to their problem because I always when possible paraphrase what they told me for positve feedback. I honestly believe this module will help me be better and efficient once I get my degree in family life education
    Zondervan handbook to the bible makes a commentary on 666 and the beast. “The second beast-the pseudo-lamb…identified as the false prophet. It apes the real thing. The key in identifying 666 lie in the symbolism of the number 6, being a human number, the number of humanity. No matter how many times repeated, it always falls short of 7, God’s number of completeness, perfection. No matter how powerful the beast/666, it is not god” (Zondervan, 1999,p.773).Well if this is true then it fit’s the ancient Egyptian view of Heka/frog/magic as being incomplete.
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