Black Short Stories : the birth of rain

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    the heat
    It was a Sunday hotter then any other. Probably the hottest summer
    Anita had experienced since moved down to the little town in the middle of nowhere.
    the little hick town she escaped to in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life
    population you and the next nicra type of town.
    the news casters praised this day as being another sweltering hot and humid day in Illict Illinois, and as temperatures were rising
    a surprising amount of cities were being affected by the record breaking temperatures
    Including the windy city. In the office, anita felt the uneasiness of the heat, as it teased her skin with it's
    fingers on fire, playing around her face and body causing drops of sweat to linger on her brow
    Tracing it's paths, until falling to the cool ground. the near silent growl of the ac in the back was an almost comforting noise, if anything because it reminded her no matter how hot she was inside of the building, the rest of the city was swarming in heatwaves as if someone set the air a blaze and it intended to share it's pain with all of Illinois. She sneaks a glace at the time 3:15. time was held hostage by the tormenting heat. It was a day that the fish were wishing for rain, birds argued with the air, flight no longer a gift but a burden they avoided at all times. the sky an inferno of flames engulfing the sun, bullying the clouds,
    taunting the rain, stealing the water of lakes and violating it and leaving it floating, hanging
    around, to mix with the salty liquids, like tears of the skin dripping off of peoples faces.
    Anita had already spent most of the day typing schedules and such for her place of employment, she had been employed for almost 5 months. it was no where near as high class and exciting as the placed she worked for in the city but it was way more comfortable environment, and she was needed their more.
    Sixteen minutes after three o clock on the other side of the state, under the same sky
    In the same heat.
    electricity, as if being sucked from all parts of the state, was in the air buzzing around thoughout the city of Chicago, fire hydrants were open and willingly spitting water on anyone who dared play in it's path man or child.
    sweet and spicy smells flowin which everway the air traveled, tempting the taste buds. the smell that left a pleasant taste in anyones mouths, leavin them watering and wish for more. one would salivate if not for that fact it would probably evaporate before it got that far.
    Thoughts of water dissolved as alcohol quenchin the thirst inplace of the drink of life.
    taking a drink
    for life, dear life.
    drought of the land and an even drier throat,
    like the land thirsts for water, like planets thirst for life, the body thirst for substance.
    taking life into another realm another vision, out of body, out of mind
    or the pleasures of being just plain drunk.....
    those, to young to enjoy the birth of good drink but the death of common sense, drank to the aid of a kool apple flavored, blueberry, suger sprinkled
    flavored...water.waiting for the birth of rayne
    Basketball being played on deserted streets, in back alleys, on courts with the pavement so hot it would melt the bottem of ya sneaks if one kept still. so noone did, embracing air as if it was the only solution to the heat and they alone could grasp all out the sprinkles of water out if it and dispense it among the world.
    noone kept still, sidewalks to hot sandals turned to putty at the touch, so none kept still, music vibrating the sky, mixing with the humidity making Illusions out the heat and air, making wavy maraiges in the distances of cool oasis.
    Feet kept moving. beat still thumping, hearts still beating
    staying to out dance the heat
    out dance the heat
    out play the heat
    out water the heat,
    out the heat ... period

    but none stood still, except time it self.
    the sweat stealing away from peoples faces, peoples bodies, in unison with the rhythm and soul, the commotion of the people
    competing with the sun. moving only a way true soul moves only in a way truth moves
    To the beat of life.
    damm time, to hell with time, time playing with the minds of anyone under the sun, partners in crime with the unrealistically increasing temperature,
    Something had to give.
    snapp, break, send it's pieces flying over everything that moved in the heart of Chicago, anything that moved with then the boarders of Illinois, anything and everything in it's path.
    no electricity to be found in sight, in the darkened building patience wore thing
    Patients wore thin, the heat was exhausting.
    It has finally ran off the lights and every electrical thing in the building. the same enemy that made the heat was again lending a hand and
    keeping the candles aflame, while lending out it's counter parts to dance on the wick,
    oozing heat, as the wax ran for shelter. power outage in the whole hospital
    meaning people were not getting their oxygen,
    but the oxygen tanks were working perfectly fine ... noone could breath
    the heat an angry force to be reckoned with choking the life water right from beneath their noses.
    gasping for breath,
    Gasping for ....
    the closed concealed closet, they go at in the a blaze of passion.
    passion on fire instigated by the crazy heat, the crazy has spread to everyone
    through everyone passin different levels and dimensions on the way,
    gaspin for the oxygen that was hardly there.
    moaning his name softly as he put in work.
    setting passion on fire and lust on the loose. as he put in work, strokin
    beads of sweat caressing both of their bodies in heat. 3:24
    moving with the beat of life pulsing throughout them
    she moans, he whispers does she like it?
    she moans, he whispers to her she should like it,
    she moans, his strokes get deeper and shorter and faster as she reaches that point of climaxing she moans
    .........and screams
    She screams and screams, the nurses and doctors all around in their uniforms but in the shadow of the hospital they all looked the same and in the heat it was all a maraiges.
    the room being low-level didn't much help the situation.
    gulping for oxygen that seemed to be playing hide and seek with her lungs
    she screams and gasps and screams,the elecritcity coming from between her thighs
    was enough to start a lightning storm. she imagined her self being ripped apart in a hot inferno. the heat playing tricks with her mind. 3:34
    crying out for the pain to stop,
    the contractions to end,
    the throbbing inside of her to subside.
    she is coo'ed by her husband holding her hand
    Telling her everything will be ok.
    Everything will be alright. She screams....
    We see a head the doctors say,
    and all is silent,
    a shrill cry interrupts it
    she gives birth to a baby girl,
    she gives birth to a new life
    she conceives pleasure
    her womanly juices of life flow over the darkness in his skin
    she dances in the street with the wind in her hair blowing away her troubles because she can't stay still, in fear of her shoes melting to the concrete
    he plays ball and he owns the court
    he owns the court
    and heat.........
    they sweat the water of life unto the soul of the world
    Anita receives a page from the downstairs maternity ward
    life is on the line to being lost, in the heat of things they can't keep the child's lungs from collapsing from the heat.
    the nurse gets to work, working cords
    workin machines trying to work life into submission and bend it at her will
    the machine beeps for life
    she tries again
    she tries again
    a mother cries giving her very soul in every tear hoping to bring back life
    Something had to give.
    a heart stops...
    a nurse looses hope
    as a machine gives one last beep. longer then the rest
    a song of death...
    Time of death 3:55
    heads hung low as a mother cries her last tears, screaming bring me back my baby
    damm time,
    to hell with time, time playing with the minds of anyone under the sun, partners in crime with the unrealistically increasing temperature, something had to give.
    snapp, break, send it's pieces flying over everything that moved in the heart of Chicago, anything that moved with then the boarders of Illinois, anything and everything in it's path.
    and it did.
    a babies cry
    everyone's eyes easily averted to the infant crying in the bed
    Some unseen miracle or touched by the hand of God.
    A baby cries, a mother laughs, a nurse has renewed hope
    and thunder sings in the sky.
    something broke
    somewhere in the streets of Chicago the air smells of a summers rain and fun well played out
    fire hydrant's closed and people in the house. except for the people out side of the house
    playing in the rain cooling off from that hot summers day, mouths open to the sky
    where birds once again have begun to fly
    unexpected rain hits on the roof and the news casters spread the good news
    the hottest day of the summer has considerably changed and everything is good again
    a sweltering day in the heat
    Waiting for a woman to give birth to rayne.
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    wow i loved this passionfruit hopefully this a continuation.:love:
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    This was an emotional rollercoaster read for me.
    I hung on every word. And was soul-pleased with
    the end's turn of events.

    This is amazing concept for a story
    and I like the way you formated
    I'm surprise you haven't received
    more comments. Definitely a treat-read :)

    well done and thanks for sharing.

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    whewwww! this took my mind somewhere love to read more to this one