Black Short Stories : THE BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN

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    Peace Destee Fam!

    Just sharing an old story....


    One night, at a Waffle House on the outskirts of one of America’s most notorious ghettos, three career criminals met to discuss their futures. Paul the Pimp, Tyrone the Thief and Dre the Drug Dealer. Judging by their occupations, we should not have to reveal their ethnicity- but of course they were all Black.

    “The Leaders of the Pack”- never caught, never jailed. Dre called the meeting because he wanted out of the game entirely. He was sick of toting a pistol, sick of being paranoid that Five-O was on his trail, and just sick of being tested by those who worked under him.

    “I was thinking” Dre said “I thought of a way we all can get paid even more than we do now, still do our dirt and never have to worry about going to jail because it’ll be all be legal!” Paul and Tyrone looked at each other, thinking maybe Dre had been sampling his own product. “That’s impossible” Tyrone said smiling. “I’ve been robbing folks since eighth grade- and I ain’t found a better job than this yet!” Both Paul and Tyrone laughed out loud, but Dre starred back at them, silent and as serious as surgery. “I’m talking about legal paper baby” Dre said interrupting their childishness.

    “I’m talking about opening up our own Church.”

    “Church?!” Paul yelled. “N---- is you crazy- I ain’t been to Church in fifteen years you think I want to open one up?!” “Just listen to me, listen” Dre said calming them all down with a polite whisper.

    “If we open up a Church..Paul you can still be a Pimp..Tyone you can still be a Thief and I can still be a Drug Dealer. You see, I was up one night looking at one of those evangelistic stations you know, and it hit me…BAMM!! Church is the biggest game in town.

    It’s the biggest Pimp game- because these women would do anything and everything for their ‘Passstooor’ my Pastor this-my Pastor that. Pastor could be married with twelve kids, those (B) don’t care, because they think Pastor is close to God and all they have to do is screw Pastor and they’ll get into heaven.

    Pastor hypnotizes his flock of (B) with biblical words…and just like a female at a R&B concert she thinks every word he’s saying is for her..’eeww Pastor was ministering to me.’ Hell- Pastor just a Pimp, and if Pastor needs some- he gets it. Even his wife can’t say sh--. He taught her to be submissive. Cause even if that she even rolls her eyes in an offensive direction she knows there are hundreds of other Women waiting to take her place. In fact Pastor Pimps the whole gaddamn Church, Men and Women alike!”

    “Church is the biggest game in town for a thief. Where the f--- do you think all the money in the community goes? I mean, besides to us- it goes to the Churches. When was the last time you seen one house around here with a plague on it that said: ‘Built by The Church”- Churches don’t invest in the community, but the community invests in the Church. The bigger the Church, the more people it can hold, the more money it can suck out. Oh hell, Churches don’t even get taxed…Pastor is riding around in a Lexus courtesy of the poor. Naw, cause see- Pastor is a man of God so he needs a Lexus more so than, that mother with three kids and no daddy. Na’ mean?

    Pastor is the biggest thief and the biggest Pimp in the game. When the collection plate goes around, it might go around five times before the service is over. Man, you got a Peace Offering, a War Offering, a Love Offering, and a Building Fund! You know, they’ll f--- around and have a bake sale after all that! Churches now selling CDs, DVDs, tapes, VHS, Mp3s- they got it all!”

    “****..I never thought of that” Paul said stroking the brim of his pimp hat. “That s--- is true as hell man..and it’s all tax free and legal!!” “But wait” said Tyrone “What about the Drug Dealing…I know you not planning on dealing crack out the Church, come’on man..that’s kinda low even for you.”

    “Hell naw” Dre said “The drug is the foundation of the Church, why do you think folks keep going back to Church every Sunday just like the crackhead keeps coming back to me? Its for the high man- it’s the high! But after a few days, even a few hours the high wears off, and they’re back again."

    "I’ve even had some crackheads tell me they were able to see God when they were high on that crack! All drugs, like cocaine and alcohol all operate off the same principle, the illusion that the drug will cure you, make you feel better, erase your problems, take you into a new dimension where nothing can hurt you…Church itself is a drug. It’s a place where folks go to partake in an illusion. It’s a big show!"

    "If it wasn’t a show you wouldn’t have a stage and an audience now would you? Now, if I told a crackhead he could learn to get the same high drinking a cold glass of water and getting fresh air I’d be outta s--- I’d neva say that! So the Pastor will never tell his flock of (B) that if God needed a Church for you to find him then that would be one hint that he ain’t a God in the first place! But since we do have such stupid people in our mists we need to capitalize on this s---!”

    “You on some atheist **** man..I dunno know about all this” Tyrone said shaking his head “I mean, for real- I neva thought about it the way you said it..but it’s still kinda crazy-I’m a thief n all, but I still believe in Jesus, damm it man, you didn’t see the Passion of the Christ??!!”

    “First of all” Dre said finishing up his soggy waffle “I ain’t..Atheist..God is real like a mutha.....he done saved me from jail many times. But Dog, we been on these streets, and we know reality when we see it. If anybody should be in Church it should be the homeless right? I mean literally. Go dress up in some rags and see if they let your stinking *** in that Church....oh but you telling me I gotta get saved and go to Church to get into heaven- but not if I’m homeless?? Did Jesus have a Church? Hell- did Jesus have a house??! Where in the bible do we read about Jesus paying a damm mortgage?? I guess hell is full of homeless people..that’s really nice. You live a messed up life on the street and then you go to hell. I don’t think so. It’s all bulls---. I should know because this is Chief Bulls--- talking…this Church idea is gonna make us tons of money man!”

    “You forgetting one thing Dre!” Paul said “We don’t even know the Bible! Don’t you have to go to some school for that or something?”

    “School?” Dre said almost choking “these N----s don’t ask their Pastor for no Diploma! can open up a Church in your Basement and these dumb fools will come in droves not asking you to verify s---. School? You know what most of these Pastor do, they memorize one verse from the Bible on Saturday and talk about that one verse for two to three hours on Sunday….there’s your f----ing school."

    "You know how to say “God spoke to me last night” right? Or “God told me to tell you” right? Who is going to question you authority? You a man of God. The most you might have to learn is how to scream-shout and holla like somebody’s trying to kill you, and learn to do some back flips and s---- but you don’t need no **** School to be no Pastor."

    "You don’t need to go to School to be one of the biggest Pimps- Thieves and Drug Dealers in the Black Community…you just need to look the part.”

    So it was then that the three decided to open up their own Church. It was a successful one too, one of the biggest Churches in the community- people came just like they said in droves, women fell in love with them- many gave them more than ten percent and every Sunday the Church grew. Paul was still a Pimp…Tyone was still a Thief and Dre was still a Drug Dealer…oh excuse us..Pastor Dre.

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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option


    but rings so to true

    to those you can "see"

    peace Meta

    good story

    and sad that people wouldn't just praise god

    without having to get something out of it

    but is it them or the system they live under that leads one to this type of behavior because all the activities bordered around money: pimpin', stealing, and drug sellin'

    i don't know

    but i do know you want to avoid the bad route as much as possible

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    this is one deep story...yet it rings so true....the church is the biggest Game in town.
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    Beloved Mighty warrior MetaSaience:

    Amon, Amun, Amen about that.

    Now that is Truth and reality.

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    Beloved Mighty warrior MetaSaience:

    May I have your permission to post this on the world wide net/Yahoo groups?

    Thank you


    g IsIs
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    it may b an old tale, but u told it well living n the "bible belt" here n the south, i hv often marveled @ the luxurious churches built n som seriously impoverished communities - too often w funds siphoned off from those same communities.

    & let the church say, amen! :nono:
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    this was heavy but well felt through da realism of it great story line
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    Ugandan Pastors Accused of Weakening the Fight against HIV/ AIDS-Pimp,Thief, Dealerr

    Ugandan Pastors Accused of Weakening the Fight against HIV/ AIDS
    By Peterson Ssendi
    Kampala, Uganda
    27 May 2007

    report on AIDS controversy in Uganda (MP3) audio clip
    Listen to report on AIDS controversy in Uganda (MP3) audio clip

    Recent statistics show that HIV/AIDS in Uganda is again on the rise.
    Some say the public has grown complacent, in part because of a false
    sense of security. Critics say that sense of security may be due in
    part to certain groups that say prayer cures AIDS and that blood
    tests for the disease show mistrust in God. From Kampala, VOA's
    Peterson Ssendi has this report.

    Many Pentecostal churches in Kampala invite the afflicted to be

    Mrs. Frances Adroa, who is HIV-positive, took them up on the offer.

    She said, "I am a sick person (I have HIV AIDS) so, I was promised
    that if I sacrificed then I would be healed. I sacrificed my car and
    soon after that, I fell very sick. I was actually sick toward the
    end of 2005 and most of last year. When I got better, I came back to
    claim my car because I was still sick anyway. What they had promised
    had not come to pass. So, when I came to claim it back they just
    turned around and started blaming me."

    That's when she contacted a Pentecostal pastor, Solomon Male. Pastor
    Male is also the director of Arising for Christ Ministries in
    Kampala. It's a local Christian group dedicated to fighting what it
    says are false Christian teachings in Pentecostal churches.

    The ministry worked with Adroa to retrieve a car that she had given
    to a local church in exchange for being healed of HIV AIDS.

    Pastor Male says the church misled her.

    "This lady," he explains, "comes to me in great pain. They [said] if
    she gives her vehicle as a sacrifice for her ailment she will be
    healed of HIV. She gave the vehicle, she was not healed. She went
    to [re-claim it]. They told her "you [owe] Ug. shs 2,050,000. [ or
    US $ 1,216.620]. she refused because she did not have the money after
    one year being bedridden. "

    The head of the church said he did not promise to cure her, but only
    promised her God's healing.

    Those who do complain say they're told that in order for a miracle to
    occur, one must not confront pastors, who the Bible says are "men of
    God" and "anointed ones."

    The church eventually returned the car, but with over one thousand
    dollars worth repairs needed that the church will not pay.

    According to Frances Adroa, Pentacostal churches like her own
    emphasize the name of God and promises miracles in exchange for

    She said, " They come and say 'You have to sacrifice your best.' And
    you really believe that what they are telling you is the truth so,
    that's what I did. They even asked us (for) requests, which they are
    going to take to Mount Sinai and pray (over). They are using God's
    name to cheat people. I did not believe that they could do that to
    me. You believe pastors to be on a certain level that's how every
    body looks at them."

    Francis Adroa is not the only one to complain of misbehavior by
    certain Pentecostal church leaders.

    Susan Walusimbi is another who has put her case in the hands of
    Pastor Solomon Male.

    The young woman accuses a former pastor of encouraging her to enter
    into a relationship with a man who she says later died of AIDS.
    Walusimbi says she, too, is now infected, and is staying healthy
    thanks to anti-retrovirals.

    The church official allegedly told her that the man had been cured of
    HIV/AIDS and showed her an HIV status report for him - signed by the
    pastor's doctor - saying he was HIV-negative.

    Walusimbi said the church supported the couple - and others - by
    providing them with a one-night "accommodation" at a local hotel
    before marriage. It was here, says Walusimbi, that she and her
    proposed husband began their relationship.

    A spokesman for the church maintains that the man was not infected
    with the HIV virus and there is no proof that he died of AIDS.
    Walusimbi says tests taken by her future husband after he fell sick
    showed he was indeed infected. He died before the two could be

    Dr. Sam Okware is the deputy director of Clinical Services for the
    Ministry of Health. He says it is investigating the reported
    spiritual healings.

    "I think it should be investigated and am talking about everything
    even if it is just prayers or spiritual healing or something like
    that there is some investigation carried out," he said.

    Pastor Solomon Male of Arising for Christ Ministry says that probe is
    not enough - because, he says, it is not a judicial investigation.
    Male says he wants a judicial investigation, but the government has
    not yet responded.

    Pentecostal pastor Bishop David Kiganda is the chairman of the
    National Fellowship of Born Again Churches (NFBC) in charge of
    Kampala District. He says it's only a minority of Pentecostal pastors
    who are involved in questionable activities. He says all groups have
    members who stray or fail to uphold standards, and his denomination
    is no different. He and the National Fellowship of Born Again
    Churches led an effort called Operation Clean the House to rid the
    denomination of dishonest preachers. At the end of the effort, he
    declared 15 of his fellow churches to be "cults."

    Health advocates are also reacting to the controversy.

    In an e-mailed comment in April, Craig McClure, the executive
    director of the International AIDS Society, denounced churches that
    attribute HIV / AIDS to "demons." He said, "The use of this
    terminology, specifically referring to HIV as a demon, serves only to
    fuel the stigma and discrimination related to HIV infection. He says
    HIV/AIDS is not a demon. It is a biological and medical condition."

    He emphasizes that anti-retroviral treatments are scientifically
    proven to prolong the lives of people living with HIV. He says it's
    irresponsible to urge people to stop this treatment as a show of


    What do you think of this article, or others on VOA's Africa web
    page ?..

    We'll broadcast your opinion to Africa. Either write a letter
    to : [email protected] com

    Or..Telephone us and leave a message. In the US, call: (202) 205-
    9942. After you hear the VOA greeting, press the number "30" and
    leave your message of about :30 seconds. We will likely air your
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    Beloved Ones.


    During my reading of the Subject: Uganda Pastors Accused of Weakening Fight Against AIDS, and the sister experience, I felt nauseated, sad, and very disappointed in our people, those Mind Controlled by the human being mind-set Religion.

    See what happens when we put faith, belief, trust (Shackles) in man, concepts and ideas? The sister story is one of many examples. It is my desire to hug this sister in this missive and show her the Divine way out of her despair. Is there just One Divine brother /sister in Afrika? If we who read this missive do not sense any regrets of what is happening there in Afrika and throughout the Diaspora, we are DEAD-Demon Entities Always Dying.

    The solution is simple to clean up Africa's house. Hon Bob Marley, CHASE THOSE BALD HEADS OUT of Town. Chase those Pastors out of existence, come out from among them, and be Ye Separate from them, after all they only have a form of godliness, and yet they deny the Divine Power within.
    [Marcus Garvey dialogue 2] If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it...then you will die.
    You race of cowards, you race of imbosiles, you race of good for nothings If you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, then you yourself shall die.

    How do we chase them out of existence? Stop attending the Drug Dealer Church and being injected, shooting up with lies and deception. Try going up behind religious people and say BOO, and watch the Hell jump out of them. I watch many afraid of harmless bugs. So anti-Nature, being afraid of something that smaller than them, that they can learn from, because the Spirit of Nature leads and guides us. I witness this all the time. I watch the hell come out of them without saying a word. My Aura does the work, and that is why Chief Osiris, I and like minds always stress that it is Vital and Essential we return to our Divine right mind, the Power that works, so our Aura will cause these Well Behaved Demons (Why Christianity Must Change or Die, by Bishop Spong), and I say, why religion must die, so people will be able to Live a Divine life we were meant to live. Until we get the revelations that there are different mind-set beings on this planet, one Human being only and the Divine being, and how we must use our Divine minds to defeat them, never having to touch them physically, we will never be able to be the Conquerors we need to be. Allow your mind to wander into the ABYSS of Infinity, and allow your mind to comprehend what you see. There you will be in the circle that reveals the Divine Truth, and that which is Divinely Real.(osiris)

    Let me ask religious folks, and others who may not be in religion, and who too are not in their right Divine mind-set, a few questions to find out if we are liars and deceivers. Before I do ask the questions, I know that Comedians tell the Truth.

    Chris Rock was telling the audience that not only do males lie, females lies too.

    Christ rock said:

    1. Females, you wear high heels, and you know you are not that tall. You lie.

    2. You wear weaves, and you know that is not the length of your hair. You lie.

    3. You wear all that make up, and that is not your true face. You lie.

    I add: Females wears fake finger nails and toes nails. Those aren't your real nails. You lie.

    You have the european only human being mind-set, and that is not your Original mind-set. You lie. Look not in the Sky Beloved ones for the Aliens. They are among us and have been for sometime on Space Ship Planet Earth. The Alien call the Human Being mind-set, RELIGION. Oh yes Beloved Ones we who operate in religion are Aliens. Alienated from our Divine right mind-set.

    IsIs to the religious folks:

    1. Are you a Lien-holder of your own conscious? Yes, you say. Then why in the hell are you seeking a false leader in the church to get permission to use your mind or think for you? You lie.

    2. Are you a Conformist? No, you say. Then why do you love being in a BOX mentality (Church)? You lie.

    3. Do you know that the True Prophets are not in the Churchy Boxes, and do not charge you money to tell you the Truth and reality? NO, you say. Good Answer. Because if you knew, then why aren't you going the opposite way of the Church buildings and seeking them that are not in the church Boxes waiting to tell us Truth and reality? Is it because we WANT, vice our NEED, to stay wrapped up in the religious Security Blankets, Suck on the religious Pacifiers call denial/deception/lies?

    4. Do you know your own Bible tells you what the human being is, anti-nature, workers of Iniquities (evil), and still you can not see Truth if it came Notarized, from a book that is the world best seller, and less read? Do you know the difference between the human being and the Divine being mindset? Yes you say. Then why are you sitting faithfully among, jealousy, malice, envy, strife, confusion, sheep's in wolves clothing, mercenaries...and the likes of? In Divine there is Harmony, Balance, and Order.

    5. Do you know that we are gods and goddesses? No, you say you do not know, or you say No, I am not a god or goddess. You are absolutely right if you say you are not, because we are what we Think, and if we Think we are not, we are not, that we Think we are/are not.

    6. When you speak in so called Tongues or hear others speak in so called tongues, can you interpret what is being said? No. Why? What type of god would give a gift like that and do not give us the interpretation of what we say or others say? If we are not speaking the TONGUES of Truth and reality, we are speaking lying false tongues and no one benefits from what is being Babbled. Truth is not hard to Interpret. We are Truth and if we can not interpret Truth we cannot interpret ourselves, so we allow others to interpret who we are.

    7. For those in america, are you still wearing the European Sunday Prostituted and Pimp clothes, the matching Pimp ties, and shoes to church or are you wearing our traditional Afrikan attire? No. Why not? Child have you gone out of your mind wearing that Afrikan stuff in the church. We do not dress that way. What the pastor/other people going to say?

    8. For those in america, are there any Afrikan Drumming in the churches or are you all still listening to the music with the devil beat in it and devil words too? AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE SOUND THAT SAVED A WRETCH LIKE ME.

    9. Ushers: If we are not entering in in our Divine mind-set, we are Ushering in lies and deception. Church full of malice, envy, strife, jealousy, confusion...and the likes of.

    People, people, people, we were not Born In Sin and lived a wretched life in our Original state of life existence. WE WERE SINNED AGAINST. Again we are what we are Think.

    Now, the song also says, I ONCE WAS LOST AND NOW I AM FOUND. We are still lost if we have not found and returned back to our Divine minds. We continue to lie and be deceived.

    Oh How I love Jesus. NO. Oh how I love lies and deception. If one day is liken unto a 1,000 years, how much time do we have Beloved Ones, to get back in our Divine right minds?

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: Remove ALL the artificialities My people, inside and outside My people so the world can see the Change we need to be, which is Divine, Statues of Liberation for our people. If we do not we are the pimp/prostitutes, thief, drug dealers...and then some.

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: So the next time we are driving to and from Church, and you see Pimps, Prostitutes, Thief's, Drug Dealer, take a closer look, because we are looking in our mirror, and we can not point fingers at those who are doing the same thing we are doing. We are liars and deceivers if we do point fingers at them. the Pimps, Prostitutes, drug dealers knows us better than we know ourselves. That is why many turn their lives around and become leaders in the church, because they do not have to stand on the corner/be on the street, they can come and lie and deceive us at our expense. If we say what I have just shared with us, is not True, WE LIE. Look at all these years we have spent wasting Divine energy going down the path that leads to death with lobotmized mind-set/Ro-Bot-mized. Such energy could have been used to get us back up to the Path that leads to Life, into our Divine right mind-set. Going outside of self vice going within our Divine selves. Dorothy, Wizard of OZ. A RAISIN in the SUN. Sidney Poitier character told the females that they are the most backwards people, and in that statement I will add the males too. If we are not in our right Divine mind-set, we are BACKWARDS people.

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: Regardless of the crimes our love ones in prison committed, and I, and those like minds know why our people do what they do. They are looking for someone to come and help the Captive be set free mentally. No. Many in the church is to scared to even set foot in prisons to Minister the Truth and reality to our love ones, because why? The Truth and reality is not in us to do so. A prisoner cannot set another prisoner free. Oh if many of us will rewind our lives in our minds, we will see that many of us could have been where our loves ones are today (prison/jails), but we escaped, and we do not return to tell our love ones the Truth and reality. We may have escape the physical prisons/jails, but we will not escape the mental prisons/jails because our conscious is a constant reminders of the wrongs we have done that could have us where they are. Oh I am Bless. No Beloved ones, we are still a mess.

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: Go visit the homeless and shut in. If our mind-set is of the Human being mind-set, we too are Homeless without our Divine mind-set, and anything that we do when visiting the homeless and shut in is in VAIN Glory, all for show.

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: Take care of the fatherless and motherless children. Our black children do not need to be Children of the Day and Night, on the streets up for evil grabs, and in no foster care when there is enough of our people to take a child in their home and care for the child if we are mentally and physically fit. Only Divine minds fill with Truth and reality can display that type of loving. Not what Jesus Would do, but What Would Our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors Would Have Done? Many of us do not know what our Cosmic Ancestors would have done, because many of us do not even have a memory/remembrance, of who our Cosmic Ancestors were. We will live a lie and in deception when we do not know about our Cosmic Ancestors/Knowing Thyself As Divine Souls. Feed our children, brothers and sisters to the Den of Evil Maggot, the Workers of Iniquities. Pick up the Cross of Lies and Deception we tell and show our children.

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: The next time you sit up in your churches, may it be revealed to you as your Pastors are speaking to you all, the Wolf in Sheep Clothing (Pimp-Thief -Drug Dealer). Now if we do not see beyond the veil of the Human Being evil mind-set, we are behind the same veil, blind leading the blind. The Devil mind-set knows how to SHAPE Shift into the Pastor roles. I have no time to play games with my people. If you are operating in the european religions, point blank we are operating in EVIL. How can we not know that which I have shared with us, because I must cut the first slice before I dish it out, that what I have shared with us is not true when we live and operate in a environment/system that is not our true Divine environment, a system that was designed to abuse and use us to be prostitutes for it. Now that is Blind, Deaf, and Dumb.

    RE-LIE-GIOUS ONES: So Now Beloved Ones, to ask me to respect others religions is to ask me to respect lies and deception, and even the forces behind Nature would not uproot that Truth in me and like minds, because it will be going against the Divine Laws of Nature and the Universe. I close with Divine Loving to my people, who I long to see become a Divine Oneness again.


    When others attack the Divine Truth coming from those who speak It, it is done so that we may ascend back into our Divine Mind, a Mind that require that we Think using profound Reasoning and undefile logic.

    I take the attacks against the effort of those who are aspiring to reclaim our Divine Mind to be that coming from the center of Mental confusion coming, so those that comes forth with Divine Truth, being not affected by those that come bearing the profane Lie and is capable of standing fast in the circle of Divinity, you become the True representative of the effort to no longer conform to the Human Being way of life and by doing so, it symbolize our Cosmic Ancestors pinning a Star in our Divine mind/Crown.

    The more intense the opposition comes, bringing that which is against Divine Truth, it serves as the measuring ROD of how fast we who speak Truth is ascending Divinely.

    Now we can either reject, or accept and SOP this Divine gravy of uninhibited Truth, because the Divine seekers do not intend to leave anything for the flies to swarm around, in an attempt to infect with a disease that bring on decay.

    Here is loving you/Afrika.

    goddess Isis