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    By Andre Austin
    The new slavery of people emotional, physical and spiritual is in full effect to control by fear, debt and blackmail. The system is attempting a centralized control of global politics, business, banking, military and media is gaining pace by pace by the hour.
    The foundation of that control is by fear, ignorance and keep us at war with each other. Divide, rule and conquer while keeping the most important knowledge away from us. They also use manufactured crisis to get the people to accept a solution for more centralization of power and erosion of freedom. If you want to give more powers to the police, security agencies and military make sure the news media sensationalize crime, violence, economic collapses and terrorism. Haven’t you ever wondered why the courts and governments discipline of public shame & beatings of its citizens is treated different than a Parents disciple of their own blood offspring.
    Physical control of the global population can’t work unless you talking about just people of color. But this isn’t necessary when you manipulate the way people think and feel where they decide to do what you want them to do.
    People and organizations are removed. People are placed into positions to carry out plans for more and more centralized control. Two prime examples of removal were Lincoln and JFK both killed by evil freemasons bankers being upset at Lincoln wanting to print his own currency called greenbacks and JFK for the same reasons. George Bush being placed in as president by fraud twice in Florida and Ohio illegal voter suppression laws.
    Don’t you think there is something wrong that 34 of the 44 US presidents have been genetically related to each other and can trace this two to two kings of England and France?
    The best way to manipulate the world population is to hijack a religious group or organization that accepts all races, creeds. Religious sects and organizations are divided by if you can get a club that accept everyone. This suspect would naturally be the Freemasons. 95% of the freemasons are good and are not in the know. Freemasons originated from the Essenes & Therapeuts of ancient Egypt and Palestine. They were healers of the mind, body and souls by science and spirituality. This is why the majority of pharmacies are controlled by the freemasons. The Freemasons are known by many names like Scottish Rite, Knights Templars, Shriners, Illuminati. Names changes but not the agenda They are into witchcraft to get money, they will suck the blood out of you and take your money, they are into abortion, population control and they promote bloodlines that will promote their agenda. They kill celebrities because they are more worth dead than alive. Freemasonry is now used as a vehicle for political and economic manipulation. Its members working through all sides to the same end. The most influential ones work in the background were the real power lies.
    Young people are wrapped in the mind control agenda by music and materialism. Many of the youth want to memorize lyrics and dance routines rather than the table of the elements, wearing see through leggings showing the natural shape of their behinds. Women celebrities in the music industry look and dress in the same manner as professional prostitutes. Male rappers only talk about sex, drugs and rap.
    Most of the immature minds are one dimensional. Unable to see things as complex. Unable to understand that people can appear as good and evil at the same time or one thing when they are another. Students beware of:
    Hollywood manipulation
    Psychological warfare (mass mind control like Zombies in Haiti)
    Sexual blackmail
    Debt blackmail
    IRS/ Federal Reserve
    The industrial prison complex
    Freemasons corruption of free & pure religions into systems of control.
    We can defeat the forces of evil by not allowing ourselves to be divided up by race, religion and sex and social class