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    Narrated within the Suhufan of The Most High , In the pages given to Adam / Zakar , It states that every time Eve / Hawwah would give birth she would '' Bare A Male , And Female Child together . This is because in the begining it was a naturalfunction that whenever the male would fertilize the ovum /egg there would be pairing of the one '' X '' Which he had with one of the '' X '' chromsome of the female . This produced an '' XX'' Female . Then the remaining '' X '' chromosome of the man would pair off with the other '' X '' chromosome of the female and produce an '' XY '' or Male , Thus the male and female twin are produced . This twining process is explained in the Book of Genesis , it states ; '' Male And Female Created He Them '' .

    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses ) Genesis 1;27 In The Arabic Bible ; And I Quote ; So Allah created man in his own image , In the image of Allah created he him ; Male and Female created he them '' .

    Abjah < Arabic > which literally means '' Simple Truth '' , is the name of the arithematical arrangement of the alphabet - the letters of which have different powers ranging from the number one ( 1 ) to the number one thousand ( 1,000
    The numerical value of the letter Alif l is one . The number one is symbolic of Allah / God Most Glorified And Exalted or Life . All the attributes of Allah / God Most Glorified And Exalted begins with the letter Alif .
    1- Life - LLAH - Nothing 1- Life - Dam -- Blood .

    Male Chromosome '' XY '' Female Chromosome '' X = XY Twins X = XX ...
    ( Fertilization Of The Egg By Fertilizing Spermatozoon ) .

    There are two types of twins which occur most frequently in man . The first type is called '' IDENTICAL '' or '' Monovular Twins '' . These twins are the result of a single ( 1 ) fertil - ized OVUM < zygote > which had divided exactly into two before implantation . This process of '' TWOING '' or '' TWINNING '' , may occur from 2 to 7 days after fertilization . The time of division affects whether the two fetuses have separate amnions ( the innermost of the membranes which surround the embryo ) and chorion . the outer membrane , but there will always be a single placenta . Each fetus develops into an individual with similar intelligence . Physical characteristics , genetic constitution and the same sex .

    The second type of twin to be discussed is '' FRATERNAL '' or '' DIOVULAE TWINS '' Diovular twins stem from two ova , released at the same time , that have been fertilized by two separate sperms . They may have placentas fused together or ones that develop separately . Even if the placentas fuse . each has an individual chorion and anmion . Because Eve / Hawwah was originally supposed to bear '' FRATERNAL TWINS '' ( male and female ) each time she conceived , she was equipped with two mammary glands , with these mammary glands she would be able to supply both children with the necessary milk ( nutrient ) in order to survive and grow properly .

    Breast feeding is stated in the Quraan as LAW for All Woman . Allah / God Most Glorified And Exalted does not leave it up to the individual to decide . Today in the animal kingdom , mammals with several breast usually give birth to offspring corresponding somewhat to the number of mammary glands they possess . As man began to degenerate metally and physically , the conception of twins on an average because a rare occurrence . ( Identical Twins ; One Egg , Single Placenta , Each Fetus Has Inner Sac But Outer Sac Single . Sex Is The Same ) .

    Al Quraan 2;233 ( In Part ) And I Quote ; And every paternal , Mother is to breast feed their children for a complete two years ...

    Prophet 1Samuel 1;33 ( In Arabic ) And I Quote ; And Elkanah her husband said unto her ; Do what seemest thee good , Tarry until thou have weaned him ; Only the Lord establish his word . So the woman abode , And gave her son suck until she weaned him .

    The first twin that Eve / Hawwah gave birth to was Cain / Qaabiyl . His name meant ; '' POSSESSION '' And Lubuwdah meaning '' STAYING TO GETHER , REMAIN ''. Allah / God sent the Angel Miykaa-il , Which is the Angel of Mercy , also known as Michael , to name the progeny ( offspring ) of Adam / ZAKAR and Eve / Hawwah They had 20 sons and 20 daughter .

    Genesis 5;4 ( In Aramic / Hebrew ) And I Quote ; As the days the Adam / ZAKAR / Kadmonites went on later Adam / ZAKAR and Eve / Nekaybaw the tribe of Adamites lived on for another 800 years having 22 sets of twins totaling altogeter 23 sons ; Cain , Abel , Seth , ( had no twin ) , Len , Hatif , Ruht , Huma , Yahuw , Abru , Salli , Kout , Hatim , Hamma , Dhubir , Fud , Hakal , Zayd . Abas , Zikin , Fudun , Shuha , Wadun , Ahad , 22 more daughters ; Aqlimiyah , Lubuwdah , Lina , Alis , Adela , Bilha , Fugata , Fufu , Amaana , Afafa , Ifatayu , Fazaina , Hamdiya , Halima , Ghada , Na'ulah , Zain , Qutilla , Aqtifa , Tamira , Hashiffa , Sumana , They move and worked the gold mines of Monodappa in Raphali , South Africa now called Zimbabwe , And The Adamite Dynasty Perished After 930 Years All Together ,

    The Angel Miykaa-il , Which is the Angel of Mercy , Also known as Michael to name the progeny ( offspring ) Of Adam / Zakar and Eve / Hawwah . Miykaa-il is one of The Seven Cherubim ( Arch-Angels , Kaaruwbiyn ) Who was near to Allah / God . They praise him day and night without cease , The other Angels Are ;

    1 . Gabriel - Jibraa -Iyl
    2 . Urial - Uriyl
    3 , Raphael - Israafiyl
    4 . Azrael - Azraa'iyl
    5. Uzziel - Uzzial
    6 . Azaziel - Ibliys
    7. Michael - Miykaa -iyl Who Is Also Called Melchizedek .

    Michael is not and was not Yashu'a / Jesus Christ The Messiah . Some Christian Who Don't Know The Truth Just Make Up Things About The Scriptures , And They Better Stop ! Yashu'a / Jesus Christ Was Not The Angel Michael Before He Came To Earth .

    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses In Arabic ) Genesis4;2 And I Quote ; And she again bare his brother Abel . And Abel was the keeper of sheep . But Cain was A Tiller of the ground .

    When Cain and Abel had both reached the age of maturity , Allah / God Commanded Adam / Zakar to have Cain ( The eldest son marry Aqlimiyah ..
    ( Abel's Sister ) And Lubuwdah ( Cain's Sister ) To marry Abel . Abel was willing to follow his father's request , but out of Jealously Cain Desired To '' Possess '' displaying the quality of his name , his twin sister Lubuwdah , keeping her to himself . Because Lubuwdah was extremely Beautiful , And Wise , Cain feared his brother Abel would attain the Knowledge that Lubuwdah had .
    ( Cain And Lubuwdah Were Older Than Abel And Aqlimiyah .
    ( Torah 5 Books Of Moses Leviticus 12;1-5 ) .

    Cain became like Ibliys , He exhibited his low attributes of ; Envy , Lust , Jealousy , Greed , Hatred , Etc . The Attribute of Jeslousy Por-trayed by him is why man is jealous of his wife today . The '' WILL '' Of the two natures ; POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE , were manifested in Cain and his twin sister , and Abel and his twin sister . by '' WILL '' , Cain exhibited the NEGATIVE qualities , and by '' WILL '' Abel exhibited the positive qualites .

    The second set of twins which Eve / Hawwah gave birth to were Abel / Haabiyl , Whose name means '' Vapor of breath '' This Is The Spirit Of Life '' . His twin sister was Aqlimiyah her name means '' a more reasonable because she was able to adjust to her brother Cain , who was the first crazy person on earth . ( It Is Important To Clear Up At This Point The Misconception Surrounding The Birth Of Cain and Abel . Some Of The Christian In Their Attempts To Distort The Truth State That Cain And Abel Were Twin Brothers Of Each Other . [ THISIS TOTALLY INCORRECT . ] Cain was the elder son and Abel the yougest . If you examine the following Circumstances surrounding each of their births . You will see for yourself that they were of two separate births occurring at different time periods .

    A . According To Genesis
    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses ) Genesis 4;1 ( In Arabic ) And I Quote ; And Adam knew Eve his wife ; And she conceived and bare Cains , And said I have gotten a man from the Lord .

    B . Eve's first twins were Cain and Lubuwdah , , she carried then for nine ( 9 ) months or two hundred and sevety days . When a woman gives birth to a boy and girl twins or female child , She is unclean for 80 days . If she gives birth to a male child or 2 male[ twins ] . she is unclean for 40 days .

    C. After her delivery , Eve / Hawwah was ceremonially unclear for 80 days . The State Of Uncleanliness Is Call-ed NIFAAS . This period of waiting is Allotted so that the female organs can recycle and rest and prepare for any future births . after she awaited her days of un-cleanliness . She once again conceived a set of twins , Abel and Aqlimiyah . Desire ( Raghba ) which is defined as '' to long for '' , yearn after , to need , to hunger , to thirst , to be ravenous , and craving , to want , to lust after , to be insatible, to be voracious , was the principle reason why Cain objected to Allah / God command. Cain's feeling were so strong for his sister that it ignited a fire within him which resulted in the murder of his brother .

    WHAT IS '' WILL '' ? '' Will '' is that which was given to Adam / Zakar by Allah / God '' Will '' also made Adam / Zakar more knowlegeable than the Angels and The Jinn / Devil . '' Will '' is that element that made Adam / Zakar '' Fall ''

    Will ''is not Good or Evil . It is undecided , an abstraction , until someone . or something exercises one or the other of the opposomg forces ; GOOD AND EVIL. Allah / God created Will . He created the force that divides into two natures ; 180 degrees of positive which is the nature of the Angels and 180 degrees of Negative , Which is the nature of the Jinn ( Or The Counterpart ) .
    Man has labeled the parts as Good and Evil , but the Evil is not what Allah / God created . He created the Light . The nature of the Angel ( The Good Angels ) was created from the Light , and the nature of the Jinn ( Light Fire - Evil Angels ) was from Smokeless Fire and imperfection representing emotions where Anger is aroused . They Were The First '' Kaafiruwn ( Those Who Conceal What They Know To Be True ) .

    Smokeless fire represents that which is reflected from the heart center Al Af'idat , A burning of the inner soul of that emotion . This is why a balancement had to be created and Allah / God order Cain of the negative seed ( - ) to marry Aqlimiyah , also A negative seed . But Are There Any Good JINNS ? Yes , Some Of Them Helped Abraham And Solomon But The Devil Once In The Flesh , Is All Evil . Once He / She Lived In The Body He / She Is Nothing But Evil . When You Read '' LIVE '' Backward You Get Evil .
    ( Live -Right ... Evil - Backward ) .
    It has been prophesied that in these last days and time there will ne many false prophet who will come spreading doctrines filled with LIES . The Book Of Matthew By Matthew 24;23-24 ...

    Question ; Did The Devil , Called The Beast , Have Sex With Eve / Hawwah ?
    Answer ; No ! No Where In The Torah , Revelation , Or The Suhufan ( Pure Pages ) . Will You Find This Statement . Read The Scriptures , You Will Not See That , This Is Blasphemy , Fabricated Falsehood , Filled With LIES . Torah
    ( 5 Books Of Moses ) Genesis 3;13 . Book Of 1John 2;16 .... Injiyl Of Jesus The Messiah ( Evangel , Revelation 13;18 ,

    ( Was Cain A White Man ) , No ! This is not found in Al Quran , or any place else in The Holy Scriptures, Read You Won't See It , You Can't Find It Or Translate It That Way , It Not There , Cain And Abel Were Both Nubains Men , Who Had Twns Sister . They Of Course Were Nubians Also . Cain Is Not The Son Of The Devil . That Is Nuts ! It's A Lie . He Was The Son Of Adam / Zakar The First Nubian / Black Man On Earth Accordsing To The Scriptures . NoWhere In The Arabic , Hebrew , Or English Version Of The BibleWill You FindThat Eve / Hawwah Bore A Child From The Devil . Revelation 12;9 , Genesis 4;17 , 4;1 ;...

    Now what did this say ? Not what some man who calls himself Yehweh , or God , or Prophet , And A Son Of God Says . What does the scriptures say ? That's Right Adam / Zakar Knew His Wife And She Conceived And Bare Cain ''
    ( Bare Cain From Adam / Zakar Her Mate Not The Devil ! Think ! Stop ! Read ! Don't Be Fooled By Those Who Don't Know . ( Genesis 4;2 ) . The word '' Again '' tells you they '' Layed Together '' . Adam / Zakar Laayed with his wife once '' Again '' And She Bare Him Abel ! No ! And The Creator Does Not Make A Mistake , First There Was Cain And His Twin Sister Lubuwdah , Then Abel And His Twin Sister Aqlimiyah , ( Genesis 4;9 ) .

    You mean to say that The Lord did not know that Cain was A devil , or the Son of the devil . And That He Killed His Brother Now Read Verse 10 . Genesis 4;10 . '' What have you done ? Thou Is '' You '' , Talking To Cain If He Was The Devil It Would Be No Surprise to The Lord . Now About The Serpent ... Say To Yourself First What Does The Scriptures Say About It Or Him ( Genesis 3;1 ) . ( This beast was made , Man Was Created , All you have to do is read and You will see through '' The False Teachers '' . They Make All Their Stories Up In Their Own Heads , In Genesis 3;14 The serpent is Curse Above All Cattle And Every Beast Of The Fields , NOT CLASSED WITH MAN OR A TYPE OF MAN BUT WITH ANIMALS .


    When Will The Nubians Brother & Sister Question There Minister / Pastor / Teacher Etc . Those Who Lead You With Their Own Made Up Stories , Where Do They Get All This Stuff They Make Up From ? WHEN WILL YOU ASK THEM
    Ezekiel 13;3 ( From The Arabic Bible ) And I Quote ; Thus saith the Lord Allah ; Woe unto the foolish prophets , That follow their own spirit , And have seen nothing !

    Excerpt From The 10 Pages Of The Suhufan Of Adam The Son Of Allah / God . Peace And Blessing Of Allah Be Upon Him ...The Book Of Life ---Second Page Verses 101-139 ; And I Quote ; ( The Nature Of Will '' Goes Back To Adam , The Son Of Allah / God , In The Garden ) .
    I , Adam , the son of Allah / God , wished to have the fruit of the garden , So the Almighty Allah / God , Glorified and Exalted , sent down to me two seeds . One to grow the white grape , And the other to growthe red grape . I , Adam , theson of Allah / God , planted these seeds , And two grapevine grew , Andas the grapes became ripe , Azazil , the deceitful one ( Satan , curse him ) , Wished to have one for himself . Azazil , the deceitful one ( Satan , curse him)

    Seized one and raised a wall around it to protect it from me . I Adam , the son of Allah / God , then asked him what right had he to construct a wall around the grape tree , Azazil , the deceitful one ( Satan , curse him ) replied , That these trees were really meant for him and not me , I Adam , the son of Allah / God , replied to him , That he was not speaking the truth , Which was the nature of Azazil , the deceitful one ( Satan , curse him ), Afterward , Azazil the decetiful one ( Satan ,curse him ) agreeed and after he honored the decision , he replied . Let us ask the AngelicBeing ; The Green One Michael. I , Adam , the son of Allah / God , narrated the whole story to the Green One . Who upon hearing this , threw forth his hand holding the Shoba ( Staff of Prophethood ) . And sent forth a fire toward the trees . As A result it consumed the tree . I Adam , the son of Allah / God , Thought that the tree had been totally burnt .

    And Azail , the deceitful one , ( Satan , curse him ) , was under the same impression . At which time two bird rose up from the fire , One , the raven , And the other The dove . Andaway both of them flew , The nature of '' Will '' is hidden in these two , The dove representing Gabriel ( peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah / God ) The AngelicBeing , And the raven representing Azail , the deceitful one ( Satan ,curse him ) . Both stem from two of the same nature , The grape ; Be it whiteor red . The white is symbolic of Azazil , the deceitful one ( Satan , curse him ) . And the red which is symbolic of myself Adam , the son of Allah / God
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    First of all my brother, I want to thank you for writing in a fashion that allows me to read your post without killing my eyes. That really meant a lot to me. Personally speaking, I know that you be writing some good stuff, but in the past you were writing in a fashion that was killing my poor eyes, so I seriously thank you.

    Now, in responce to your thread: As we both know, in the "Book of Adam" which they took out the Scriptures, there are several things that really stand out.

    1. The story of Adam and Eve is the story of the "White Man".

    2. It relates how they were kicked to the caves after their transgression.

    3. Most interesting is the story of Cain and Abel. For unlike the Bible, the story of Cain and Able in the "book that White folks" decided not to put in the Bible, goes into great detail with the killing of Able. I mean, Cain literally busted his brothers A** in that story!!!

    4. It also relates how at birth, Able had a twin sister and Cain had a twin sister.

    5. What people don't know is "why Cain actually (supposedly) killed Able.

    6. We both know that in order to stop "DIRECT INBREEDING", that Cain was suppose to marry Able's sister and Able was suppose to marry Cain's sister. Cain however wanted to marry his own sister because he considered her more beautiful, so he killed his own brother in order to do so.

    7. Maybe when you get the chance, because I'm not going all into it right now, you may want to speak about Adam's "FIRST WIFE" BEING THAT IT WAS NOT EVE !!! YOU MAY WANT TO SPEAK ON WHY SHE LEFT HIS SORRY A**.

    8. It's really a shame that our people have been brainwashed and conditioned to these stories that have NOTHING WHAT-SO-EVER TO DO WITH US!!


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    The Two Offering

    Torah ( 5 Books Of Mose In Arabic ) Genesis 4;3 , And I Quote ; And in the process of time it came to pass , That Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto The Lord . The sacrifice made by Cain and Abel was the first to take place in the Torah ( 5 Books of Moses ) . There were many ytpes of sacrifice offred throughout the Sacriptures of Allah / God Cain and Abel were the first to offer an '' offering '' unto Allah / God which is defined in the Arabic language as Quraan and in the Hebrew language the word '' Qurban , This word is mentioned only three ( 3 ) times in Al Quraan .

    Al Quraan 3;182 And I Quote ; Those who say ; Allah has enjoined us that we should not believe in an apostle until he brings us an offering which is consumed by fire . Say ; indeed there came to you apostles before me with clear arguments , And with that which you demand . Why then did you try to kill them , If you are truthful .

    Al Quraan 5;27 And I Quote ; And ( Muhammad ) recite to them the news you learnt about the two son's of Adam . ( Cain and Abel ) . As fact beyond any doubt , About when both of them made an offering , And it was accepted from one of them and not accepted from the other , So Cain said . Certainly I will kill you ( Abel ) . And ( Abel ) said . Allah only accepts things from those who tremble at the mention of Allah's name .

    The sacrifice made by Cain and Abel had taken place on the Friday before the Sabbath . Yawmus Sabbat is the Seventh day of the week . It stem from the Arabic word Sab'ah meaning '' Seven '' The Sabbath begins 19 minutes before sunset ( Maghrib ) on Friday and ends 19 minutes after sunset on Saturday , The first offering to be made after the offering of Cain and Abe was by the Prohet Noah after the Great Flood . This was a burnt offering made by the Prohet Noah .

    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses In Arabic ) Genesis 8;20 And I Quote ; And Noah builded an alter unto the Lord ; And took of every clean beast , And of every clean fowl . And offered burnt offerings on the alter .

    Moses was the next major prophet to offer a burnt offering . Torah ( 5 Books of Moses In Arabic ) Genesis 10;25 , And I Quote ; And Moses said , Thou must give us Also sacrifices and burnt offerings that we may sacrifice unto the lord our creator .

    Offering of many kind to the Creator was A marked feature of the Israelites worship . ( Read Leviticus , Chapters One To Seven ) . Offering were of two classes ; Public and Private , as they offered at the expense of the nation or the individual . These were of three kinds ;
    ( A ) Drink offering ; These were made only in connection with the meal offering .
    ( B ) Vegetable or meal ; Consisting of white meal , or unleavened bread , cakes , wafers ,or of ears of grain roasted , always with salt and accepted in the sin offering with olive oil .
    ( C ) Animal offerings or sacrifices ; Sacrifices of cattle , sheep and goats of both sexes , rarely for doves . It was required that the animals be free from blemish and at least 8 days old .

    The Levites practiced also the sacrificing of the firstling of A specified animals that has been declared lawful .The following quotes show how Allah / God accepted the sacrifice made by Abel and will continue to accept the offerings of the firstling .

    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses In Arabic ) Leviticus 2;1 And I Quote ; And when any will offer a meat offering unto the Lord , His offering shall be if fine flour ; And he shall pour oil upon it . And put frankincense thereon ;

    Totah ( 5 Books Of Moses In Arabic ) Numbers 18;17 And I Quote ; But the firstling of A cow , or the firstling of A Sheep , or the firstling of A goat , Thou shalt not redeen ; They are holy ; Thou shalt sprinkle their blood upon the alter , And shalt burn their fat for an offering made by fire , For A sweet savour unto the Lord .

    Book Of Hebrew ( In Arabic ) 11;4 , And I Quote ; By faith Abel offered unto Allah a more excellent sacrifice than Cain , By which he obtained witness that he was righteous , Allah testifying of his gifts ; and by it being dead yet speaketh .

    Book Of Roman By Paul ( In Arabic ) 9;31-32 , And I Quote ; But Israel, which followed after the law of rightouesness .Hath not attained to the law of righteousness wherefore because they sought it not by faith . But as it were by the works of the law . For they stumbled at that stumblingstone .

    The Israelites had elected numerous reasons for sacrificing , accounts of which are found throughout Leviticus and Deuteronomy , which are two of the 5 Books of Moses . Tet , because they did no have '' FAITH '' in Allah / God And did not accept him , Allah / God literally destroyed them , All except for the tribe of Judah .. The Covenant of Prophrhood which they had was passed on to their brethren The Ishmaelites . ( Hebrew 8;7-9 ) .

    The tribe of Judah did not practice the numerous sacrificial rites which the Israelites had followed at the advent of the Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Min . The two covenants came together under one .house , the house of Ishmael . On the second year of the flight from Mecca to Medina , in the year 622 A.D.
    ( Hijra ) , he commissioned all Muslims to observe only the two sacrifices ; Iydu'l '' Adhaa ( Feast of the Sacrifice ) And Iydu'l Fitr . ( Feast of the Fast Breaking ) . Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses Genesis 4;4 )

    Abel made an offering unto the All Mighty Sustainer from the '' Movable ''Things '' . ( those with life ) of the earth , the best he had . He sacrificed the
    firstling of his musk deer because of the sweet smelling order the musk pouch gives off when burnt . This smell reached the heavens and pleased Allah /God greatly . This is why the prophets who came after Abel in each generartion of time offered up the musk deer . The musk deer come from the sub-family '' Moschinae ''Which contains only one . species , ''Mochus Moschiferus '' . They live in mountainous regions from East Siberia and Korea through China , and Tibelt to the Himalayas .

    Recognized as the most primitive of living cervines , the musk deer lacks antlers , facical and digital glands ,but possess a gall bladder that projects downwards out of the mouth used for fighting . Their ears are large and rudimentary ( immature ) . The musk deer stands twenty ( 20 ) inches at the shoulder and about two ( 2 ) inches higher the rump . The hind legs are longer than the front legs . It gets its name from a globe shaped musk gland in the skin of the male abdmen . The musk from this glandis used in making perfume .

    It contains sections measuring 2 to 3 inches in diameter and one inch in thickness , weighing , when dried , about an ounce , The musk deer roams about alone instead of ranging in herds like other deers . Cain's offering was rejected because he made an offering from the unmovable things he offered up a rotten ear of wheat stalk . Cain knew that the consumption of an offering by fire meant that the offering was accept .He said that he would worship the fire so that the fire would accept his offering . He the [ first fire worshipper ] . Cain's seed was the first to worship the snake and fire . He is the father of Hinduism , in which the people worship the Cobra . The name Hindu comes from a river in India .

    So Abel's Sacrifice Was Accepted Over Cain's Because He Offered It With Faith . His offering was a much better offering , because it was a living thing . Allah / God favors sacrifices of living things that have '' Live '' , as opposed to things of of theearth , ( plants and vegetables ) .

    The Acceptance of Abel's sacrifice over Cain's and Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac is evidence of this . This is why Allah / God commissioned his faithful servants to recite the following before the sacrifice of an umblemished sheep or goat .

    O Allah / God , I Will Offer Thee . Instead Of My Own Offering , Life For Life . Blood For Blood , Head For Head , Bone For Bone , Hair For Hair , Skin For Skin . In The Name Of Allah / God I Sacrifice This Sheep .

    Abel was expressing his belief in the fact that Allah / God is The Giver and Taker of Life . Yet , he did not know that by his offering he himself would be offered .
    Cain's sacrifice was not accepted because he put value in the material things of the world . He did not offer his sacrifice , with humbleness and faith in Allah / God As '' Ar -Razzaqu = The Provider .
    Cain was being Sarcastic when he offered up his sacrifice . He was saying to Allah / God '' Since you provided us in the Garden with the good things to eat , I Am giving you back that which was once meant for us .

    Had Cain offered up his sacrifice of the field sincerely as Abel had , Allah / God would have accepted his as A goodly offering . In The Book Of Leviticus , from the 5 Books of Moses it is explain that sacrifice made of the fruit of the ground were classified as A gratitude offering . It is A testimony expressing the belief in Allah / God as the Sustainer of the Boundless Universes and the Provider of all things . When Cain and Abel Made Their Sacrifices unto Allah / God there was no set laws established for sacrificing . So what they offered came from what they thought to be best .

    Then the enemy of Adam and his descendants , Ibliys , came and told Cain that Allah / God accepted his brothers offering and his was rejected .
    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses In Arabic ) Genesis 4;5 And I Quote ; But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect , And Cain Was Very Wroth , And His countence fell .

    Allah / God is '' The Knower Of All Things '' . He aline knows what man and woman conceals within his or her hearts ; He saw the deceit and dishonesty in Cain and consequently rejected his offering . Cain's countence or expression of face , behavior , changed suddenly because he did not realize that Allah / God is '' Akbar or The Most Maginifcent . Throughout the Scriptures man and woman is reminded that only the offering of those who show sincerity at heart are accepted . Book Of Matthew 15; 18-20 ( In Arabic ) . And I Quote ; But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart ; And they defile the man . For out of the heart proceed evil thoughs , Murders , Adulteries , Fornications , Thefts . False witness , Blasphemies ; These are the things which defile a man ; But to eat with unwashen hands defileth not A man .

    Book Of Provebs ( In Arabic ) 15;13 , And I Quote ; A merry heart maketh A cheerful countenance ; But by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken ''

    Torah 5 Books Of Moses ( In Arabic ) Genesis 4;6 , And I Quote ; And the Lord said unto Cain , Why Art thou wroth , And why is thy countence fallent .

    WHY ART THOU WROTH .... Allah / God was letting Cain know that He knew that Cain had Pre-meditated his brother's Death . Cain became filled with hatred for his brother because Abel's offering was accepted over his . He was very wroth ( angry ) and became hot with '' Samuwn = Hot Wind . Cain's State od mind ( Countenance ) fell . Anger and Depression are more attributes of the devil that Cain picked up . thus breeding it to succeeding generations .

    The devil thrives off of man becoming angry ; This is when he can possess them and cause confusion . It was at this time Cain forfeited his light . He became what we call today insane or crazy and made theway for the devil to enter him .

    Al Quraan 2;17 And I Quote ; They are like those who when they kindle a fire to remove the fear of darkness it illuminated all around him and he feels secure . Allah took away their light and left them in darkness not able to perceive .

    The light that was cut from Cain was the light of Allah / God the light of the Spiritual Spinal Column that is the very special portion of Allah / God that is in every man and woman This is the life of man and woman .

    Book Of John ( In Arabic ) 1;1-9 , And I Quote ; In the beginning was the word , And the word was with Allah , And the word was Allah , The same was in the beginning with Allah . All things were made by him ; And without him was not any thing made . that was made . In him was life , and the life was the light of men . And thelight shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not . There was A man sent from Allah , Whose name was John . The same came for A witness , to bear witness of the light , That all men through him might believe . He was not that light , But was sent to bear witness of that light . That was the true light , which lighteth every man that cometh into the world .

    Prior to this , Cain was in '' Light '' ( having knowledge of Allah / God ) . But because he allowed Shaytan ( The Devil , CH ) . To control his thought and actions ; Envy , Anger , Hatred , Jealously , Pride , and Mistrust are all attributes of the devil which became a part of his character , '' SO STOP ! THINK ! BEWARE OF THE DEVIL IN MANY FORMS TELLING YOU TO HURT OTHER PEOPLE , JUST BE CAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR TEACHING , I AM TELLING YOU THIS BECAUSE I SEE YOU OUT THEEE BEING LEAD BY A DEVIL WHO CALLS HIMSELF CHRISTIAN /MUSLIM / JEW . HE WANT YOU TO HURT PEOPLE , IF HE HAD THE TRUTH THEN THAT WOULD BE HIS WEAPON .

    Book To Galatians By Paul ( In Arabic ) 5;19-26 , And I Quote ; Now the works of the flesh are manifest , Which are these ; Adultery , Fornication , Uncleaness , Lasciviousness . Idolatry , Witchraft , Hatred , Variance . Emulations , Wrath , Strife , Seditions . Heresies . Envyings . Murders , Drunkness , Revellings , And such like ; Of the which I tell you before , As I have also told you in time past , That they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of Allah . But the fruit of the spirit is love , Joy , Peace, Long suffering , Gentleness , Goodness , Faith , Meekness , Tempering . Against such there is no law , And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affection and lusts . If we live in the spirit . Let us also walk in the spirit . Let us not be desirous of vain glory , Provoking one another , envying one another .

    Cain and Abelhad the ligh ( knowledge ) bestowed upon them and they were blessed with fertile land ( fruitful crops ) andhealthy flocks . Yet , Cain still refused to submit to Allah / God . command . This is why Allah / God left him in spiritual darkeness '' Zulmatin .

    If Cain was sincerely offering up his crop with faith in Allah / God it would have been acccepted . The rejection of his sacrifice was to serve as A reminder that ; MAN IS ON THE BORDERLINE OF SIN WHEN HE OFFERS OFFERING JUST TO FULFILL THE PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF THE LAW .

    The Israelites were the largest group of people who inherited this trait from Cain , Now you have it too . They chose to fulfill only the oractical aspects of their ( Diyn = Way Of Life ''. They showd little faith in Allah / God as the true Creator . And the miracles which he had performed for them . This was a definite sign of their weakeness faith in Allah / God .

    Torah ( 5 Books Of Moses In Arabic ) Genesis 4;7 And I Quote ; If thou doest well , shalt thou not be accept , And if thou doest not well , Sin lieth at the door . And unto thee shall be his desire , And Thou shalt rule over him .
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    I know a lot like to believe that Cain had a twin, but while they(Cain and Abel) did indeed have a sister whom Cain married, she wasn't his twin. She was the younger of the three; one only needs to read into what has been hidden from the Scriptures. It fills in the blanks, really. But be careful, and let the Father guide you by your faith in the Lamb who sacrificed His body for our iniquity, for there are many false doctrines that would have you believe they were the real deal.

    But they usually have certain points that are dead giveaway they aren't true, just believe and trust in the Father, have faith in the Son works and resurrection, and He'll be with you through it all.

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